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May 1, 2007

A Father’s Plea to "Mr. Nuts"

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Youtube Commments:
i juss herd a band on tv that sung a song that went ‘we’re the slipnuts, slippin on nuts, look he fell down’ – then the guy who fell goes ‘i slipped on a nut.’ he has a look on his face like ‘what can you do, it happens’ when he sings it to. also they have a bunch of penuts spread on the ground to make it realer. gonna go see if its on itunes.

how you make my pretty bald! you not know what we have and you do this for to spite me! i promise to grasp your balls and place them under the hot soap machine in the carwash!!!!! oops. i said i would not make the comment. it is not me, it is a joke, my friend. hahaha.

Well, yes that is true that his house is nicer, but that is only because he does not live like a lazy, slovenly, ne’er-do-well (errr, I mean entrepreneur) like yourself.

He seems responsible enough to know that good living conditions are one benefit you can give your children. But responsible parenting is so much more than that. …. maybe this is an area where one might say you are the one that “doesn’t get it.”

mr nuts! lol i first though this was gonna be a video about a squirrel haha!

i also liked the part “but remember the time i paid you $10 to put the underwear over your head? that was a good way to earn some extra money” “yeah but then you flushed it down the toilet” “but i paid you extra for that”

im easily amused…lol


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