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May 4, 2007

Digital Frontier?

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Youtube Commments:
great vid Gpert so happy to see you back, it reminds me of…mm say half a year back but now all i hear is boring crap of the next youtube or whatever from Renetto and Periurban, i seriously couldnt give a crap about that or whatever they r on about, i tbh dnt know but still like them..please make more videos man! more regularly!

Yay gpert – so happy to see you emerge from hibernation, just as sharp as ever! Your take on “the digital frontier?” is great – I agree 100 percent. The business barbarians are definitely at the gate, and it’s just a matter of time til they take over.

I’m the same in winter, the only problem is that my winter lasts for 8 months. I agree about this not being a digital frontier anymore with regards to users, but there is still progress being made all the time, and I’m not sure that the barbarians at the gates can keep up with us. Let’s hope not ;).


I’ve been getting help for my addiction too. But still, I think we’re only scratching the surface of what’s possible to accomplish with online video. Can we discover all the possibilities, before the barbarians at the gate reign us in completely? We shall see…

Creative and funny; I liked it! I’m one of those pioneers. It’s fun to experiment and try new things. I wonder what the digital frontier will look like 10 years down the road… I hope the little guy has more options when it comes to videomaking than just posting vids on big corporate controlled sites.

One place my mind did not take me to when considering the absence of your genuine genius was the possibility of hibernation. What a brilliant concept in the digital world. It should have a phrase all of its own, i suggest, ‘a squirrel’. A digital squirrel. Well done and welcome back from your glorious winters sleep.


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