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May 7, 2007

LUCYinLA / being real

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Youtube Commments:
being on youtube is completely different than being an actor. everyone on here has direct access to me…and expect interaction. as an actor you have filmmakers/crew, managers, publicists, agents, and a lot of powerful people around you marketing and controlling your image. that is not me. i am just raw on here.

Yes, but there are critics and they will judge you and often misjudge you, too and no management can keep that away from you. I guess its just part of the deal to get peoples opinions about yourself -or, what people think that you are. Anyway, I think that is part of the whole deal and if I were you, I’d embrace it, learn from it, take it as a means to get pumped up and motivated.

Again, fuck the hell off man. If you have nothing better to do with your time then come on to youtube, hide behind your username and criticize others then don’t bother coming on here at all. Go do something productive and quit criticizing others for putting themselves out there.

I wouldn’t say you’ve hurt your career by what you’re doing here, but I’m sure it will have some kind of impact. There will be pros, there will be cons, it’s hard to say which will outweigh the other, though I imagine the pros will ultimately prevail. It will just make your experience unique I guess, which is good. Especially depending on what you choose to do or not do on YT when you break through in film or TV.

yes, Saladbowl is right. You cant do anything which is completely loved by all people. Its not possible. You should not worry about the haters. You even dont know them. In hollywood, may be the director says that you have to improve this or that, I think that will be harder to handle. But you will do great. You’re such a nice and smart girl. Dont worry… be happy!

Lucy tu sabes que tu eres y siempre seras mi amiga, digan por aqui lo que digan, yo valoro la humanidad, me da igual lo que digan por aqui, te he dado 5 ratings a tu video y lo he puesto entre mis favoritos, tu sabes que siempre sere tu amigo, no quiero verte triste ni llorar, eh? animooo, besos, de tu amigo,losgitanos,sevilla,espaΓ±a.

Laura, you cannot please all the people, nobody can do it. That would be overwhelming and impossible. If you can’t respond then don’t respond. You are a girl very sensible, but dont cry Lucy, you are not doing bad things and a lot people, me included, dont expect anything of you because you are beautiful and complete like you are right now, you dont need to do anything to be better.

You rock! You’re amazing, fun and talented. Don’t let anyone make you doubt yourself. The more popular u get the more haters will be there, but the overwhelming majority (including most that don’t necessarily post I’m sure), are rooting for you babe πŸ™‚

To be quite honest, I have realized: Youtube has a large population of ignorant, foolish, immature people. A large population of Earth’s population is this way, but it seems Youtube attracts people who are especially immature and intentionally hurtful (most likely due to their own boredom). You are worthy of love, admiration, respect. As others have stated, no one is “liked” by everyone…fools can find flaws within anyone’s personality or physical appearance. You’re beautiful, inside and out.

Pressure from other people is out of your control. There will always be something that someone somewhere doesn’t like. We often put pressure on ourselves though and can work at not doing so. Be kind to yourself. What would you say to a friend if you were trying to make them feel better?

Hang in there … you do have a spark and there are thousands on YouTube that see it, even if the Hollywood big shots don’t (yet).

Just do your thing .. so many people do love to watch your videos … but you know that allready so keep on thinking about that and I think it is very good that you put this video here! It show another side of you and I think of allot of other people who out there in LA trying to be an actor/actress.

Hey laura, Just keep from micro-managing everything and trying to be all things to all people.I’ve always enjoyed your energy,enthusiasm,and great smile. I hope your acting endeavors come to fruition!!!!!!!
Constructive criticism is good but take it only from people close to you that love your talent.

Why not go through the emails (without names) on camera so we can share it with you…worh through it with you?

We can guess you’re a decent person who isnt playing things up for the camera, but Im not sure what this video accomplished for you.

