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May 12, 2007

The River

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Youtube Commments:
Ok I was taking the piss a bit.. what I meant was it’s a nice video and it looks like you had a lot of fun and god bless ya but people are going to resent you for this whole fiasco. Whether or not you’re for real is your own cross to bear, personally I could care less. People that are overly critical are usually sore about their own lack of views. The jealousy is strong on here.

It was a well done video, & despite how overplayed the song is, it’s pretty & suited the film. So cheers.

I do not care if ‘people’ resent me for this whole ‘fiasco’. I am not on here to please anyone. I am here to make videos for my own personal reasons, to have a good time, and in the process make a few friends. I could care less as well if people think I am ‘real’ or not. If they havent figured that one out yet, then they shouldnt be on here. Anyway I am glad you enjoyed the video.

Awesome. Nothing better than a river in Summer. So much fun.
Apparently, it’s a pretty active river, because at least one real paddler went by in his kayak (and threw some tricks for you…).
We have rivers like this where I live (In the Southeast).

I’m subscribing to you…you post cool vids. Thanks.

Hey Supa, thanks for subbing to me….I did want to ask, though, who is driving up your viewcounts? I just watched the YTWatchdog, and (after laughing my butt off) I think he maaaaay have a point. You’ve now had 3 vids that shot into the 20 to 30 thousand view range….starting to look kinda fishy…..I’m hoping you’re not (another) cheater like LG15.

Well, just tell me the truth…are you producing these videos by yourself, or are you getting help of some kind?

Do you have any idea who is driving up your page view count, other than the ‘real’ folks like me?

Have you misrepresented yourself (who you are, where you are, what you are doing) in any of these videos?

I wanna believe…

Ditto on the YTWatchdog, hilarious videos. I really don’t think he gets it right all the time though, there is a bit of randomness in who gets in the most viewed videos list. If you get in the top 5 pages and people like your thumbnail (face it – a lot of people are going to clicking on a video with a very pretty girl as its thumbnail) you are going to sky rocket up in the ratings. Anyhow, love the song choice and a good reminder to start bringing my camera around during vacations 🙂

This is the good stuff, right here! You know, if anyone thinks you are a “fake”, it is just because you have so much style and grace, so much natural talent, that without even thinking about it you can do what a legion of “artistes”, with all of their training, theory and equipment, can’t even touch.

Listen: Forget about views, refreshes, accusations, rabid watchdogs who don’t know what they are talking about, lonelygirl paranoia, and any other distracting nonsense. Be yourself, have fun, do what comes naturally and post it, and your fans will love you forever.

you just made me smile big. It is so reliveing to know that there are people out there who enjoy the simple things in life like me. I am always trying to make others smile. I love giving back to people, ya know? making them happy for once. Thats why I do this. Any other reason people think is truly irrelevant.
Thank you muchos.

Nice video, good music too; I usually try to document/make videos of random places my friends and I travel to as well. It’s a great idea, they are nice to look back on. (I’ll respond with one of the videos I made of our recent trip), maybe you’ll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed yours.

just so you know, it takes a little bit more hard work and talent to actually make it in “the biz”. Posting amateur videos that adorn your “beauty” will get you nowhere. No respected casting agent will take you seriously. I also see you have a little trouble taking criticism… get used to it. there a million girls with pretty faces, some with talent, some without, and most of them wont make it past being an extra in a straight to video american pie movie.

頼むから誰か説明してほしい。このアホみたいなシリーズは、いったい何なんだ。なんの価値があるのだ。ナンセンスだから面白いの か。なぜ上位にランクしているのだ。私みたいなのが釣られてクリックするからか


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