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May 12, 2007

TheFriendlyGeek, Onelessgod, & Xild

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Youtube Commments:
dude just to say my friend andthentherewasham loves your videos and i plan to start watching them and getting infromation from you thank you. i love your video wher you call the priest and ask about “pullign out” that shi was bad!! sweet see a soon dude

Brett, I know my opinion probably is a drop in a pond, but I would like to see you consider removing the videos that make any personal attacks (and I would like to see the other atheists do the same). The education value of a fight is zero. So I guess I agree about the atheist vs. atheist issue. It’s clear that Judalicious is still fuming about references to her weight. Anyway, that’s all I have to say about it.

I think the ASU is a disgusting group. I also think that Judalicious probably could be reasoned with — I don’t think some others can. I berated her on her continuing these things too. Think of it as a cease-fire. Keep the older ones — but put a note saying that the argument is closed and no new ones will be made or responded to. Does that make sense? I know you don’t want this shit going on and on.

Wasn’t GlennReb’s account banned because he put up copyrighted material, knowingly, then e-mailed YouTube saying he did? I doubt YouTube gives two shits about what he has to say, but if he openly and blatantly disregards the rules, his banning was justified.

could you do me a favour please? ask TFG why he deleted a comment saying…
“i’ve said several times in my videos that people shouldn’t take youtube drama beyond youtube. could you at least have the decency not to name the people you know respect your privacy when making videos about the dangerous idiots”
that’s the only comment i put and he blocked me for it, so i can’t ask for myself.

TheDave, you obsess about me endlessly, you post comments on TheFriendlyPornGeek channel lying about me, and you made like 5-6 videos about me. After all that, you lose the right to be taken seriously by me, and *nothing* you type belongs on my comment boards.

no. quote something. send me a message, i unblocked you. tell me what i’ve said that’s a lie, specifically. i’ve never said anything about what you look like have i? i’ve talked about three examples in which i thought you acted weird with women; taking nothing out of context or exaggerating anything.

Ok if you want a serious conversation or you want to participate on my videos, delete all videos you have about me, dont discuss me on other comment boards, and make a video apologizing to me for being so obsessive and unkind. If you dont, Ill just ignore you

Friendlygeek is a fascist/racist/misogynistic troll he goes around calling people ugly then like the coward that he is never shows his face. The man contributes nothing but gay and fat people jokes aka “satire” to youtube. I agree with your position on olg and xild.

The clown you play on the TFG channel is a fascist, racist, misogynist. You take positions that are far right, homophobic, anti-immigrant and anti-atheists. Your rants about fat, gay, and ugly people are deep seeded forms of self hatred and projection. Keep up the good work we need pitiful people like you, to mock. If in real life you act anything like TFG I truly pity you.

WOW…I cant belive you need me to explain. You even made a video, that came to the conclusion he was a f’tard. You made another video, which promoted him. Which is it?
TFG is an unreasonable, lowlife, dim witt, and you cant understand that. Un f’in beleivable.

I didn’t watch TFG, OLG, or Xild.
How can we really know anyone that we see on YT? Even those of us that have conversed outside of the Tube, still only know a little about each other. There are some people I think I’d like to be closer to, but only time will tell.
I would like to see everyone getting along, & being good humans, but there are too many conflicting personalities. Eh, maybe someday.
Hugs, Brett! 🙂


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