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May 12, 2007

Sean Penn calls for jailing of Tenet, Rice, Cheney & Bush

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Alternative viewpoints should never be listened to or even tolerated! Thats what got us into this current mess where people aren’t blindly following our beloved president. There’s no telling how bad things will become if people continue to hear things contrary to him.

The majority of people around this country & the world want the same thing Sean Penn does. Truth & justice. Until this whole stinky mess, from the election to 911 to Iraq, is addressed in CRIMINAL COURT, where it belongs, we will have neither. This administration needs to know that they are public servants, (not masters) & US citizens that also must abide by the same laws everyone else does.

Well said Save! Unfortunately, there are still some out there who are so dumbed down. Lies, scandals, lies, scandals, it just never seems to stop. And for those who support bush are no better. As cindy sheehan said, “we are the decider’s not george bush”. The arrogance..yes they are not the masters, they are there to serve the people.

Bush gang and their wars of aggression huh? How about the radical islamist that started this war? I agree that Iraq might not have been the second country to go after, Iran would have been my choice. Iraq was being ran by a brutal dictator that threatened us, Iran is being ran by a brutal theocracy that has threatened us for the last 30 years. Bush has not fought the war the right way but the war still needs fought.

Correction: Bush has not fought the right war. That’s the whole point. The fact that you equate the conflict in Afghanistan with the sideshow in Iraq invalidates your entire premise. Iraq was all bark and no bite. All we had to do was monitor them and not lie to the world about the phony imminent threat they posed. Iraq was a pitiful, neutered state until Bush & Co misread the situation and decided to rip the scab off a centuries-old wound based on trumped-up intelligence.

With each new memoir that gets released we learn more and more how Bush, et al knew the intelligence was shaky at best but since Iraq would be an easy victory they figured no one would call them on it. Oops. Guess what? There are no easy victories when you’ve got incompetents running the show. Getting distracted from the job at hand and fighting a bullshit elective war is not fighting the right fight.

All Bush has done is embolden our enemies and help foster an entirely new generation of terrorists worldwide. The global ’cause celebre’ as the NIC called it is for terrorists to go to Iraq and kill Americans. And if you think we’re not getting our ass kicked there thanks to the Bush administration’s mishandling of this war from its very conception then you’re as delusional and dishonest as they are.

The terrorists who attacked the US were almost all from Saudi Arabia, they trained in Afghanistan, which is where bin Laden was, who himself was supporting the Kurds against Saddam Hussein. So, tell me, what did Iraq have to do with “starting this war”?

so how does the radical muslims attack your freedom?
and how does it make your life any safer when you invaded iraq.. Actualy if I was 10 year old boy and my family and friends and home was distroyed.. I would be angry as shit. And when I would grow up as a man– I would go for revenge against those who would have killed my family.. If not the person then the country that attacked and supported them..

Are you serious? I think Sean would be the first to say he is nobody’s leader. You say the word freedom, do you not realize that “habeus corpus”, bill of rights, your constitution which guaranteed your freedoms have been destroyed to almost nothing by King George.

fishhead06: “What did Iraq have to do with 9/11?”
I have no idea. After 92′ when we kicked them out of Kuwat, they diliberately defied 16 U.N. Resolutions over 12 years. Shot at our planes, sent scuds over thier borders. It was enevitable that we set the Iraqi people free.

well said by him! Too bad you didn’t see all of what he had to say. He is a patriot, for those who knock him down, look up the meaning of what a patriot is, then you wouln’t be knocking him down. Wake up, fools,can’t you see what a criminal bush is, the scandals, shameless..”there are times when one can’t accept the facts for fear of shattering one’s being”Diann Fossey

One further comment..for those who saw nazi germany as evil, you defend what that stood for by defending Bush. His grandfather supported nazi germany, all documented, library of congress for instance & out of the mouth of your president.”this sure would be easier if it was a dictatorship” doesn’t that make you think or are you so dumbed down? He runs his office like a dictatorship, America has become a shadow of what a great country it once was, shameful.

The insurgent terrorists want war, and death to anyone who doesnt believe what they believe. When the Iraqi people become more brave, they will make a stand against the evil insurgent terrorists. The U.S. will be there to help till the last insurgent is dead of captured and when it becomes safe for every man woman and child in Iraq.

” WAR is a racket. It always has been.”

“It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives. ”
General Smedly Butler

google bush crime family

Hopefully the same American’s that follow Hollywood blindly, and know everything about every t.v personalities life….might start to look into 9/11 now that their ‘Hollywood Idols’ are talking about it. Because to some people Shawn Penn, has more credentials than sons of firemen, wifes of soldiers, or governments own whistle blowers….that have been saying the same thing for years

Fucking right. They are war criminals. Unprovoked, unilateral war without UN sanction is an international crime. So is capturing an Italian citizen on Italian soil and rendering him for torture (Abu Omar). These people are getting away with treason AND murder on an international scale!

Problem is i doubt neither bush or cheney will go to jail. After G.W.Bush some other President will come and the whole mess that Bush made will be forgotten and everyone will go on with their lives. Its funny how people like that will simply just walk away after the carnage and the death of thousands of people has been done…

What a nut case! Still another example of the Hollywood idiots who want some attention since they can’t make a decent movie anymore. Sean Penncilneck, why don’t you and all the other hollywood nut cases go off to an island somewhere, and take your liberal goofballs with you.


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