Everyone has days like that. I have them too. You just have to pull through and think positive. I know you can do it, you are smart, talented and beautiful Laura and you have the nicest smile I have ever seen. Please do not give up. A new day is coming, a new sky, clean slate.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

there are people who live to be nasty and it has nothing to do with you. you’re just the one they’re targeting at the moment. they’re the ones with the problem, not you. thank you for letting me live vicariously through your acting trails and tribulations. your hard work will all pay off one day.

This is exactly the sort of stuff I want to talk about when you come on my show. I completely understand what you are talking about and going through, and I want to commend your bravery in sharing and letting yourself be so emotionally true on a place like this where a lot people love to say the nastiest of things.

(this got all screwed up cause youtube is retarted) but this is part III: but if it is as I think, a calling that you are intensely passionate about and something that you find you just wouldn’t be fulfilled as a person without doing – then you DO IT, and NEVER QUIT, no matter how hard it seems, no matter how long it takes, no matter WHAT ANYONE SAYS – because there is only one real person that you have to answer to and measure up to in the end, and that is YOURSELF

(part IV) YOURSELF, not your fans, not your ‘haters’, not your audience and not even your parents. YOURSELF. Down the road, if you quit your dream because a bunch of people were ‘nasty to you’ (and such types will ALWAYS be around, and most of them are just jealous and frustrated because they QUIT THEIR dream), would you be ok with that decision? That’s all that matters.

I didn’t mean to imply in that message that she didn’t want to be an actress. It’s obvious to me that she does, but it’s always something I tell fellow actors when they are going through times of doubt as to their choice. I have a very strong feeling, almost a knowingness – that Laura will succeed. There’s a sincerity and of character she has that I rarely see, and I am a professional actor and let me tell you…I have met ALL KINDS OF people.

Beautiful Laura, we all have bad days, we all need a good cry. It’s hard to comprehend the position you’re in, and there sure are a stack of idiot haters on here, but you have to ignore them. It’s not personal, they hate on everyone. Thanks for posting this, chin up, and watch the Free Hugs video again, it makes me feel good when I watch it from time to time. Sending love from down under (Australia).

As far as replying to emails, and trying to give back to the public, do what you can. We all cant call up Beyonce, even though we wish we could lol. Don’t burn out! Just do you can, it’s a part of the busines, trust me, we’ll all get over it lol.

Wonder if you’re getting the best training an actor could. If you persevere that is. FULL CONTACT AUDIENCE!

In the past, even theater actors never got the full story of what was going on in the heads of their viewers. And of course even today you’re getting a highly distorted version of that. Chin up, girl. Thanks for inspiring. You’ll never know all the people you’ve energized.

Your videos, and the way you share your life, is great. Someday, as an actor in a role, you’ll need to be vulnerable–reach back and remember this and use it. The good thing about being an actor is that you can find a practical use for all the bad stuff in your life.

I don’t think your YouTube videos can hurt your career–in fact they might even help it.

U know it’s funny how people put on videos for the public to see and then they can only accept possitive comments, but if someone says anything “negative” they call them idiots and “people who wanna put u down”.

You think everyting in life is gonna be possitive??
Welcome to life..

This isn’t life. It’s the internet. Where people are unecessairly rude for no reason when many of them wouldn’t be in real life because they can hide behind their little interet personnas. If a person is genuinely putting themselves out there and expressing their feelings, no one can criticize another’s emotions because they don’t know what they are feeling and what they are going through. You can’t criticize something you don’t understand.

When you make it big, you’ll be ready for both the good and bad that comes with the industry. Keep your chin up and keep sharing! You have a wonderfully bubbly personality that comes across really well on camera. I can see you doing a sitcom! Oh, and I loved the video when you showed us L.A.

It’s the internet, people get butthurt all the time on youtube, forums, chatrooms, etc. There’s always jerks out there and many of are online because they can get away with leaving personal comments under the guise of anonymity. You gotta realize that you don’t make these videos them. You make them for yourself and for your supporters and even some of critical ones that comment because they genuinly want you to do well.

