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May 8, 2007

The ASU Is Dead (Mostly)

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Youtube Commments:
We have work to do? What do we actually do? I type comments on youtube, talk in chat rooms and forums but I don’t do much apart from go to University and then work. Youtube and things like it are entertainment for me and probably for a lot of other people. People like “The Rational Response Squad” actually do things. I have yet to see anyone on youtube really do anything apart from capnOawesomes FSM video(which was kind of a protest it seemed).

This atheist sectarianism is surely to be expected? As atheists, we have no binding doctrine to make everyone agree with each other, for it to work the rules can’t be too strict, it needs to start as quite a broad organisation, like anarchism and Marxism initially did before they split into several groups. What we need is some sort of Holy unimpeachable scripture that must be followed dogmatically by all atheists… just kidding 😛

Reminds me of the Southpark episode where cartman wants a Wii, so he freezes himself to get it sooner but ends up 500yrs in the future where there is no religion but 3 factions of atheists waring against each other over stupid trivial things, lol.

I can appreciate the seed of the idea. I think so many of us arrived at atheism as a rejection of the organized systems of thought we had forced on us all our lives that we have a natural resistance to all organized systems of thought. I hope we can get back to fighting ignorance rather than each other.

Your idea had potential, but humanity let you down. The thing we as atheists know better than anyone is that we are just clever apes, and as such we will go monkey-crazy in groups. Your idea about gathering testimonials is a great one, and can be achieved by mass participation without organisation. Just suggest and promote the idea and if it’s a good idea, plenty of people will do it, or figure out something better from it and so on. Just evolving ideas.

Well I don’t expect the amazing atheist to take away his videos from people who want to see them, so there’s no need. Some of your subscribers were glad to see your last video since they didn’t see it the first time. I uploaded your videos the same reason I upload bits of documentaries and star trek clips like thousands of other youtube users. Just so other people can see them and I can talk about them in comments with people. That’s all. You misunderstood my motives.

I never intended to claim ownership of your video as my work. All I wanted ‘credit’ for was the opener and giving a shit enough about my fellow hardcase viewers to show them your final comments and videos. I also wanted to point out some things you’d said. If the videos had still been up, I would have just said to people, “hey take a look at what hardcase said about x, it’s interesting”

Man, people were waiting for some action from ASU, but all they got was shitty drama. I say YES to your projects. Do a website you were talking about, start some action, do what ASU was supposed to do, and people WILL follow.

If you start something positive you will have ALL atheists on your side. Freakin’ ALL of them. Do it, do it, fuckin’ do it!

it brings me no pleasure to see this shit collapse, but i think it’s best this way. still keep the organisation but with out the us-vs-them militancy. now people can help with stuff like your anti-homeschooling project even if they strongly disagree with other things you do

We are already in a group, it’s called the YT atheists. We can work towards common goals as individuals, why have groups within groups?
There are so many people in our group who have something to offer, why loose that by drawing lines?
Good ideas will be picked up by other YT atheists naturally.

Let me add that, as a new YTubing atheist, I had no idea there was an attempt at creating an ASU. I do a search for a topic I am interested in, and I get MANY atheists with great videos. I get so many of them, I usually run out of time watching videos before I run out of videos.

You’re right, I don’t get ‘this’ and I’m fine with that cos I think I have a pretty good handle on life. Religion is not what governs this country, capitalism is. This group was ill concieved, it you want to make a change start and continue with yourself but if you really want to ‘do’ stuff, join a think tank. I recommend the Cato Institute…

Just as it was reaching the epicenter of its own greatness, you cut a single string, and collapsed what was otherwise turning into history. You have effectively told everyone that there is no point in trying, because not even the man himself can hold his own. Sacrifice is what this shit takes TAA, I thought you knew that…what a pathetic day.

what I didn’t like is when you condescendingly tell people to shut up or get out of the way.

you have a lot of guesses as to what pissed people off… mostly that they are weak or stupid, but it’s that you say get out of the way that I think is stupid.

It’s that you abandon individualism… meaning you adopt conformity, which is religious in character.

I think that a better strategy is to unite atheists momentarily for specific tasks or actions instead of creating a permanent organization with narrow ideological spectrum.

