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May 1, 2007

DBSG_Star King Pt 2 2/2 [ENG SUB]

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Youtube Commments:
Everytime I see the guy do the bow and arrow thing with his leg…it sends these creepy shivers down my spine. *shudder* But he is good.^^
Yunho should have just taken his jacket off. I don’t think anyone would mind. >That was a great dance battle!
Thanks again for subbing and sharing!^^

jus like u dun tire of sharing DBSK sarang ginaya.. we non-uploaders wun tire of thanking u on and on… yunho is so my “hawtness” here… hehe.. he just oozes hotness… and again d media played up on yunjae when they showed jaejoong @ 6:50 during yunho’s speech.. hmm…
swoon.. YUNHO saranghae! hehehehe.. *blush blush
DBSK hwaiting!

oh oh1 i wanna say thate yeonchae b-boy is no ordianry breakdancer.. he’s an acrobatic one! yay! hehehe.. was half wanting d couple to win.. to show dat love makes d world go round.. but well.. they got their recognition.. =) gud for them.. stay true !

whoa so yunho can actually freestyle; i knew he could dance didnt know he could freestyle that im really impressed =] he should show off his freestyling skills more often =] THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE SUBS AND UPLOAD! wow your fast =] but yeahss kinda dissappointed that it was so short..thats so weird why would they make the first epi’ like an hr. long and then the second only like 30mins?..false advertising! lolss

Wow, that dance battle was amazing! Comparatively, Yunho, I think, has been the best “competitor” against this Bboy out of all the people he’s danced against. Yunho’s danced before on XMan and whatnot, but I think this has been his most astonishing performance in terms of breakdancing and improv. And we can always count on him for a uplifting, motivating speech afterwards.

Thank you so much for subbing this!

wow that boy is very cool ^^ but yeh yunho was so cute ^^ i really think he did his best ^^ it was nothing i ever saw before lol but it was so good ^^ seeing it make me love him more ^^ the and since this is like kinna a competition ^^ he really must did his best ^^ he hate losing ^^ that wat i like about him ^^

I felt bad for Yunho cuz it seemed like he didn’t really want to go dance against him =\. Anyway, it was something different from how he usually danced, so it was nice. Eunji is funny and cute, haha. Asking for an autograph during the show and going to his fan cafe ^^. Yunho sang well. :)Thanks a lot~!

WOW!!! Omg Yunho danced so good XD It’s really different from what he usually does on like X-man and what not…I guess because this time he has fiercer competition? Anyways…LOVE YUNHO
yunnie mus be realli tired after starking~~
buhahaha.. he kept dancin and dancin and dancing..
either tt or he is out singing.. or mini hosting..
buhahahaha~~ but tt means more screen time for him..
i wish the others will hv more screen time also .. esp minnie –“”

and their danin is .. wow
OMGosh!! I’ve never seen Yunho dance that way before…. And yeah… It was just AMAZING!!! Haha… I was like OMGOSH!! The whole time!! He’s awesome!! ^^ Ant the b-boy…. WOW… He’s felxable!! I feel bad for Minnie!!! How come he didn’t get as much screentime as the boys? I barely saw him in the video… =[ hopefully in the other show there will be more screen time for Minnie!! ^^ Anyways thanks for uploading Ginaya!!!

thank you so much for uplaodin the vids..u’r great,ginaya!wit all the sub n stuff!!thanks!
yunho’s HOT!!oh my gosh!!first time ever i saw yunho dancin like tis..makes me feel so proud for some reason~~ 🙂 haha..the tvxq members r sure to b so proud o havin such great dancer as a member..i noe i will if i’m one o them (-.-“which is impossible)..mayb one day they’ll make it into the world guiness record for BEST TALENTED & BEST LOOKING BOY BAND!!

yunho is good and all… but that bboy is incredible. if he could dance to the beat then.. junsu and yoochun look a little bit afraid. JUNSU should go break out his moves
ZOMGGG. XD. Yeonchae isss super duper cute haha. killer smilee xP. gotta love a bboy :D. his super flexible-ness was awesome haha. he was loved by the ladies. and oppa oh man. i loved that move. i wish he wore more comfy clothes XP. haha. cuteness. changmin-ahhh. barely got to see your cuteness. :). wh00t. thanks for subbing ginaya XD.

-_-|| I don’t know why ppl keep comparing Yunho to other people. That kid’s obviously focused on showing his distortionist double jointed skills and alittle bit of break dancing. Our Yunho leader shi is not really a break dancer….. you don’t see others doing any of Yunho’s poping and locking tricks~

besides that.. the kid’s cute~~ hhehehe.. such a bright smile~

ohhhhh yunhos dance was amazing! rawr. but when is it not amazing when he dances @.@ Lol


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