1. Take a break, forbid yourself from responding to anyone on YouTube. Imagine…a week of freedom.
2. Anyone can change, but you have to really want it for you (hair or weight or whatever).
3. If X is not a positive part of your life, get rid of it. If it’s hurting, it’s not worth it. When you die… God, think about it!

With me it’s my eyes. Creepy, that’s all I get. Bad voice, tone deaf and creepy are some of the big ones I get on my videos.. However, I get good comment as well. I think that I’m hurting my career too by posting on here. Everyone acts like agents when they’re not. Everytime I post a goofy video they tell me I’m retarded, without saying “Good job acting that way.”

Haters say whatever will hurt. I agree. I’ve seen it over and over again. Their comments are finely calculated to push the buttons of whoever they’re commenting on. As an attention-getting strategy, it works. It works like a fucking charm. Look at all the energy that’s spent on YT dealing with haters. But it’s important to notice that not even the haters believe what the haters say. They only believe that YOU will believe it.

For me your best videos are like this one REAL. I havenΒ΄t heard anything about your career lately. I am assuming that in this case no news is NOT good news. But if you stay at the top of the YouTube lists some smart show or product manufacturer will scoop you up and give you a contract. How about reading some of those comments for us and responding to them. Check out What the Buck? for a great example. When he reads his hatemail itΒ΄s hilarious.

What’s shameful about weakness? As you say, we all have them.

The only reason we hide our weaknesses is to avoid having unscrupulous people use them against us. If anything, being willing to show your weaknesses in public is a sign of courage and strength. There’s nothing shameful about it.

When you feel any bitterness, frustration, anger or sadness start to surface, just push it down into a little ball into the pit of your stomach, and if at any time it becomes too overwhelming to the point where you might let it out, take it out on some nearby, unsuspecting and/or helpless victim, such as an old person, a cripple, a retard, a child or a small animal that can’t fight back! Remember, sharing your feelings is only for pussies! Tough people don’t talk about that kind of shit!

Here’s the thing about voluntary creativity and popularity: You’re not getting paid for this. You are under no obligation to make a single additional video for YouTube. Period. You don’t owe us anything. Not a comment, not an email reply. So take a break, if you want. πŸ™‚ We’ll be here when (and if) you get back. And thank you for everything you’ve created so far. It’s been really interesting and fun.

Being a vlogger on YouTube is such a strange experience. One minute you feel really good and the next your brought way down. I have found responding to subscribers overwhelming at times as well and I have a fraction of the subscribers. It’s hard enough keeping in touch with real-life friends. Hang in there. Feel better. And everyone has their low days…I’m glad you shared yours. πŸ˜€

Lucy! Lovely – I get a lot of enjoyment out of seeing your great videos and seeing your acting career progress, but you have to look out for you! If it all gets too much, just take a break. Hope you feel better anyway, just a bad day. Hugs from Australia and take care.

Hey Lucy, I understand what you are going through. I get all the same comments. Blinking etc…
I also feel bad when I’m too busy to create new videos or can’t respond to all the requests I get to watch others videos. I get it!!! Just hang tough:)
This is the path you’ve chosen and for what ever reason you must go through these experiences.

John McQuilkin – Hollywood Happens

you know darling….my life is very very very worst than you’r….so take a brake and go on…life give you what you ask anyway……good or bad every think start in the hart…..and by the way, all the good actor start doing’s another avenue……..cheers πŸ™‚ t capable

Those people who ever put you down are just seeking attention.
Those people who ever put you down dont make their own videos.
Those people who put you down never know how hard it is to share their lives.
If you ever recieve comments about someone putting you down in anyway, dont put yourself down. Turn it around and look at how many views that person has, or how many subscribers. All those “down-sides” have put you all the way to the top, so it cant really be a bad thing.

Lots, and I mean LOTS of people use the internet as a way to reclaim the power that they feel they’ve lost through their existence in the real world, turning them into faceless, insult machines (douchebags, if you will).

