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May 9, 2007

Threats Outside of YouTube is Wrong! Keep The Hate Here.

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Youtube Commments:
That sucks that people are such losers that they would go to call your phone. They must have gone to a lot of trouble to be able to figure out your phone number. If you were to ever receive a call from me, it would be filled with mucho love and praise, because you’re hella tight! šŸ™‚ Keep up the good work!

Totally uncool to be calling you at home. Not that haterz have ever cared about such things. Hang tough, and go unlisted. There are too many real nutcases out there competing with the wannabe nutcases to take any unnecessary chances. You’ve got your woman you’ve got to think about, too.

Concentrate on what you have . It’s too bad jelious people think that fucking with you , will boost their egos , It has to piss you off that you always try to help people out and get rewarded with this shit . Really sorry you have to go through this , Hang in there .

It’s pretty easy to find a person’s number these days, all you need to know if their first & last name and the city where they live. Especially now that people can use whitespagescom. Then if you’re unlisted people can always get it “from a friend, of a friend.”

probably if I knew your myspace page it’d be even easier. Or if I went thru your videos you may have mentioned your name somewhere or where you live. It just depends how much someone wants to know this stuff since you can find all sorts of stuff by using the net.

no way,keep the hate off youtube put it in real life,meet each other in a dark alley somewhere and stop flooding the net with a video that wont matter in a month.
but to be honest crank calls are a sign of your limited imagination,a sea urchin could make more intimidating threats and cause more damage.

Yupchannel – Yeah… and only 14 people have my number, but all these people are on YouTube! This phone was ment to keep contact with my friends on here. One of these people I haven’t talked to since February and after speaking to him once, he made a video that bashed me. I know who gave it out.

-Cory “Mr. Safety”

I’d like to see the recording of the threats. And I would also like to hear why you think your Wikipedia article was deleted. Was it because you e-mailed them asking for your name to be deleted or was it because it was agreed by the Wikipedia community that there had been a violation of TOS (and THEY decided to delete it)?

I’ll give you one thing, you sure like to spin things.

Hello mikeskehan, wow :O you must be up to how many fake accounts now 11, 21, 31? (I know you officially claim to own 10 fake accounts, that you use to continue to harass and stalk youtubers and their friends/subscribers after they have blocked your sick, evil, perverted ass. Hey should I call you to Tony or Mike… well nevermind you’re asking to see some of YOUR threats, well I’m happy to oblige, here’s a copy of one of your blackmail letters to a recent youtube victim.

Welcome To EncyclopediaDramatica

Go see your new page

In the next 2 days. The following will be added:

your real name, date of birth, address, phone number(s)
(same for your husband and child)

your husbands criminal records

your husbands offender register (with links) (st/FL. docket)

all past posts on any websites that may be embarassing, don’t worry, we have data miners, this is easily found.

more photoshopped pictures (black cocks, etc.)

pictures of your child (nazi photoshops, etc.)

any criminal record you may have

the address & phone numbers of your places of employment (subway/game stop) (calls will be made)

enjoy the next video about you.

also, ED(dot)com is ranked HIGHLY on Alexa, meaning whenever ANYBODY types in your username on YT (or ur husbands) or your REAL NAME this page will be the first to be displayed, even before your youtube page.

we warned you, jennifer. you’re fucking with the wrong people. we run your internets. all the above info will be up in the next 2 days. your google/yahoo/aol page ranking will take approx 7 business days. this information will NEVER be removed. You will have to agree to our terms to have it removed. before you fuck with people, know your enemy.

so, enjoy your new e-fame. the best is yet to come. just around about anybody who has fucked with an EncyclopediaDramatica(dot)com member.

….See Youtube pages on ED as well as many many others. Go view the site.

Welcome to Encyclopedia Dramtica.

You fail at the internets.

Do not bother responding to this. all future emails will be blocked. we do NOT need to hear from you at this point. we will resume talks AFTER all your public information + information has been posted for a period of 2 weeks. you should of protected yourself better, this is your fault.

…the same goes for your supporter “e-friends” – they are going down with you.

That’s the last line of mikeskehan’s blackmail letter, and he kept his word and targeted, stalked and victimized her friends and subscribers…. resulting in one 13 year old boy, having to call the FBI numerous times last week to file a report on MikeSkehan’s threats and stalking!

Morons. Yes, Wikipedia deleted the article at Williams’s request. The deletion review says so. His article was about to pass the deletion review, there not being a consensus to delete. Now that Williams is a YouTube partner, there’s no way editors would have deleted it for TOS violations.

Cory sorry I named him on your board, but I’ve just seen your friend name your stalker in his video. And what with your stalker also getting exposed for cyberstalking a two old girls’s youtube channel just this week (watch?v=oIvx_EMeDHI), the sooner he gets banned the better! Then youtube can go back to being a safer, happier place.

Anyway Cory good response video to your crisis, and ketamine also made an excellent video with many good points.

It’s kind of odd how did Mr Ketamine (aka: pigslop also aka: returnofgod) knew that there were threats against Mr Safety (who he wanted to see beat up during the first Gathering) and posted a video about it before Corey did? Can you say “Grassy Knoll”?

in response to a guy who comments, you’re right those chain letters are getting out of hand i read one yesterday about a girl who died a hundred years ago and if u dont paste and copy the message she’ll come and kill you.that’s a bit much don’t you think.i was thinking of maybe starting one that says if you don’t run out the front door and run down the street balls naked you will get a seriously bad case of crabs for the next five years! i wonder would people do it?

Kinda weird, the youtube video I just watched was Fame sung by Bowie. Lennon helped him write that song. Fame is good but it is bad too. I don’t know this from experience but I guess when you are famous some people assume they own a peice of you or something.. it’s strange.


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