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May 4, 2007

The Word Contest

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Youtube Commments:
If I tell you random things that you do that maybe either annoy me or I just want to point out…will you stop doing those things?
To answer the “how’s that look?” question:
“You look SUPER awesome no matter where you are, Unless you were hiding or invisible.” That wouldn’t be so much fun. (but it is GOOD to “change things up a bit”…sometimes)
And Finally…I enjoyed the “So there, talk to you later”. That was…well…Enjoyable.

Ello there mate, I saw this through my “TubeGranny” channel so I thought I’d reply to it. Sorry that mine’s a little long. If my camera was working properly it wouldn’t have been so long. Anyways, thanks for inspiring me to actually get out there and posting something of me and nothing fictional ;p

Seventy responses already. And yet you may have to follow this up with the “Conjunction, Prefix, and Suffix Contest.” You’re going to find yourself lacking “and,” “but,” “or,” “un-,” “-ly,” “-ing,” and the like. But sadvipran has got you partially covered with his riveting variations on “the.”

Best of luck!

Ya know what? This has, so far, been one of the GREATEST “video Response” videos EVER!! because since I have nothing else to do, I’m going through ALL of your responses and learning things. It’s like…Mental stimulation as well as being entertained by such creativity with just ONE word. I’m LOVING it. So, YaY!! to you on such an AWESOME topic and also to anyone who responds. Not only are we learning about “the person” but learning possibly some new words. I LOVE IT!!

lol good idea Lukey. It would be fun to create a story from it but hard work haha. Hmmmmmm one day I am going to make a response to one of your videos. This one is a little too difficult for me because I talk for England LOL. I’d never be able to sum me up in just one word :p Love you lots! xxx

YOu should soooooooo make a story out of this… those could be the winners… the ones you use. You could tell a story yourself and then whenever a word that a responder said fits in, edit them in… That would probably take awhile but it’d be cool! just a thought!


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