There’s no reason you have to put up with it if it is making you miserable. I suggest taking some vitamin C, and turning the damn comments off.

Wait a second, now. Can you imagine the numbers of emails we’re talking about here? When someone as popular as Lucy asks for messages, in a video that stays up for months on end, they will flow in by the thousands. And they probably won’t stop. It might be too much to ask for her to respond to every last one. You did what she asked, which is more than I can say, and you have to assume she appreciated it.

I have to agree w/Jason. Lucy is very well liked. She would have to research EVERY post that she posted to be on tract. No I see Lucy responding, but if she does it would be called favortism(SP)there is no way that she can do this. I believe Lucy has enough on her plate..Venting is good, crying is healing..

I don’t think that you’re hurting your career at all. If anything, this is probably good preparation for success. If you make it as an actor you’ll become a public figure and as a result there will be people out there who will criticize your every move and devote themselves to trying to tear you down.

That’s probably why so many successful actors get themselves press agents, to put a buffer between themselves and all the assholes who resent their success.

You are SENSATIONAL the way you are Laura. What people think doesn’t matter!!! I learned that the hard way. You better keep your head up high, because if someone as beautiful, smart, and talented as you lets stupid people get the best of her, then I’m doomed lol…jk…smile!

I hope you read this. I wish you the best. For me,
Lucy in LA has been one of the bright lights on Youtube.
The videos you make are entertainment. At the end of the day, You’ve done something POSITIVE while others perhaps, for whatever reason, have only been able to communicate NEGATIVE, which in my humble opinion is just a reflection about how they feel about themselves. Please Continue.

(Typo in my earlier post. One cue = on cue)

With this clip you have shown you can do serious roles too. I would suggest rubbing your eyes a little before a take to make them redder. Also, don’t wipe your tears too often(you didn’t), let them stream down your cheeks. Great job!

fuck off man. she is an incredible person who is just trying to express her feelings. It’s people like you ass wipe that make others feel badly. Now back the fuck off. It’s not cool to pick on people, ESPECIALLY when they’re down. If you’re going to be a “hater” then just back the fuck off. No one cares what you’re saying so why bother? Shut the fuck up and go do something productive, don’t make fun of others because you have nothing better to do.

U r not unique in it — everybody’s got things to learn. Do what’s in YOUR best interest
(Talent Promo).I personally prefer seeing the real you talking about the real life (which sometimes may be beneficial for u too, to share it) but my preference doesn’t help ur purpose = ur ultimate audience r studio people. Be an egoist.

He who learns should not get overwhelmed by constructive c. Decide what u wanna concentrate on: sharing personal life stories or creating entertaining pieces. If you’d choose the second option, then u will be judged in terms of artistic creativity & any other type of negative comments pass over inn silence as nconsequential.

Look, U’ve go 2 types of negativity hitting at ya:
1. Those from pure ‘haters’
2. Those who provide a constructive criticism, which I don’t see how it would fail to be beneficial to ur becoming a better artist. ” That wasn’t funny” or was “corny” still is a useful piece of info for an artist. Of course if someone attacks ya on personal level, dismiss him.

Honey, look… to the people that matter (the people with half a brain) YOU ARE WONDERFUL. I know it’s really really hard to deal with the rough comments of pure jerk-offs and even some of the so-called “constructive” criticisms. BUT WE LOVE YOU AND YOU ARE SO GREAT!!! Don’t let anyone get you down.

it’s so obvious lots of people enjoy what you do, whether it’s more defined, loose, funny or deeply personal… so hang in there… what you’re doing here isn’t just reading from a script… you’re part of a new way of making and enjoying entertainment and it puts you very close to people who may be sitting very far away. like a comedian who has to deal with hecklers, just bite back!

