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April 30, 2007

Mike Daisey Audience Protest, Walkout and Attack

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Youtube Commments:
Mike showed such tremendous courage and strength in the face of this destruction. How handled it could be a lesson in crisis management and while it’s horrifying, in its way, it’s a powerful testament to just how much some people are threatened by art, by words. As anyone who’s seen his shows knows, his are indeed mighty powerful and I’m glad he didn’t let them silence him, not for a minute.

What really irks me watching this is that the walk-out seems pre-planned. Admittedly I can’t imagine why Mike Daisey and his performance would be a target to some something as immature and silly or who would buy tickets to a show just to walk out.

Maybe it’s the media coverage of things like this, but it’s getting to seem common in the U.S. that being offended is enough for people to abandon any reason they have and lash out like children whether they’re from the right-wing or left-wing.

It’s like Bill Hicks said to the idiot redneck that said, “Hey, I’m Christian, I don’t like your jokes.” Bill says,”Then forgive me.” Way to go Mike. this is Joseph Langham I won that solo award at FringeNYC the same year you did. Glad to see you still working it. Peace, Joseph (AKA Gilligan Stump!)

I just heard about this via Daniel Macivor’s blog. I’m quite freaked out that this happened in Cambridge, of all places! Thanks for posting about this so I could kick myself in the ass to get back out there supporting performers like you. I’ll see you before you’re done at the ART. I’ll be the guy in the audience not leaving and not pouring anything on your art.

Such is the state of “Christian Love” in 2007. If the world is divided between those who create and those who destroy, it’s pretty clear where these “Christians” fall.

I’m pretty sure where Jesus would stand, and it’s not with those smug Philistines.

What they don’t realize is that they gave an artist the two greatest gifts imaginable: 1) publicity, and 2) material.

I won’t MISS the next Mike Daisey show!

took alot of class and character to be so polite about it. i would have flipped personally. goodjob and keep it up, don’t let this bring down ur sense of humor. for the ppl who don’t have a sense of humor and can’t take a joke, FUCK YOU DIE SLOW!!!

I don’t know which is sadder: this walkout/protest or the fact that it’s hardly surprising anymore when “Christians” behave in this brainwashed, mob-mentality fashion. In my experience, I’ve found that those who most adamantly identify themselves as Christian are those who behave least like one. At any rate I applaud your courage in handling the situation like the pro that you are. I hope you perform in Northern California sometime soon–I would love to come out and support you.

As a Christian, on behalf of all Christians, I apologize for that rude person destroying your property. Walking out is one thing, being rude is quite another. On a personal note, it’s so disheartening to see Christians act like that, as if we don’t have enough negative press, like we need to go out and create some more. >.>

As an actor and artist myself, I cant really say I know what it would be like to have someone dump something destructive on my art in front of my face during a live performance…. but you handled it well. Offered them a dialogue and they refused. It seems like you will only come out stronger for it… and will make for a great story for the rest of your life.

I think that for next Sunday’s service’s we should get a bus of 87 people together and go to church. Then when we hear something we disagree with, which shouldn’t be long at all, we can douse the pastor’s notes with Holy Water and walk out. Let’s meet at the IHOP and catch the bus there!

Uhh… Doesn’t paying for a ticket to your show kind of defeat their purpose? I mean financially supporting something you disagree with just so you can walk out of it/disrupt it seems really stupid. But then again, boycotting Disney didn’t work for them did it? Good job at not losing your temper too much, that’s important. And you’re pretty funny too.

So you’re offended by some guys material so you organize a group outing to show this fucker.. You pay him a large amount of money to sit in his audience and then when he swears you all get up and leave… I don’t get it, thanks for widening his audience though…

That was surreal.
What exactly were they protesting anyway?
The whole thing seems pretty pointless.
Pay to see him .. then walk out without bothering to converse with him or say what they are protesting.
Real brain trust there I’m tellin ya.

I never heard of this guy – he seems pretty bright and certainly handled that well. I am certain however, that this action has brought more positive attention to him than anything else. I suppose that if your protest is guided by something valid it doesn’t backfire to the point of creating the opposite effect of it’s original intent.
Personally – If I don’t like something, I just refuse to watch it.

87 protesters paying 38 dollars each to see a show they plan to disrupt — well, at least the theater made 3308 off of them. Enough to show even more controversial theater. Maybe Spring Awakening next season — kids having sex and masterbating. That should be really get them.


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