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May 2, 2007

Psycho Hurricane is back for the Exciter

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Youtube Commments:
Wasnt getting kicked out of his trailer park good enough for Casey. No,he has to come back to be OWNED again. I found out that he was kicked out of his trailer park for..surprise,surprise..stalking and harassing neighbors!! Do us all a favor Casey..go somewhere shrivel up and die!

This is just like a high school date… All tease and no action. lol I’ve said it before, this will be the funniest freaking event in the history of YouTube were it to actually go down. Though I’m not sure about the laws regarding beating up a man who is as and smart as a tree.

Ytask is a cult and/or pyramid scheme. Any adult would find this very easy to see. That is why they prey on kids that may not realize what is going on. They promise them stardom, sponsers, more subsribers, money, exposure, and prizes to get them to join and promote their channel.


please please PLEASE beat the shit out of Casey and ensure it’s being recorded.

btw, you OWNED him on those Stickam videos. You’re like “I’m going to slap you upside the head so quick you won’t even know what hit you.” and he’s like “So, Hellion, how long have you being playing guitar for man?” ROFL


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