Dear Lucy — You have no reason to fulfill anybody’s expectations. You don’t owe anyone anything. Negative comments that are being aimed at you have absolutely *NOTHING* to do with you. Unthinking people get off putting others down and the anonymity that the Internet provides allows them to say things it would never even cross their mind to say if they had met you in person. They are *NOT* real comments (let that sink in). The compliments ARE real comments. Thought was put into them. (cont..)

We all love your sincerity, your sense of humor and the really adorable facial expressions (Ive been a big fan of the blinking for a while though I’m surprised others have noticed it). We love having you share yourself with us but that should in no way make you think we’re entitled to any of it. And I know girls are especially conscious of their looks but dont pretend you dont know youre a hottie. As far as YouTube and your career I can see it only helping. Youre a step ahead of the game.

Hey Lucy check out the youtube blog.Get the reward you guys deserve for all your hard work.Here’s an excerpt
Because they have built and sustained large, persistent audiences through the creation of engaging videos, their content has become attractive for advertisers, which has helped them earn the opportunity to participate on YouTube as a partner.Cheers

Lucy, you’re amazing. Just ignore these idiots and keep doing what you’re doing. Eventually, the idiots will get bored and they’ll move on. Don’t worry about it!

P.S. Don’t worry about YouTube hurting your career… Look at LisaNova.

IMHO I think you should spend less time on this and instead focus your time and energy at making your dream come true, if you really want it. Going up against mafia controlled Hollywood and armchair quarterback assholes is a dead end. Why not give Broadway a chance?

Lucy, I’m a fan,and wish you success as an actor. YouTube seems to have too amny haters. I am mostly on LiveVideo,which is much freindlier and nicer. And you can block haters there, Maybe you should do like paperlilies and read hater comments out loud to show how stupid they are. Don’t take it to heart.take a break,go to a spa, and get some rest. I wish you the best! I believe in you!:)

lucy heads up.. dont listen to the kiddies that write those nasty comments.. i really love the way you are and i hope to see more vids in the future ;P you are really great and i hope that you get something good soon!

greets from germany

Thank you for being real. This is what YouTube needs to see, I can defintatly tell that these videos are just a glimpes of you, but I want to respect your privacy and I think you’re good at protecting that. If you ever need help (sorting through comments for spam… or anything) I’d love to help you.
Good luck from a fan,

You know most of those comments are people who are pissed off irl and can do nothing about it but vent and feel superior on youtube, where there will be no repercussions. There will always be assholes. Sometimes, coupled with some other disappointment, they really do have a negative impact. But you know, don’t let them get you down. “Argue for your limitations and you get to keep them”


No matter what you do or how you do it, somebody isn’t going to like it, and will not hesitate to tell you about it. Some get off on causing pain to other people. Frankly, I’m amazed that you’ve handled all of the insults and negative comments as well as you have. I think I would’ve said the hell with it long ago. The fact that you haven’t says a lot about you.

FWIW, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of your videos, and I think you’re a beautiful and talented young lady. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep and rest. Lack of those two things is one of the surest ways there is to drag your whole body down.

Hang in there, girl. For all of the bad comments and e-mails, there’s a big bunch of us who like and appreciate you very much.

It always throws me off when I hear actor instead of actress. Celebrate your femininity, you could be Best Actress one day! No need to buy into the Screen Actors Guild political correctness bs. Be the wonderful actress that you are and drop the whole actor pc talk. πŸ™‚

Just a suggestion: You should try finding a group of close ppl that you can talk to because the internet is more distant and what ppl see and understand is a lot less than when they are physically and geographically closer to you.
Keep your chin up.

When you’re frustrated with something, upset about something, or emotionally overwhelmed about something…, SOMETHING has to come out. Seriously. You can’t just keep it to yourself forever. That’s how you get better. Don’t worry. You’ll feel much better soon. Take care.

ohhh LUCY!!! it makes me sad seeing such an AMAZING girl upset!!!
i know exactly know what you mean when you say “overwhelmed”… that was me the day b4 my final exam.. which i flunked by the way… but everything gets better… don’t listen to the haters!! feel better sweetie… ohhh when you’re feel low… one thing that ALWAYS works… HUGS!!

