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May 1, 2007

How to Find Dinosaur Bones

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Youtube Commments:
Dear Mark,

While I’m excited to show off my newly found excavation skills next week at the annual Toronto Paleozoology Hobbyist Dig, I’m quite concerned as my wife has recently disappeared and I’ve found myself under a umbrella of suspicion thanks to a overzealous detective.

Can this method be used to detect human remains or only prehistoric reptiles as suggested in your video?

Thanks in advanced for your time, Mark.

– An understandably anxious bandersnatch

Wow! Our whole family are dinosaur enthusiasts, and spend our yearly vacations digging at places like Dinosaur National Monument at Yellowstone Park. Now, thanks to Infinite Solutions, we have an easy way to enjoy our favorite pastime in our own back yard!

Things wrong with this video:

1. If Russell is a Dinosaur enthusiast, how come Mark has to explain everything to him and it seems he knows jack shit about dinosaurs. “I think I found a cat” “whats a mini-dinosaur” etc
2. “Lets have fun learning!” LOL
3. Mark looks absolutely ridiculous in his “dino hunting” gear. Like a completely stereotypical archaeologist.


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