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May 2, 2007

David Letterman Makes Fun of Bush in Front of Bush

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Of course he isn’t open to criticism, he actually bristles when people don’t agree with him. If no one else will do it, he’s all for patting himself on the back. God knows there are few back patters these days in the cabinet. Is it me or is the bush inner circle getting smaller?

I agree with everything you said. And his inner circle IS getting smaller. So small in fact, the likelihood that Rove would go is almost nonexistent, dispite what criminal activities he might ever be linked to. The White House will stall and stonewall until they limp to the finish line.

Bush DOES exist in a bubble of his own making, whether that be by surrounding himself with yes men, to taking his motorcade away from protesters, or sequestering himself at Camp David when the protesters come to DC, or speaking in front of school children, the military, or hand-picked Republican audiences. He capitalizing on his many malipropisms to feign a connection with the common man, but remains as isolated as ever.

well done as always lv. there’s a very useful distinction here between soporific humor that diverts and distracts the viewers and colbert’s warrior-like mission to bring the truth to people’s hearts by way of their funny bones. the first type of humor stifles dissent by turning human beings into comatose sheep, while the second type of humor remains a form of active dissent that thank god is still allowed in this land of the free, for now anyway.

Generally speaking, we can help avoid future situations in which we are being ruled by a admin which commits an abundancy of errors by learning be in touch with our instincts instead of blindly following what society deems acceptable. To name just a few, society had deemed child labor, slavery, and witch burning acceptable.

This is the third time I’ve watched the Letterman Top Ten list. What I want to see is a camera focused on Bush’s face as the list is being shown. Perhaps given the ‘bubble’ GW resides, cameras were not allowed to film his reactions. I am assuming he laughed at himself…he’s pretty good at it. Also, it should be noted the importance of Karl Rove protecting the president. Rove is the bubble-maker.

The Administration is certainly attempting to manipulate public perceptions, and by and large has succeeded. Bush comes across consistently as a “down-to-earth” guy who is sincere, if a little clumsy of foot and tongue.

Where the Administration has failed is in policies. The American people seem to be leaning away from those. There have been too many expensive gaffes – from torture to corruption to invading a country uninvolved in terrorism – for his happy chuckles to win us over.

i agree, but i think the people are led by a complicit prss corps. we don’t know what we don’t hear about, and the press today just takes everything verbatim from the AP or other such sources. there is no real investigative reporting, and therefore no public voice of dissent. great vid, LV!!!

Agreed, Skinnychef, and so it’s remarkable that Americans are showing impatience with this Administration.

The press has been mostly consolidated into a few large influential companies, and reporting has been increasingly homogenized and made to serve corporate interests.

It’s pretty sad when the best source of truth about the news is a couple of comedy shows.

You have no idea the evil that lurks behind the powers that support, regulate and bubble Bush, from the oil companies, to the Royal Saudi Family, from the Bin Laden family, to the Drug companies, from Right Wing Fascitsts to the HMO’s, but perhaps the most evil of all, his Mother.

I think, Allen, that you are playing it safe yourself. Doesn’t this admin. really get your hackles up? Where is the sharp edge that I know you posess? You were as soft as Dave. The left, of which I am a part, if anything, lacks the sharp teeth that are needed now. Show us some; in yourself and in the Leftist parties.

It is impossible to know the answer to your questions. Not asking Colbert back is defensible because it could be that Bush sincerely believes that Colbert gave an impression that another reality was true than what Dubya believes in. Therefore, if you believe that Colbert propagated lies, not inviting him back is defensible (albeit ignorant).

It is impossible to know why or even if the president formulates policies. His ignorance might be irrelevant if Cheney and Rowe are making his choices.


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