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May 10, 2007

Hi, I’m a Marvel…and I’m Batman. (Marvel/DC Parody) Part 2

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Youtube Commments:
So besides the Usuall “IT WAS A LOVE STORY” hate going around. And the Fact that GWEN wasnt used 100% as Originally conceived. What Problems did you have? What VENOM didnt say “WE”? What? Not enough Action.

The Point is this.. See how STIFF BATMAN is? Is Bruce the same way? The Answer is NO! Spidey is a real guy who loves a GIRL named MJ and thats a MAJOR ASPECT of the Spiderman Mythos..

I agree, Spider-Man is a guy who loves a girl. (Real is dependent on the viewer, so I’m a bit more careful about using that word). Venom is a sly trickster, pretty bright villain which makes his battle with Spider-Man more than just surface. But no matter the opposition, Spider-Man finds a way to defeat his enemy, even if its the Sinister Six. I liked Spider-Man when he depended on himself to get the job done, not the Green Goblin.. isn’t that was self-sacrifice is suppose to be?

I got 3 words for ya. “MARVEL TEAM UP!” Always paired Spidey with someone else to defeat a villian or villians. This last movie took elements from every type of Spidey Series that exist from Amazing , Sensational, Web of and Marvel Team Up. Cant please everyone but I feel people are Hating on this movie for the wrong reasons because the Last 2 Spidey movies had the same Sappy Love Story.

What people have to realize that in the first hour of Spiderman 3, it was a great movie. The acting was on par, the cheesy lines were tastefully done (“That’s my girlfriend!”) and good plot development. Then…the Spiderman Parade…sigh…he had to say Shazaam…

Man, you’re doing a great job with these parodies. I also feel for the movie, I’m still a little unsure of the way I feel about it, and I think a second time watching might change that. And yes, I am mad that Venom didn’t say “we” and that he died in the end…

That was excellent. I thought it was as good as my movies that are going to be released on June the 6th so check out whats happening on ChannelAZ. Once again agreat effort and to all no-one cares if you saw Spider-man 3 i saw spiderman 1 and 2 so does that equal 3? Chow.

Wow! You like a machine, a comedy machine!
I agree with Spiderman 3, too much of a comunity “oh, emotional, we all need to help each other” crap. Venom got close but not close enough. Too many people died when they didn’t have to.
Superman was just CRAP! (not the one in this, he’s great!)


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  1. I am the owner of channelaz and thkyou for putting me in there. I saw Spiderman 3 and i must say
    Thankyou, Azman Azmanson

    Comment by Azman — June 6, 2007 @ 3:07 am

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