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May 11, 2007

MORE INSANE TORNADO VIDEO! Wedge on May 5, 2007 in Kansas

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Youtube Commments:
This tornado is from the same supercell that flattened Greensburg about one hour earlier that same night.

These videos are impressive to watch but this particular tornado in this video clip killed a Stafford County sheriff deputy who was in the Macksville, KS area warning people to take cover. There is also a Macksville police officer in a hospital clinging to life that was also caught in this storm.

I live in the area and work for a local “agency” and was on duty Friday night tracking this storm. The storm that spawned the Greensburg tornado was your classic supercell out there all by itself except for some smaller storms to its NW. It tracked NE dropping tornadoes for over 100 miles and over five hours time. Macksville, where your boys shot this clip is approximately 35 N-NE of Greensburg. So yes, both tornadoes were spawned from the same supercell.

definitely was better full screen. Great video. You guys are nuts. I love the part where somebody is talking on the phone like “don’t worry we’re fine, just looking at some tornados”. !

I would have soiled myself if I were that close. thank you guys for this amazing footage.

The guy calls himself a stormchaser, and a spotter. He’s just a dummy with nothing better to do. If his narration we’re a little more mature and composed, his videos would be watchable and entertaining, but he cant control himself, and he ruins almost every one of them.

Paradox, you’re talking about THE premiere storm chasing crew. Mundane droning reactions are not professional, they are boring. Part of what makes their vids so great is the raw reactions and being able to sense the energy of the adrenalin rush during the chase. Simply turn down the volume or go back to your kitty cat vids if you can’t handle it.

The PREMIERE storm chasing crew huh? All these idiots have for equipment is themselves, a vehicle, and a camera. Stormchasers know about meteorology, and can afford equipment to track storms. All these idiots do is follow them in there car and hope to get lucky. I admit their vids are good but reed is a faggot that needs to stay home and manage a website or something, and leave the filming to the pros.

Tracking equipment is a nice plus but doesn’t mean shit if you don’t produce the results. They’re a young crew but they are the ones getting the best footage right now…and, taking the risks which other average meteorologist aren’t allowed or won’t take in order to get the more dangerous closer/better footage. Yes, what counts is end result not whether you’re some boring meteorology geek with high tech equipment.

Okay some on keep asking if this the the Tornado that struck Greensburg…. No this is not the same Tornado, this Torando was captured 5/5/07 and the Greensburg Torando was Friday Night 5/4/07… This is a Large Wedge Tornado but nothing like the tornado that struck Greensburg….

It was supposed to hit us (Omaha Nebraska)
We got lucky though. We had very large strikes of lightning (hit a couple of houses). The team may want to stick in the middle east around Nebraska, Oklahoma, Iowa, and Kansas. We’re expected to get more tornadoes =), keep up the good work I love you videos!

Reed likes to sound all smart too, by throwing in a proper meteorological term once in a while. Youre not fooling us Reed. Youre a moron, and hopefully someday soon you’ll get blown away by the tornado/closest thing you ever had to a girlfriend, you screaming faggot bitch dweeb.

You’re talking out of your ass. With storm chasing you don’t just get “lucky” over, and over, and over again. Look at the experience they already have at their age. No-one has produced the body of work in terms of tornado footage they have at their age.
Quit being a hater and produce some more cute kitty vids…my baby sister likes ’em….

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If Reed wants to jump around, yell and express excitement, thats fine. Just do it off camera, and out of range of the microphone. There are those of us that would like to hear the tornado as it sounds in nature, as though we are there, not as though we are there with Reed screaming at us. fucking faggot asshole.

Paradox, any valid points you’re bringing up are getting lost within your own venom. In various situations where a house or structure was in the path they can be heard voicing extreme concern, where their emotion turns from adrenaline excitement to horror. Don’t cloud any valid points you may have with the same bs you are criticising.

It was confirmed that the tornado filmed here killed a bunch of people. I’m sure the families of those dead people would love to see Reed in his glory, happily drooling and screaming over this one. Nice to know you get off on their suffering mr stormchaser.

Gulp! That was scary. Look, whoever you are running your mouth, I’d like to say that you would be reacting the same way if a cloud like that raced across the street in front of you. BTW, grow up and quit saying all the junk you’re saying. Remind yourself that you weren’t there and calling somebody a name is immature and you should know better. These guys know they are taking a chance and they are pros who know what they are doing.

Doesnt matter if this was the one that killed people or not. These idiots dont give a shit if people live or die as long as they get their footage and their rush. Fuck these assholes. They arent pros. Just adrenaline junkies. And no matter what, Reed is a melodramatic screaming moron. I wish he would stay in the car and let someone that knows how to shoot video handle the camera.

Living in what as known as “Tornado Alley” in the US gets a little old during the spring. The tornado sirens go off at least once a year around May. Sometimes a lot more.

Large outbreaks like this usually only occur once every 3 or so years, though. The last outbreak of this magnitude that I can remember was in 2003, and then 1999.

For those that might be a little “confused”…this WASN’T the Greensburg tornado. This tornado was on Saturday, the evening after that. These guys were in western Oklahoma on Friday evening (the evening of the Greensburg tornado) taking another up-close and personal tornado video.


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