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May 11, 2007

Octopus can turn invisible at will

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Youtube Commments:
*Watch “Seal Massacre in CANADA” on Youtube.

*Every year, over 300000 seals (mostly babies) are saughtered cruelly with clubs in CANADA.

*Then, they are skinned and left to die.

*Their blood stains the snow…the seals finally lay still.

*Watch videos and Spread the word “Seal Massacre in CANADA” !

Use the “GOt feedback” link on the bottom right and say your tired of super movie downloads spam on the frontpage. THey use software to overinflate their views and they just reupload old frontpage videos without the authors permission. Flag this as inappropriate


Note: Remove the * from the following link and get ready, this will BLOW you away!!!


頼むから誰か説明してほしい。このアホみたいなシリーズは、いったい何なんだ。なんの価値があるのだ。ナンセンスだから面白いの か。なぜ上位にランクしているのだ。私みたいなのが釣られてクリックするからか


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