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May 11, 2007

Something I Have Always Wanted To Do

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Youtube Commments:
That was hilarious. Truly. I can’t imagine why your hubby would want to warn you off embarrassing yourself. :-\ Some things, some people, just can’t be contained. –I used to have an ex who would break into Cruella de Ville at the oddest moments and I would have to remind him that we were in public. I cringed at the time, but looking back, it was incredibly entertaining.

lmao. you did dylan’s voice real good!! it’s funny cos they’re airing reruns of the show here and i saw this episode last week(oops didn’t mean to confess that i still watch that show)…lol and oh yeah. i sing the opening credit too…even though there’s no lyrics that’s why it’s so easy to sing!

BUCK! this was hysterical, my dear. 🙂 i STRONGLY suggest that, for your next 90210 rendition, you act out the extremely dramatic and emotional secret dish out that the gals shared during one of the earlier seasons, when everyone starts crying, and kelly tells brenda that she tried getting a date with dylan even though she knew they were totally an item. DO IT! and you will forever be my hero. 🙂

yeah! another side-splitting one man show!!
plz plz plz say something bout britney spears!
do u think she actually has a chance of making a comeback??
i mean juz cause mariah aced her comeback doesn’t mean she can…maybe she should just wait till her hair grows…


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