One idea could be writing mottos on money like “God is a delusion”, “Religion is a Scam”, “Religion Turns you a Slave”, “End Religion before Religion Ends the World”, “Say No to the Christian Talibans”, “I Deny the Holy Spirit”, etc.


The time is now, I am tired of waiting for the day when we are finally “ready” to organize in this way. This shouldn’t end this way, we could have actually accomplished something.

IT WOULD BE GREAT IF WE ALL CAME TOGETHER AND ACTUALLY FUCKING DID SOMETHING! IT WOULD BE GREAT! Of course, there will always be the people that are against it, but that shouldn’t stop those who want to make the fucking difference.

Social changes take time and if you use the wrong strategies and wrong means you may get the OPPOSITE RESULT.

However, having said that, I think that most atheists are too shy. We should avoid unnecessary and mindless extremism but this does not mean that we should stay paralyzed and hidden behind our cosy anonymity.

Social changes take time and if you use the wrong strategies and wrong means you may get the OPPOSITE RESULT.

However, having said that, I think that most atheists are too shy. We should avoid unnecessary and mindless extremism but this does not mean that we should stay paralyzed and hidden behind our cosy anonymity.

BEcause of the very dissunity of the concept, I really think you should continue on. Your not at ALL going to get everyone together on this. Really, you said it best yourself in the first vid, if you don’t like us, stay out of our way, let uss do our thing, we’re ok if someone doesn’t want to be in it.

“The problem is that they didn’t want to stay out of our way. They wanted to stop us”

You should have anticipated that, if I’ve learned anything in my year on youtube it’s that atheists don’t shut the fuck up, and get out of the way when they think something’s a bad idea.

I alternate between feeling sorry for all three of you, and thinking “Good riddance.” I know this sounds overly dramatic and my opinion doesn’t matter that much to you, but why should people like me trust/forgive/want to interact with other “freethinkers” again?

“YOU GUYS are the ones who did it”

You make a good point. I personally know of at least 3 people including myself that were blocked from commenting on xild’s videos, I never saw any lack of her comments on videos criticizing the ASU, in fact even OLG was never banned from commenting on anyone’s videos even though half the time the only thing he had to say was “cocksucker or motherfucker”.

I had a considerable number of people messaging me, and thanking me for speaking up, many actually felt intimidated, and were afraid of ending up on the “wrong side” if the ASU ended up being popular, some started to speak up as time went on, and I see many of them speaking up now, but they left it up to me, and a few others for awhile, and headed for cover.

Even people who were vocally supportive of the ASU were telling me they really didn’t like the idea, but they were afraid if it took off none of the members would be willing to fight with the “leaders”, and they felt some opposition should be represented within the group.

The term “Herding Wild Cats” comes to mind. I like your light bulb humor & feel sad for your loss. I look forward to watching you grow. It seems to me, you will prove justified in a broader view. My perspective just shifted in a big way. Take Air. -Bee

“Indeed, organizing atheists has been compared to herding cats, because they tend to think independently and will not conform to authority. But a good first step would be to build up a critical mass of those willing to ‘come out’, thereby encouraging others to do so. Even if they can’t be herded, cats in sufficient nubmers can make a lot of noise and they cannot be ignored” (Dawkins 2006, p 4-5).

Well you know I am no atheist, but, I do support the idea of a group of atheists organizing and trying to change things so y’all aren’t treated so badly, joined your group too. Heck I even did a vid on the infighting. Normally I don’t care for much of what you say, but, I’d be interested in your opinion of it.

Hypocrites? How so? It is not villification to say they villified us any more than it is to say Hitler ordered the destruction of the Jews. Though the more I watch of your videos the more I agree with those on the board who called you a coward, you rallied us to your side, to help you, and when the time came for us to start doing so, you ran, you surrendered, gave up, called it quits. Was there no possible way that you could just ignore those that villified you and us?

Oh please, I was pointing out that people outside of the youtube atheist community wouldn’t considering how many inside didn’t, unless of course you bought into the spin TAA put on my comments, it was obvious to everyone he was in “ASU propaganda” mode at the time.

Individuals can inspire better than organisations can.
Organisations can coerce better than individuals can.
For what it’s worth (fukall iknow) I think the scientologists and religious zealots have the latter pretty much covered.
I think you are best suited to the former; people ‘followed’
you because they were inspired by you as an individual.
…Just an observation from a nobody outside the whole thing.

