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May 10, 2007

identity theft on myspace

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Youtube Commments:
…fakers ahaha yes ur more better looking. ex bfs. lmao ur dog is cute…Zelda..ahaha dont be scared……just make a new myspace….be someone else and do something to them. Lezza took linkin park!! noooo! wow that sounded like a girl……seriously…..well ur right……our lives are boring ahaha o.O ur going to ny…..i live there…….-evil laugh- will so mess with those wannabes….ahaah

First of all , I have to say that I am soo going to mess with those people it’s not even funny. And second of all, my friend wants to know.. if she got a sex change and was a fanboy.. would you allow herm to ” jump/rape” you? Your ” family ” will assit you with their doom!!!

its so sad how people can stock you, and if you would ask me i would never stock anyone its so stupid and the most i would want to do is get to know you better and become a true friend to you and other people and i promise*no fingers count thing* that im not lying about what i just said and i hope you live a good life.

I agree with you and the others. Man those people who pretend to be Joey need to get a life! And I mean their OWN life. And I agree with 8266793 *pokes coment* I’ve seen that picture befor, it’s on photobucket. I found it brousing through sasuke pictures for my friend and that showed up. That isn’t Joey, that is someone else. And like 8266793 said that Sasuke was taken at Anime Expo in Cali. Since I also saw it on another website *tries to think of it*.

Its true, Identy theft is indeed a serious crime out there. You should report this you MySpace for someone stealing your identity. Oh, and during the video, at 5:07 I recognized one of the pictures in it. I can tell that wasnt you going to Jail as Sasuke. Because that photo was taken at Anime Expo in California. That particular Sasuke was sent to jail, dont know why but i’ll give you further details once I find the info. So yeah, how can you be at 2 places at once?

i wil mess with them for ya, identity theft sucks. i wont jump ya or w/e o_o but how do they say naruto’s name is tommy? o_O they are clearly obsessed, i say change your live journal url. and o_o if you are being stalked… get kakashi to be your body guart 😀 im gunna go mess with your stalkers ok? ttyl ^^

i hav two words for u about crazy ppl that r over u…: They’re Pyscho!!, b/c im not like them, even thought i like ur videos, im not like a “big” fan like that whore lezza, and second i dont like to scream at ur videos, and mayb….the third….idk, but but crazy ppl r freaks

im not gonna mess with taguy until it hurts!im gonna mess wit him until he gets so fucked up he shuts down dat fuckin page/lives a life in a FUCKIN CRACK HOUSE/ I FUCKIN HOPE HE DIES!RIGH NOW, RIIIGHT NOW!/LEEZA,omG,where do i begin,god she annoyes(/scares)ta everliving SHIT out of me!!!!/tommy,WTF?*reads over comment*lol,sorry did i scare you???im a fangirl^^but dont worry i wont rape u,BUT at ta convention or if i ever do see u,like anywhere,could i just come up to you?(no jumping involved^^)

People who take Identidies are so gay. they think they can fool people into believeing that crap.

Heyy, If I saw you in real person, I wouldn’t do any of that stuff. I would walk up and say hi, shake hands, explain who I am, tell you I love you with all my heart, Hopefully get a picture of us, and leave. My whole life has been dedicated so far of having a picture of us. Seriously. Shit! I spilled my ramune!

i would curse the living shit out of them but I can’t go to myspace…maybe i’ll go to my friend Sarah’s house and curse them out in her account but thats only if she’ll let me…

i hate identity theft…why can’t ppl get lives??? ( i really shouldn’t be sayin that cuz i need a life but at least i do use my spare time pretending to be someone else >.
wow, those people are seriously messed up. they need to get a life and stop pretending to be who they’re not. i would mess with them so much if i had a myspace. they would have so many anti-theft comments their friends wouldn’t be able to get a single comment in! just by putting this on youtube, you probably have a mob of several thousand out to yell at those people. now, a message to the mob, SCREW WITH THOSE PEOPLE UNTIL THEIR BRAINS FALL OUT!!! end

ur dog is really cute aww i love dogs xD
poor ‘tommy’ xD and poor you xD
haha i love your voice xD
and i think it’s not cool too xD
please NEVER stop making videos!!
your videos are like my drugs
(i know bad english sooooooorrryyyy
but I’m from germany T_T)

hehehe thanks for the permission to fuck with him/her/it
identity theft is VERY illegal, im gonna have fun scaring this “person”, your videos keep me laughing and its always fun to see new ones, i’d be scared too if people though that they had a right to grab me , and follow me , and take away my RIGHT to privacy ,

so ill help everyone mess with him/her/it for ya , and hopefully you will be free of crazy stalker thingy person whatitz ^_^ fear not …ok that sounding freaky even to me, anyways dont worry we all got your back and sharp objects may be used ^_^

