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May 8, 2007

oscar de la hoya v floyd mayweather rd12 and result

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Youtube Commments:
i got it off sopcast, go to myp2p(dot)eu (sorry about how the addres is but youtube wont let me put a url on a comment) and download sopcast or tvants they usually show all ppv fights and wwe events or soccer matches, any sport is always on there, you can record straight to your computer from sopcast…sorry bout the sound lapse but i just record what i can get hold of.

damn that was a pretty fast upload also i didn’t know sopcast had ppv matches on. anyways it was an ok fight and Oscar wasn’t the best oponenet for pbf, he had lost 2 out of 3 matches coming in. shane, margartio or cotto would’ve been a good match up.

my prediction…anyone who is Mexican (let me just add as an aside that Mexicans are some of the most racist people on Earth) or Latin will swear up and down that De La Hoya won the fight…the truth is DLH landed less punches overall, and less power punches; DLH got too tired as the fight went on and his flurries did little damage to Mayweather who visibly laughed them off…good effort by DLH, but he loss.

Mexicans are racist, whites are racist, blacks are racists, asians are racists, and easterners are racists. Makes no difference, but the fact that you just HAD to point that out makes you fairly racist because I’m Mexican and I saw the fight was Mayweather’s after the tenth round.

through incidents such as the Memin Pinguin stamps, and the Mexican national soccer team’s behavior towards the US’s black players I am more than justified in saying that Mexicans are racist. This does not make me racist, it makes me aware of the fact that Mexicans tend to be more overtly and blatantly racist than many Americans who have come to reject traditional racist ideas in favor of classist, and socio-economic stereotypes (many of which still have racist undertones)…so piss off.

you can’t judge an entire people’s attitude toward other color people by the actions of their soccer team.
soccer players are picked for their skill at soccer and athleticism, not their attitudes and open-ness to other ethnicities/nationalitlies/colors.
While you may be aware of the attitudes of others, you’re unaware of you’re own blanketing stereotypes.

i think it should have been a draw oscar had the first rounds becuse he had mayweather backing up most of the time and he threw more punches…but mayweather won the last rounds like those guys said it should have been draw…..Boxing the best sport ever it does not need to be saved….brown and black are made for this sport 100%

Thank you for posting this. Floyd looked better but Oscar is always better than he looks. He always stronger and fitter and better than he gets credit for. He is considered on of the best boxers ever and he is underrated. This is why he loses close decisions. I think it should have gone to Oscar because to beat the champ you have to beat the champ.

Mannn I was reduced 2 watchin this fight on the Radio and Richie Woodhall made it sound like a landslide to Mayweather. I actually thought this fight was really close watchin it all this morning. Sure Mayweather was dodgeing alot of oscar’s punches but overall cos Mayweather threw less I think it was fairly even.

Can somebody tell me about this 2 fighters becouse this fight was boring and if you all want to see a good fight take a look (Mikkel Kessler vs Librado Andrade)this fight was fucking boring i fall in sleep in 6 round dont you have any good fighters in USA

Masterchief, the black bloke is wearing the Mexican shorts because his opponent is an American/Mexican and he was basically taking the piss, winding the Mexican and his fans up. He actually came to the ring wearing a sombrero – just to mock the Mexicans. Ok fight, should have been better. Oscar should have stuck with his jab!!!

All Mayweather has done is showboat. DLH was the winner of this fight no matter what the blind paid off judges say. I saw DLH going in at Mayweather. DLH landed many of his punches, jabs, and combination shots; released assaults on Mayweather during most of the rounds. Mayweather bounced and smiled his shit ass grin. DLH is the real winner.

lol are u sure u were watching the same game. dhl looked like an amature with all the loopy punches. the boy is past his prime and he is also the most overrated boxer. He got beat up by both mosley and trinidad and he is still considered “best of our time” give me a break.

yup dela hya is clearly the winner in this fight,i don’t know why mayweather really win this fight.i check the different boxing site and it says there that dela hoya thrown many punches compared to mayweather but all the punches that he thrown did not clearly landed compared to the punches that mayweather landed to him plus it says there that dela hoya’s punches that hits mayweather are light compared to mayweather’s strong counters.golden boy is true winner.

Vincent how about you shut the fuck up you little cunt!Who’s the one calling all Hispanics Mexicans you stupid ignorant whore!I say Oscar WON Gayweather ran like a bitch aleast the other boxers DLH fought had more balls to get hit not like that faggot!Cloneslad thanks for the video

Vincent how about you shut the fuck up you little cunt!Who’s the one calling all Hispanics Mexicans you stupid ignorant whore!I say Oscar WON Gayweather ran like a bitch aleast the other boxers DLH fought had more balls to get hit not like that faggot!Cloneslad thanks for the video

shut the fuck up! mayweather fights like a fucking chickenshit he hits and runs like a lil bitch, always avoiding going toe to toe with any boxer because he knows he sucks! its boring ass boxers like him that are making more and more boxing fans lose respect for the sport

The scoring on this fight was easy. You don’t get points for just swinging, if that was the case both fighters should just stay in their corner and swing at air and the judge counts who swung the most. Floyds dad is full of it, he needs Oscar so thats why he wouldn’t tell the truth, from round 9-12 Oscar got dominated and thats why he got desparate

The fact that Mayweather landed more punches, and that Oscar was the agressor and tried to make a good fight, I think they should’ve call it a draw. So there would have more chances to a rematch. I can’t believe that Mayweather says that he is retiring already, he’s only 30?! he says that he has nothing else to prove and that he’s done everything, sounds more like he’s afraid to lose his perfect record. Anyway the fight was boring I expected much more now fans are losing respect for the sport.

that last round looked like a bag of wank. Not sure how the rest of the fight went but hopefully was alot better. wow both fighters didn’t look too impressive from that. both fighters are good tho so hopefully earlier rounds should be good. i wanna see ricky hatton against these guys, see what happens

Mayweather won cause he outboxed oscar he jabbed de la hoya all night long! y’all think boxings all about braun but its not always about that.. mayweather is quick as fuck,on both sides oscar had all the advantages and couldn’t capitalize on the the fight again see how many punches was thrown and landed by both fighters! I respect Oscar but he clearly lost even though he was the agresser..

