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May 1, 2007

A Word On: Procrastination

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Youtube Commments:
hey khayav you can add the things you say a day after ORRRRRRRR you can put ***SPOILER OF THE WORD ON*** so that you can warn ppl, or you can just not post what you say (it’s not my word on) whatever you do I know it’s gonna be great… peace and maximum respect!

Part 1:
I was having sex with my girlfriend and was using all the moves and positions I could think of. After three hours, I climaxed. Then we did it again. This went on for 8 hours until I asked “Damn, are you gonna orgasm yet?” She said “I’ll do it later.”
Part 2:
I was sitting on the couch at 12 A.M. waiting for my girlfriend to get home from work. She said she had to work late today. She worked as a secretary. When she walked in, I immediately said “You up to a night of sex? Maybe I can get you to orgasm like you were supposed to last night.” She said “Don’t worry. I did that 30 minutes ago.”


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