I think that this was a good video for you to start setting some boundries with your viewers. You aren’t obligated to do any more than you feel is appropriate.

You seem to have a lot of talent and a winning personality that comes through in your videos. Unfortunately, your career path relies quite a bit on luck. Don’t stress about the stuff you have no control over. Good luck!

I think because you want to be an actress I think it’s good practice for you to let go of some insecurities and just put yourself out there. Good or bad, a big response to your videos means people are noticing you and that’s going to help your career. Don’t forget to take some time for you and living life instead of just blogging about it. Go soak up some beautiful LA sunshine, I know that always makes me feel better.

Sorry to hear that your “public” expects so much of you. Next time you feel overwhelmed by responses to videos that you voluntarily post on the internet, just think about the children who are starving in Africa or the soldiers getting shot at in Iraq. You suddenly won’t feel so prima donna-like or put upon.

If she were getting paid for this, and could hire a publicist, then you make the argument that we are her “public.” Just because she posts videos on YouTube doesn’t mean that it is open season for insults and critiques that are socially unacceptable under any other circumstance.

Instead of feeling put upon by this simple post, maybe you should start thinking about children who are starving in Rwanda and U.S. Marines facing IEDs in Iraq.

Have a pleasant day.

Hi Laura,
thanks so much for the sincerity, it takesa lot of courage to be real. I feel your pain, your very precious and beautiful. I love your genuine nature. Take some vitamins, if you get down vitimons always help to get you back up.If i was there id be your friend and just hang with you to cheer you up.
get wit some peoplw whol love you.

Ok…first of all i dont realy go to youtube to watch Lucy video but i did subscribed to lucy’s video cuz; it seems kind of interesting..anyway i dont really care if lucy is gonna read this or not but for the people who luvs to read comments and watch videos this message is for lucy guys “Lucy I hate to say this but WELCOME to the REAL WORLD”

‘Hope you get feeling better, Laura. You should also remember that if you’re going to be in the “spotlight”, you need to have a thick skin, because people are cruel. Personally, I think you’re better than the “Hollywood” type, and I think you should aspire to be better than what you are chasing after…

Hi there.
I’m a fairly new subscriber and I just think you’re wonderful. You have a great sense of humor and one of the nicest vloggers I’ve come across here.

Bad days happen. And they completely suck, especially when you’re getting sick, too. But you pull through.

You are loved!
Romans 5:3-5 (this is specifically for you)

damn,lucy this youtube is not to be taken seriously,remember misery loves company.those assholes are just miserable lil pieces of shit.that wanna bring down are beautiful and seem fun loving (from your other vlogs).this youtube should never be a burden to anyone

Why don’t you and Kereim start making short movies? Not these clips of you goofing around, which I must say I do quite enjoy, but something that has a story to it and requires you to really become someone else and will test your acting skills. Kereim would be willing to help you, and I am sure you know other actors in a similar position to you who would be willing to help. I haven’t really seen anything from you like this before and makes me wonder if it is what you are missing right now.

Brilliant– this is a really extended range for you, and you did it incredibly well. In case you’re serious– you *did* ask for it by putting yourself out there. I suggest you check out channels like Hometown Baghdad, or others where we learn about real hardship and adversity and courage. There are many many examples. It’s kinda hard to feel bad for someone who is healthy, pursuing a dream, and living in an opulent, ‘safe’ society. “Think about your troubles…”

But remember, I’m out here too and that makes at least ONE more person in the same boat as you, just struggling to wherever it is that isn’t like where we are right now. And the more you row, the more you get tired, and it still seems like you’ve done nothing and gotten nowhere. And it seems like the water is still the water around you. But remember each row, each stroke, each work of effort brings you closer to your goals.

