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May 3, 2007

House Of God – The Love of Money

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Youtube Commments:
Superb video. I always thought that the whole concept of tithing was ridiculous. I always heard people say “if you don’t put 10% of your money in the collection plate, you’re robbing God”. Robbing God of what?!? its insane. its like their trying to make me feel guilty for not making some redneck preacher more rich.

God is more angry at people like this than you are. When Jesus overturned tables in the temple he did this out of anger at people like the one depicted. God’s plan and provision for those he loved had been perverted then and it happens today as well. Be careful not to judge God by people who claim to follow him.

All I can say about this is that the day when people starting realizing that the shepard can’t stay in business without a flock, these systems will crumble down. 10% of a person’s income does not belong to God or the church. It belong to the person who learned it along with the rest of the person’s earnings. “What you make is what you should possess.” That’s my philosophy.


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