In Australia, a country founded by England’s convicts (scum), “Any political candidate who declared God was on his side would be laughed off the podium as an idiot or a wowser” (Robert Hughes, I think).
Contrast this with the USA: founded by England’s puritans (weirdos).
Your task is not an easy one, my friend. I wish you luck.

But then our political leaders do profess their religious beliefs although they tend to follow the mainstream religions rather. I do think that a politician who admitted to atheism would not be viewed too poorly by the Australian public although they would still have to be careful which footy team they followed. 😀

Even though I was always behind the cause, I’m feeling a strange relief now after this is out.
I am still willing to help the ASU in any way that I can, of course. The way it’s probably going to turn out may just be better, who knows? Still up for the moderator spot, and the translations, too. Cheers.

“the other side” had to go nosing in your business, if they didn’t want to support it they should’ve just left you alone. saying it splits the community is bullshit when they are the ones creating the fucking split, they’re acting like we atheists are a related and should have collective views on how to do things.

pisses me of >(

as long as you’re not doing anything illegal or unethical they should just shut the hell up, what some atheists do does not reflect on everyone else, it’s funny that that’s the favorite motto of most of these guys that is so anti grouping. total hypocrisy

I believe having people watch Richard Dawkins’ speech from TED would’ve been excellent for this project. We need to unite, and get the idea of atheism accepted. The apathetic people aren’t the dimmer switch: they seem to want idiots to realize they are in darkness, and are hateful for allowing them to do so. The ASU would be the dimmer switch, because social change won’t just happen.

(double post for great justice) Either way, I support you. I think people can rally behind this homeschooling thing, and I think a lack of clear intentions (though I think blitzkrieg was a start to getting acceptance of atheism) hurt the ASU. You’re the good guy, that wasn’t clear during the ASU’s time.

I TOLD YOU SO. You dumb bastard. I’m sick of the ‘big’ YT atheists not listening to me just because I don’t make enough videos to get subscribers. In short AA, PEOPLE ARE DUMB. And they will never be ready for the ASU, that’s the DUMB angle to approach it. Unification isn’t a bad idea – I gave you the idea on how to run a unification of atheists, .. rr tu me fait chier. BYE

And sicing CPS on on an ever larger number of families will condemn an ever larger number of children to some real horrendous experiences. I was taught to believe in hell, didn’t hurt me. I was not shoved into an orphanage or foster home, where sadism and sexual abuse are more prevailant than in the general society. That very well ay have screwed me up.

Tis Tis True. The reason why relegion is such a force in society in general (which is declining in some areas, and by no means do I want america to become a theroacy)is bscause it is in genral a bunch of people untited by a beliefe in a supreme being.

AmazingAtheist, you won my subscription back. However, you should have said THOSE plans earlier, instead of just defending an ambiguous bullying plan like that “blitzkrieg” thing. Perhaps then people would have supported the ASU.

Although you are fundamentally right in what you say in these videos.

If the ASU dies, then an idea dies, and ideas are supposed to be bullet proof. (oh gds why did I quote that movie?)

The best ideas adapt, and you are so full of great ideas. Never forget that. For what little it’s worth, I still salute you for them.

The ASU started with some good ideas, but went downhill faster than I think anybody could imagine. Smart of you to see that it was eventually doing more harm to YouTube Atheism than the fanatical religious folk could ever dream of doing. Cat herding ForTheLose.

The idea was good but as we all know atheists are also individualists, we aren’t into joining groups. As an alternative to an atheist group can I suggest the following: (1) Be proud of your atheism & think of yourself as an ambassador for atheism. If asked your religion say proudly you are an atheist & let believers get used to us. (2) If you hear about an atheist in your area being persecuted for their non-belief, give them a call & offer support – show them that they aren’t alone.

The sad thing is I agree with everything the ASU wanted, then this Blitzkrieg business came along.

Religion needs to die no argument. It has no place in modern society, schools government…the whole 9 yards. Attacking individulas however is where I have to draw the line.