Do something that makes you happy Lucy. My secret weapon is a caramel frappuccino at starbucks. Works every time. I know it’s silly, but ya know, it works. It’s a simple solution. And it that doesn’twork, you need to realize that tomorrow will come, and things will change and you’ll have better hope for the future. Hang in there buddy.

This too shall pass. The sun will rise. And you’ll live another day to pay taxes. And also, some people say the nastiest things. I would suggest to set videos to approve all comments and automatic approval for friends. It’s really nice to choose what goes out there.

And as for the mail, I get some awful stuff too, but you know it gets worse with the greater amount of notariety one attains. I’m sure famous people’s emails, fan mails, and myspace pages mostly aren’t really read by the people themselves that they belong to. They have people for that. So yeah. I can TOTALLY simpathize.

No one asks for heartache or pain or sorrow or strife. But I know mean people who don’t understand can say that. But forgive them. It is only out of their ignorance that they proclaim such hurtful words without considering the person those words are aimed at and all the circumstances that surround them. If they really knew everything about you, I’d doubt they’d just say whatever was on their mind.

Try to keep yourself happy. occupy your mind with something else so you aren’t thinking all the time. I hear Disturbia’s nice. It always is a great escape for me to go to the movies and sometimes it’s just enough for me to get away by seeing two movies back to back. Just wear a baseball cap and sunglasses and no one will be the wiser. Except me, because that’s what I do sometimes when I don’t want the world in my business and personal space. For the most part, everyone leaves me alone.

Ha, too late. I replied as I was going along, so you’re just going to have to take my support and all of my backing you up.

Sometimes I feel exactly like this. Like why the public can’t understand what our public persona or what we show the public is not really only what we are. We’re more than that and sometimes people just don’t get that.

I think it makes them stronger mentally and more ready to face the real world when challenges come up against them. And when I do the challenging, I can get their muscles stronger in a controlled environment. So that if they in fact do need rescuing. I can be there. As opposed to being in the real world and having it come up and then having them be unprepared and without a safety net to fall back on. Ya know?

Never commented before. Just wanted to say that what you are experiencing on Youtube will only grow exponentially if you do make it big. Make sure that this is something that you want to deal with all the time cause it won’t go away as long as you are out in public. Take care.

Just consider everything that happens on this site to be good practice for when you become a famous actress. You’ll still have the A-holes that try to insult you, and supporters that will lay down their life for you, but when you a famous actress, you’ll have tons of dough so you can pay someone to read and answer your fan mail.

lucy i love you and your videos, but i am going to be real. These idiots who post crap here are just a SMALL TASTE of what you might be likely to see about yourself if you ever do become famous. you need to get a thicker skin or Hollywood will eat you up. As a break, why dont you just disable comments on here for a while?

Lucy, everybody feels down sometimes. We feel as you feel. Thanks for sharing your raw emotions. Watching you this morning was like looking in a mirror. I’m reminded of that movie Broadcast News when Holly Hunter gets her cry on every morning before she goes to work. Now get back to making those wonderful videos.

you look so hot when you’re vulnerable. i felt like a predetor ready to pounce on the weakest of the flock. i also felt sad for this poor woman. she has so much more than millions of people in the world and yet she still cries for herself. five stars!

You dear are real, look at Ysabellabrave, she is an shining example of fake in you clearly see the change in her videos from Aug 2006 to now. YOU MY DEAR are the same, ignore the true haters they are young, jealous, or just stupid. However, sweetie if you get fame the paparazzi are worse – trust me on this.


Note: Remove the * from the following link and get ready, this will BLOW you away!!!


you look like your gonna cry im sorry about your problems with the stuff people write . personaly i love your videos and i dont write ” hate messages”. i tell people the truth sometimes if its something bad i say im sorry and that im just saying my opinoin ok bye: ]

i dig your vids, you are one of the few vlogers i’ll watch.
i think that anyone who leaves any comments or e-mails that are to negative are doing it just for the attention as they get off on even the negative attention they may recieve. keep up the good work.


rajahtenx, you don’t know what you are talking about. You probably also like American Idol and look for people you can live vicariously through. Too few people like her? What makes you think Lucy would give you the time of day, let alone do something for humanity? Then again Lucy could be the next Mother Theresa for all we know, but I doubt it. I’ve always thought her in love with herself, and in this vid she continues her obsession with herself.

