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May 13, 2007

Pigslop aka ReturnofGodhypocritical douchebag!

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Youtube Commments:
The Exciter giving You Tube its needed reality check! Yeah baby! What is freaking me out more than anything is You Tube’s paying certain highly subscribed individuals for their vids. Actually the head bobbing to When The Levee Breaks was not bad.

Pigslop has the same problem you used to have. He will play an extended portion of his jams and have us watch him rocking out. I end up yelling at my monitor wanting him to get on with the talking. And Hellion, I can hear the Led Zeppelin and AC/DC on my classic rock stations here in town.

i agree, i just got blocked from commenting on his vids last video because i called him out on trying to become a non hater. He is rediculous with the returnofgod title too, he thinks he is so great with his elitist group.

He is totally flip flopped, he is spinning, and i agree, its obvious to alot of ppl, alot of ppl are calling him out

He’z all out of new ideas thatz why he sits there & bobz his head & listens to his tunes smokin da gonja weed ! Dont get me wrong I’ve been a Pigslop fan 4 a long time but it aint fresh no more…this mite be quite new & excitin, worth the watch, LETS GET IT ON !

Man you need to get on stickam more, your one of the few people I’ve meant on stickam that are actually worth fucking talking to. I agree with you about what’s his face, people come on here gain a billion subscribers and suddenly think they can fucking walk on water.

All valid points. He’s been a hypocrite for a long time. Flip flopping back and forth between issues such as not caring about subscribers, to leaving the underground, coming back, and leaving again to start the WIA. By the way, He only likes the videos with the cute puppies.

Aha! I fucking hate vloggers on youtube and I only really watch the guys that are different (yourself, seanbedlam etc) because they either make me laugh or have something interesting to say. Most of these so-called youtube celebritys make me violently vomit as they have fuck all going for them in the personality department.

thank you hellion, my thoughts exactly,

i used to really like pigslops channel but didnt bother subscribing to his new one, the guy has become a total ass bandit in my opinion,

Chud hunter- becomes Chud? yep hes a fucking chud now


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