As atheists we are supposed to respect individulaity not attack it.

lol his parents are upstairs hearing all this noise and are wondering where the hell they went wrong with their son. Mother sits and knits while Father deliberates in his own mind whether or not he should tell his wife he dropped their son on his head when he was an infant.

I don’t deny it. I am a theist watching videos by atheists on the off chance that they may give me some insight into their thinking.
By my own yardstick I am a loser. Although I don’t live in my parents basement I do live in a spare room in my mother’s house. I have never really accomplished anything meaningful in life such as marriage, great career, etc. Oh and my 23 yr old car didn’t start this week.

Well just you continue praying on your knees for the nation, it’s not liek some unachiever liek you is going to actually do something about it.

TAA may live with his family (as he is a college student) but at least, unlike you he makes an effort

Oh I am a college student. I’m a master’s student to be exact. I don’t call living at home while doing an advanced degree an achievement. That stuff is trivial though and I still consider myself a loser. The real heroes to me are the people that can hold a marriage together raise good kids and live Godly lives. I haven’t gone close to that and I consider myself a failure until I do.

“The real heroes to me are the people that can hold a marriage together raise good kids and live Godly lives.”

Both shallow, pathectic and clueless. You have no real understanding of reality and never will. Go play with your duplo. buh bye

Shallow – yes I am. Pathetic – no, I don’t know what your driving at here unless you redicule my belief in God? Clueless – lol definitely not. The research centre I am a part of specialises in parallel computation (my area) of DNA sequences. Reality is something you and your ASU buddies could never face. Let me let you in on a little secret the microbiologists I work with question aspects of evolution.

I think your idea is actually really good…but the implementation was unsuccessful, unfortunately.
I hope your project still comes together, though, because it sounds as if it really stir things up.

Why not present the idea to the RRS and use their current media familiarity to get it off the ground?

United, no, drove a wedge into a group that by it’s very nature fights against being controlled,yes, you and your friends certainly did that. Athiests can get behind an issue, not a person, any person, so present issues to debate, build your website but take a group approach.

How crazy? It sounds just like the way our politicians manipulate us… And Libertopia is a non-incremental IDEAL, that hasn’t worked for 30 years, but the incrementalist approach has been proven to have the best success, even though most of us would like to have it all and have it now! I think live and let live, but this is why I feel you’re wrong, more educational approach will work best for both sides. It was big of you to admit your plan was flawed.

頼むから誰か説明してほしい。このアホみたいなシリーズは、いったい何なんだ。なんの価値があるのだ。ナンセンスだから面白いの か。なぜ上位にランクしているのだ。私みたいなのが釣られてクリックするからか?

Mo McMahon told you all to stop! No one listened, and now look what has happened. The ASU has self-destructed, and the entire YT atheist community is tainted with an aura of utter silliness. You think you can recover from this ridiculous crap? Does anyone have conviction or the patience to accompany it? What an idiotic display you’ve forced us all to endure. What’s supposed to happen now? We shrug it off as a learning experience? NO! You join the theists in the bondage of slavery!

Hey! You made it to the most discussed page! Congrats!!

You were an extremely entertaining guy with an entertaining topic on an entertainment website. Not a lot of math involved here but it equaled thousands of subscribers. Hope to see you come back to it some day.

As I recall, I was told you were not the ASU leader, yet, now you assume the role of disbander.
As a non-atheist, I have noted the inter-personality conflicts that have gotten the YTAs way Off-Topic. However, I don’t feel that the ASU was the cause. (IMHO)
Maybe you got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

Not to mention when any sort of faith gets organised or lack of faith for that matter, it tries to eliminate any differences in views, that’s why you have wars between different sects of the same religion, imagine religion as a nation with a leader and well all know too well what happens when the leader is a dumbass, war mongering coward.

I think the point was to stop having the US called a “Christian” nation. Iunno, the idea of this might have been more radical.

It’s very ignorant to have “Under God” on our currency and in the pledge, when not every religion follows god.

We’re not a nation of what our forefathers wanted us to be.

Blah blah blah. I’m going to bed. I’m tired of explaining

You sure think you are important. News flash… are a useless human being. You are a menace to society. Screw Athiests and Athiest rebel rousers. Get a life idiots……quit atacking peaceful religions. Spend your time trying to change evil people/terrorists etc. What kind of world do you want? Think about it


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