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May 13, 2007

Ghetto Living Part 12- Cinco de Mayo

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Youtube Commments:
That’s one of the reasons I like the Fillmore Center and our concrete walls (although it makes hanging art tough), my next door neighbor plays HORNS and his girlfriend is a professional cellist. They practice ALL THE TIME but I never hear them unless I’m walking through the hallway by their door! I play and sing at all hours of the night and never get complaints! Bwaaaahaaahaaa! Every ONCE IN A WHILE I hear a crackhead screaming in the plaza in front of my window.

Hahahaaaa…. When I lived in SoCal, I had this girlfriend for a while in Anaheim who was REALLY NOISY! One night, I didn’t realize her window was open. We heard “Have an orgasm and shut the fuck up” being yelled by one of the neighbors! Ah… the good ol’ days! I wonder what Pamela is up to now 🙂

The alley behind our building is not where our garbage/trash is, the

garbage/trash is from a rather nice Hotel adjacent to our apartment building….our neighbors certainly don’t drink fine wine! Fortunately she was visiting for the Holiday and we don’t ever hear her this was a rare visit! I called the Manager and he shutdown their little party!

You’re probably safe from excessive noise for a little while since your wailing neighbor will probably be passed out for the next couple of days. The bin full of empty liquor/wine bottles was a highlight. At first glance, it might appear that your neighbors were considerate enough to place all of the glass bottles into a specific, designated recycling bin. Then again, from the sound of your neighbor, maybe the bottles made up 100% of the trash yesterday.

Oh yay! Another awesome video by you!
I was going to make a video response, but i still have like 4 videos to upload and the conversion process is ASS!

I need a digital Video Camera
film to hard drive, hard drive to EXTRA huge avi files
and being to lazy to edit them

asian parade
backseat bangers
bang boat
black cocks white sluts
boob exam scam
bubble butts galore
college wild parties
couples seduce teens
first time swallows
gang bang squad
her first anal sex
her first big cock
her first dp
her first lesbian sex
hot campus teens
house wife bangers
huge boobs galore
insane cock brothas
just facials
milf seeker
pink visual pass
porn stud search
sex movies on pod
she got pimped
squirt hunter
teens for cash
virgin teen lesbians
wild fuck toys

i love you nutcheese!

nearest fire hydrant
attach hose, aim at windows of offending structure, & proceed high powered cleansing of site (add a few drops of lilac scent to tip of hose for added freshness)


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