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May 11, 2007

Baby Freak!

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Youtube Commments:
Hey Lemonette, well yea this video is a bit boring, just baby talk lol, but well anyways, I recently found out about you and I might as well add I like you, like your videos and Im more and more interested to start my own Vlog, but well it will take some time cuz i need to get a better

Oh, hon … I wish you could have taken my babies. Both were colicky. So I don’t exactly have a high opinion of newborns. Whenever I hold a baby I tend to bounce it up and down because that’s what it took to keep my babies happy. Except they still weren’t happy. I don’t think I’ll make a good grandma. 🙂

Lemonette you are such a beautiful person… i loved this! Mare, my sister is a baby freak too… I love and ADORE my babies but I am not a “freak” about other ppl’s… it’s just how I am. But Mare OMG she goes NUTS lol and is such fun to watch. Much love comin at ya from this girl in heels…

Babies are super smart. They don’t know whats in books, but they know everything else. I held my babies when they were sleeping. You can’t spoil a child with love. You have to beleive in a child’s instincts, so they will too, so they can be good leaders. Babies don’t keep!!! Love your children people, and be kind. Let’s all be kind and support each other. There’s too much unkindness in this world.


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