Okay, I’m here just to say…WTF?! Taking someone’s idenity is like illigal. Or how ever you spell it. And if they have pictures that only some people have, then you should talk to those people. Joe although you do not know me, and you will probably never talk to me. But you havta know that me and all your fans are here for you and we will do what we can to stop these theives…damn that what girl? is weird…taking whats not hers is like, stupid. So im with ya!

OMG… wie geil ist das denn!!!!!!!!!!Jaaaa, das bin ich wiso erkennt ihr mich nich!?????????????!
Yeah… Wer so was machen muss um sich cool zu fühlen… den sollt man doch arg bemitleiden^^!!!!!
Hahahaha… this is sooo funny!!!!There is just one Joey…ehm hope I know the real one ^0^ ôÔ !!just kidding!!!
No I’m sure… there’s no mistaking it!!!You’re the one and only^^!!!!!!!!!!!

i know how u feel and ur right ppl like that dont get it at all!there fuckin stalkers!!dont worrie alot of ppl r gonna help u [ur dog is really cute]lezza is and ugly whorebag shes a slut!!!!those ppl r just fuckin wanna-bes who need to get a life and they should burn in hell forever and suffer till the end of time!!!!!

can i do cruel and evil, unmentionable things to them? >D
i feel so sorry for you joey! it’s one of the reasons i don’t like the internet. you post a picture up, anyone can take it and say it’s them. i won’t tell ya how many times i’ve seen a picture of a really good sasuke cosplay, and people have been trying to say that they are that cosplay…
i’m so glad you gave me their link… >D

tat, person who did tat is creepy, i mean i got my inspiration to make videos from u, tat doesnt mean i want to be you, ya ur life so cool and who doesnt want it? But i mean try ta best u can to make ur life better, not take someone elses, i get my video ideas from my life, funny stuff just happens, try ta best u can to make ur life better, dont have other people do it 4 u.

I lol’d. =) My sympathies though. Hopefully, nothing worse will happen like the person actually stalking you. If they have such private pictures, they must be living in your city and maybe looking for your address too. >_>

Poor Leeza…that was kinda mean. Yeah, I know she’s really obsessive so hopefully what you said would break it. It would be good for both of you.

tah ‘ria,
wheee, yeah! but wait…they deleted that account, so it’ll be harder for us to find them….


(to Joey: We’re doing this purely for the joy of killing. not because were obsessed fangirls. in fact, I still like the real sasuke more than you. exept his voice. i hate his voice….)


i just had a weird thought….what if teh identity theif was lezza…and she was trying to get revenge for your cousin humiliating her. And she hunted down people who knew you…and tortured them with her dancing, until they gave her the information and pictures she needed….

wahhh…just creeped myself out…

Ha ha. Serves that shithead right! Now,she can’t steal your identity,now. Because people will know who she is! Oh yeah,Joey. You said don’t jump you,attack you,or rape you. I’m not really sure but you forgot glomp! But,I guess jumping is the same thing,right? ^_^

Wow…this is why I have an alias and multiple accounts (yeah, one for people I personally know and the other to mess with people). I think it’s stupid to give out location though to just anybody. I remember this guy who came to my school and in a manner of minutes showed us how he could find somebody with just small details. Not even a last name or location. There was even this girl who stalked her boyfriend and found out his location no matter how many times he moved.

omg, ‘ria, I need tah show you a pic a drew, its a guy holding a sword, all cut up and bloody and stuff. his names Kai.

I wonder if we’ll get in trouble for holdin a conversation on da comments thing…?

*hides behind joey’s fangirls*

Amen to that! *in love with money* MONEY!!!

hm….I wonder if Joey has a lot of money. If he does, That I shall be his personal body guard, for ten bucks an hour. If he doesn’t, then I’ll let fangirls and identity theives screw him over. ^-^

(No offense though.)

