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May 8, 2007


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Youtube Commments:
hhaaahahhaaahhhaaaa! Tubesgranny, I can see how getting drunk could give you such giggles when you sit in front of that camera and realize how CRAZY this whole character thing that you do really is! I mean, a fine woman like you wearing a fake mustache and making funny vids…how could that NOT crack you up? HA! Praise da LAWD for Tubesgranny!

Praise ye Jesus, I’ll be comin’ over to the church of the Virgin TubeGranny an’ ‘fessing all my sins ’cause I know the truth will set me free, PRAISE DE LAWD! That TubesGranny, you could tells her anything and you knows she gonna do right by you and keeps it to herself – guide ya good and nots let you goes astray (‘cept when she dips into the saccramental beer of a Saturday night)! Praise be!!!

ooh, ok……i have an idea, instead of drinking y dont u have a stress ball in your next video, lol….a stress ball in 1 hand and a beer in the other….lol well i hope everything works out for u….if u want to talk ill try to be there…i might not understand some things but ill listen

Whoooeeee girl you tied enough on for the both of us last night… Did ya make it to church? One thing I wanna know is how did you grow back your titty so fast? I hope Billy Bigun’s not too sore at ya this morning. I’m still working on my 10 questions…

ROFLMFAOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Granny im gettin to recordin them damn questions…. I think me && you need ta drink asap! You can stick with them weak beers, but I like that Vodka! HAHA! Granny…. We’re gonna take shots together soon… heres what were gonna do…. were gonna record each shot we take && send it to eachother && you can make a video of our drunk asses goin shot for shot lmfao! Love ya!
YESSS! HAHA… Okay granny… As soon as I get me some vodka im gonna let ya kno so we can do this drunkin video haha…Hmmm… Im thinking this weekend just might be lovely… but well see…. im gonna have to go n get me a gallon of popov voda lmao… i call it thebroke ppls vodka bc its like 13$ a gallon but it fuckkssss yo ass up! 🙂


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