She’s not obssessed with herself. She’s just a blogger. That’s what blogs do—talk about peoples lives. So saying that she’s in love with herself because she has a blog is just stupid. I didn’t say she’d be a fucking savior, just that she’s honest and probably doesn’t put asshole posts on other people’s videos. I can’t believe the stupidity in the world.

Everyone individual, and ESPECIALLY creative artists – SHOULD be in love with themselves! I am not talking about ego assholes here. But if you don;t love yourself, how can you EVER really love another? One can love themselves and have utmost confidence while having humility and kindness at the same time, and Laura/Lucy HAS this quality.

By putting yourself out there, you are standing up for what you believe. And that’s all that you can do. You should know better than to let comments affect your art, whatever kind of art it may be. You should do it because of how it makes you feel, just present to the world what inspires you personally.

Most of us feel the need to be recognized for what we do. But I tell you that the moment you let that go, you won’t have moments like these anymore. Just do your blogs based on what’s important to you and tell your unique story. That’s where the secret to own’s strength lies.

Lucy, you’ll feel better when you start winning your sting of Oscars for best actor. Oh wait, you’re an actress. Maybe you’ll win best actress but you keep telling us you’re an actor. You’re certainly one of the best actress’s on you tube. Lucy has got to be your best role ever. Maybe that’s what you’ll win an Oscar for!

UMM…plz don’t listen to those douche bags who put you down like that. Because that’s gonna kill you. They’re low life assholes. Don’t listen to them, keep at what your doing, because so far your going REALLY good. Just alittle bit more and that opportunity you’ve been waiting more will come. It’s all just a waiting game for you.

dont worry. you have a larger fanbase of supporters than you do of haters and those haters just wish they were as beautiful and nice as you are and they wish they could act 1% as good as you can. youre great and please dont let them get to you. πŸ™‚

You are obviously a very decent individual. I would just make no replies to those people who are in a totally different place than you are. Avoid those energy drains. You will get some kind of break maybe not the sort of break you expect but some kind of break.

Hang in there Lucy…I admire you for putting yourself out there. People will criticize you for the rest of your life…especially as an actress…You just have to know that you’re beautiful and talented and that there are people in your life who truly love you. I hope good things come your way.

Nowhere Man – The Beatles

He’s a real nowhere Man,
Sitting in his Nowhere Land,
Making all his nowhere plans
for nobody.

Doesn’t have a point of view,
Knows not where he’s going to,
Isn’t he a bit like you and me?

Like I said the ironical are just a little more difficult to pick out. The ironical are the Mean of the Mean. There is no explanation for such meaniness. It is ununderstandable.

Lucy, you are not hurting your career. You do not have to meet everyone’s expectations. You do not have to give the full picture of your life. Keep many of the private things in your life private. ::::shakes head and thinks::::: You know, as much as you want subscribers to just let you be, in many ways, you have to let them be, too.

Lol you know theres alot more people that probally have it harder then you and are suffering twice as much. You should just know that theres people worst off then you and you should be happy, you created a name for youself on youtube and who knows tommorow, next week, a year from now or never you might or might not get a name for youself everyone will know. Just dont worry about it so much cause life is long and your stuck with it for a while so try and be have more confidence.

Please, please, please don’t be sad! Those people who speak negatively of you are just jealous. They know that they can’t do what you’re doing and it pisses them off, but instead of taking it to the source and doing something about it, they find a scapegoat. And being in the forum of public opinion that is youtube puts you out there. IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT! Please cheer up. πŸ˜€


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