Aw man. That sucks. Why are people so stupid that they have to be someone else? People will like you if you be yourself, not someone else. Anyway, Sorry it happened to you man. Although I think it would be great to meet you in person, I don’t think it would be enough to stalk you. lol.

I am so sorry Joey, I dont even know what to say that is horrible what they are doing, my only suggestion is get a restraining order on Leeza its free ^.^ and like i said on myspace if you wanna talk just email me or im me you know how to reach me take care of yourself – Chelsea Tokumoto (Neko Chan)

That isn’t right what that person did, it is good that there myspace is now gone though. I also think that this video helped in that part too. Well keep up the videos there all cool.

P.S. I don’t blame you for being scared of fangirls, scary bread that they are.

that’s sucks that they did that to you-.- but that girl leeza? i didn’t really believe that was your girlfriend until the art festival video, so i’m guessing now you were just kidding around? haha w/e at least they deleted the myspace. and don’t worry, i won’t attack/rape/stalk/you or whatever, just your videos lol^^ ur freakin hilarious^^


I think the wannabe Sasuke’s account has either had its Myspace page closed out or cancelled out. Tried the link, guess he faced judgment already. By the way Joey, did you already took down Leezas account as well? Let us know if you are interested.

duh, thats what you were acting like. I just wanna make money. xD and Joey just so happens to be teh perfect choice right now. I can easily find and kidnap him by crossreferencing all the data on his location right now.

which is REALLY not hard, because he’s let slip a LOT of things.


scared yet?

i’m surprised the fangirls haven’t said anything about my previous comment…prolly cuz they secretly want me to do that, so they can buy you off of me and keep you as their boy-toy forever and ever. heehee. let tah money making scheme begin.

if you value your freedom, don’t go to acon. lol.

That must suck…people pretending 2 B U…because someone pretended 2 B me(which I dont know Y cuz I dont do vids anymore…*sob* my poor camera)and said some things on Myspace, and I got friggin suspended frm highschool a few years back…sucks.

Wow, Idenity theft? That sucks. =/
This is why I shy away from MySpace: Lots of…suspicious people. I’m glad you worked that out.
P.S. Haha! Don’t be too scared of fangirls.
Not all of us are potential rapists waiting to stalk you. xD

perhaps not all fangirls are potential rapists, but some of us ARE kidnappers waiting to sell him to potential rapists. xD

To everyone: I shall be back to scare you even more after I go to church. I’m leaving right now, so count your blessings, you shall be free of me for an hour! ^-^

lol dude those people are freaks….. how bludey sad do u have to be to pretend to be someone else? i pity u with the stalker problem; stalkers are creepy.
NEway, yes! continue making movies! and don’t diss LP. i love that band. *evil glare*

its evil when they cross the line and start stalking and stealing the persons pics saying their them x.x i have a 2 friends that use other peoples pics but dont say their the person in the pics. But hope after this video the psychos will leave you alone >.
Oh my god. Tommy!! I feel really bad for you Joey.. *huggles* Damn stalkers. I hate them. Identity stealing is even worse. Expecially when they’re stupid dumbasses who don’t even know obvious stuff about the person they’re trying to be. That’s just stupid.

Lezza you damn bitch! Stop tormenting him! I feel so bad for him I mean fuck calling him Tommy you are a real idiot. Just leave him alone, he wants to be free from you and for any people taking his stuff. just leave the poor man to do his cosplay in peace!

Wow. I’m sorry to hear that. That must really suck. I’d be scared as hell too. Like many others, you have a supportive fan -me- that knows the real you. (but I’m not a fan girl. they scare the shit out of me too)

P.S: You managed to make a serious video both serious and funny. You have a natural video making talent.
I can’t believe these people would go this far to pretend to be you, they’re pathetic and need a life… but Joey, you should be sort of flattered that people love you that much *not really* yeah…. that’s what restraining orders are for…. you’re awesome, and I hope these wanna-be’s back off…

*gets machine gun*
Im gonna go all aussie and kiwi on them
their ass is busted
i help definitely
LOL the sasuke HOBO has deleted himself

awe! poor joey

I love ur videos and i think ur hott but:
1: ur to old for me ^_^” and even if we were the same age u dont know me at all
2:u have to be a loser to take someones identity
3: i would never stalk any1…its to creepy O_o

oh and 0AuraOfChaos0 dont make me beat ur crazy ass for being a retard…gawd a hate crazy stalker retards


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