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May 11, 2007


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Youtube Commments:
i’m personally having a hard time understanding what is going through these people’s minds to make them want to do something like that. maybe, its because i have a life? but still, putting myself in their shoes, nothing comes up.

things like this just remind me just how close to animals we still are.

This power struggle among YouTube atheists has gotten out of hand. Brett has shown his contrition (by shaving off his beard) for engaging in the bickering. And while Brett still seems fairly grounded in reality, the others have gone off the deep end.

Brett, the person(s) responsible for fraudulently reporting you to the Division of Family Services has set himself up for a visit from the Inspector General’s Office. Anonymous phone calls to the DFS are NOT anonymous. They KNOW who is calling.

Their internet anonymity has loosened the constraints of acceptable social behavior, and their paranoid schizophrenia has surfaced. It will take outside help, perhaps psychiatric intervention to bring them into the folds of acceptable social behavior again.

Dear Brett, Confirming it was you: “Lets Make Some Noise” video inviting topic suggestions: You & Wolves + chrisianity. Reply: YTbers gave you the name. True? BRETT, please bradah-drink pleanty water, good nutrition & rest to clear EAR INFECTION. It’s been long enough you may need anti-biotics now. Try to cut down on smokes. Take Air Brett, -Bee


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