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May 9, 2007

Brainiac shows you how to beat the Crane Game

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Youtube Commments:
i work in an arcade and what this clip says is true, just like a fruit machine, these cranes are set to a payout percentage, usually 20% or so. so 1 in 5 times you have a chance to win, but then you’ve gotta actually grab the teddy too.

The crane machines are the most profitable machine in our arcade, even more than fruit machines, video games and redemption machines.

This idea is almost as dumb as abolishing slavery. We all know niggers can’t count. Everyone knows the only way to win is to steal a baby throw him up the prize hole and make him throw all the prizes down then leave the fucker inside and run. It helps to dope the baby up on morphine too makes him move quicker.


The little yellow box may be set for one grab in fifteen, but that does not mean that you’ll score every fifteen tries. Rather, each time you play you have a one in fifteen chance of winning.

Think of if like rolling a dice. There’s a one in six chance one of the numbers will come up, but don’t count on your number coming up every six rolls.

Kinda surprised no one mentioned this.

No matter.
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That was really funny. I was thinking to myself, what kind of sad soul would spend his or her entire day at the arcade and actually execute the video’s instructions for a $5 stuffed animal? Oh sorry…I meant to say, “loot.”

If you’re that desperate for a stuffed animal, pay a thrift store a visit.

頼むから誰か説明してほしい。このアホみたいなシリーズは、いったい何なんだ。なんの価値があるのだ。ナンセンスだから面白いの か。なぜ上位にランクしているのだ。私みたいなのが釣られてクリックするからか


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