Im english mate and have been to a few ricky hatton fights but to be 100% honest mayweather would embarass him.

Mayweather is FAR to fast for hatton it wouldnt be a contest.

What people dont realise is Mayweather has just gone up in weight and taught a hall of famer how to box. De La Hoya was forced to brawl Mayweather destroyed him fair and square.

Love it though when i read some comments and somebody wrote “Mayweathers a punk and would be killed if he was stupid enough to get into the octagon .” read what you wrote you fucking idiot.

Mayweather has not trained for decades to become a ultimate fighter he has embarassed world class opponents for years UNBEATEN lemme say it again UNBEATEN..

Mayweathers the biggest coward in boxing history. Inorder to get the pound for pound title he had to fight a great and all he could choose was an ageing DeLa Hoya. Oscar could of won that fight if he had kept the jab but in the end he said he just chose not too plus he gased out. Wow Mayweather should be proud.

I appreciate the sport and respect the fighters, but you can see why MMA is now more popular than boxing – it just isn’t as exciting and the limitations of the rules are frustrating.
There’s a bright future for MMA – if Pride and UFC would start paying their athletes better.


Note: Remove the * from the following link and get ready, this will BLOW you away!!!


This is easy and simple, FIX, FIX and all you believers will see went THEY come back with the SECOND fight of the DECADE, fight of the decade MY ASS… It’s all about the MONEY, there will be a second fight and De la Hoya will win and maybe after that if they see that people wants to see them again, they may get a third go… I tell you FIX, FIX, FIX, f#$@%ing box it is the most corrupted sport, and is easy to figure it out.

lol ufc is gay porn. rolling around like bitches. Boxing is a real sport with real athletes fighting with fists like real men. UFC is a bunch of frat boys who think their hard doing somthing that is cheaper to do in a car park outside some bar.

if it were bareknuckle they would throw about 2 punchers per round. they would break their hands and thats it. with gloves you can throw as hard as you like and as many as you like which is why gloved boxing is much more dangerous. and your the one who sucks for coming here to just start shit.

im not either mexican nor black so i didn’t really care who won but this fight was fixed, its that simple so all you who actually think mayweather was even close to de la hoya suck balls. he was being outboxed the whole match so be realistic for once and admit that mayweather did bot deserve this fight.

people need to stop complaining……de la hoya got picked apart for most of the fight….he was clearly outboxed….plain and simple….people just want mayweather to lose so bad that they’ll turn a blind eye and still say de la hoya still…..oscar definately did not win this fight…..if u think he did….youre outta your mind

by the way asshole mayweather’s own father said that on points alone oscar should have won. So unless he wanted his son to lose so bad that he’d turn a blind eye and just say that oscar won, you don’t know what the fuck your talking about, shit I don’t know what fight you were watching

Mayweather is the biggest pussy I have ever seen. What a fucking liar. He said he would go toe to toe, shit that faggot ran away all night long. Oscar won that fight period. He was constantly pressing, landed the bigger shots, all Floyd did was counter punching with single shots that wouldn’t hurt a flyweight.

no don’t say Mayweather won, say you don’t like him. You can’t tell me one time Oscar landed a clean big shot in this fight, and tell me when he’s running you sound like a girl amongst men, you don’t understand how boxing is, he’s looking for angles as fast as possible, because you only have 3min a round.

yall saying oscar won, look man, he stadning getting pop’d in the lip, all night, them cheap lfurries wont work.. oscar knew from round 4 it wont gonna work, he just kepp trying,, mayweather , grabs him up or blocks it, onthe rops, luaghing, this 2 easy . watch how gets low and pos odh, watch, 5times str8 in a row,

Anyone who thought oscar won its because of the crowd over-reacting whenever he attacked mayweather.

PUNCH STATS: DLH landed 21%, 122 of 587 total punches. PBF landed 43%, 207 of 481 total punches. DLH power punches landed: 24% — 82 of 341. PBF power punches landed 57% — 138 of 241.

It should have been a tie. Mayweather had iron defense but backed up the whole of the fight. De la hoya pushed round after round. Twelve rounds of this game. Also, de la hoy blocked most of mayweather’s punches. Look at difference between both fighters faces at end of fight to see who landed better

PUNCH STATS: DLH landed 21%, 122 of 587 total punches. PBF landed 43%, 207 of 481 total punches. DLH power punches landed: 24% — 82 of 341. PBF power punches landed 57% — 138 of 241.

Judging by the punch stats, Mayweather appears to more than twice as a good as De La Hoya. And that’s just mathematically speaking. I think they’re both brilliant boxers but Mayweather won this one and it shold have been a unanimous decision in all fairness.

this fight was fricken boring, De La Hoya kept the pressure up but Mayweather wouldn’t do anything, he’d just smile afterwards. Mayweather doesnt fight he just throws punches, he never threw flurries out like DLH but he is fast and he can pretty much land em when he wants to.

This is the whole reason boxing is not as good anymore. Bad decisions. Everyone who saw the fight, know that Oscar won the fight. If it was not for Oscar pushing the fight, there would not have been a fight. Floyd ran too much. Boxing has become to corrupt. It’s all about money now. Too much money was involved in this fight. I mean come on, even Floyds father said it at the end. This is why its all about MMA.


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