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May 15, 2007

BBC reporter losing it (unedited) + BBC defense

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BBC droped this ball big time… now I’m not a supporter of scientology BAH!!!… BUT did you note, how the BBC reporter Sweeneys used the FOXTV method of questioning – the “Some people say” line… BBC pick up your game! Less prattle more research!

Cant wait to see this in context…its hillarious that so many scientology people have created Youtube accounts in the last couple of days just to try and smear Sweeny and the BBC, and give any YouTubers shit if we dont agree with them…. it’s such an evil cult.

I love this! If there are any Scientologists on here could you fill me in? coz I don’t understand how thousands/millions of people can believe in a religion set up by an ordinary man who still lives and makes money out of selling his books. I bought one myself. I don’t get the difference between Ron Hubburd and a normal psychiatrist/psychologist.

L Ron Hubbard died in 1986 on Jan 24th whilst in hiding after being tried and charged for Fraud – i.e. fraudulently obtaining around $200mil from the church.

Scientology is nothing but an organisation that preys on the weak minds of the rich and needy created by a man who was a violent racist drug addict. It’s entirely not surprising that they destroy so many peoples lives.

This panorama needs to be watched as it should show many similarities to a recent cult documentry.

He states that measuring electrical pulses in the body while counselling he can highlight areas of torment in the body (using an e-meter), therefore addressing them and achieving an inner peace. This is probably quite a therapeutic process, which is why people like it. Not worth a whole religion though!

i cant wait to watch this tonight. the cult of scientology has shot itself in the foot, don’t they realise that almost everyone is going to take the BBCs side over this? This Tommy guy seems the most bugging guy in the world and i think sweeny is ex-army so id love to see tommy take him on in a fight, as he suggests.

once again,the ‘church’ of scientology has shot itself in the foot.this is why they are so scared of the media and journalists-because the truth is very threatening to their horrible secretive little mind control cult.look how hard tom cruise has been pushing to convert people,it has just made him a laughing they are using their other big boy,john travolta,to try and stop the bbc from showing this programme.too bad!freedom of speech!

This BBC reporter should be fired.

Allowing a nut bag Scientologist to get the upper hand on you is a fate worse than death.

His approach was crap.

You have to allow these people to hang themselves which is easy to do. Instead he looks like a total fool.

I must admit…the Scientologists have done a good job ripping to bits modern day psychiatry which has had it coming for a long time.

i agree i cant belive a bbc reporter reacted like this but he had been followed the whole time and what about this whole interview we need to c,but if he haddent reacted like it was there wouldent be so much attetion on scientology right now for everyone to try and see whats its all about

I agree that Scientology is a total joke…But why should the Church of Scientologists be singled out as being ridiculous and sinister…as opposed to …oh I dunno ….Christianity (Noahs ark anyone?),Islam (oh where to begin???) or Judaism (sex through a hole in a blanket and women in wigs?)?. All this smacks of some sort of “established” religion snobbery, at least these guys seem to have the decency to only leech off and prey on the rich unlike some (/all) other religions we could name.

hmmmmm……you’re right James. I God made me type that to “test your faith”. Well done. It’s daft to assume we evolved from things like microbes when its there in black and white in the bible that we were made from Adams rib etc!

Do me a frigging favour…..

Its a shame that you and fantasists like you can vote….it really is.

He only raised his voice – I have to admit that if I had spent a week with that infuriatingly smug fellow Tommy Davis, I’d have trouble keeping my cool. And he only shouted back at him, it’s not like he smacked him, which I think a lot of people would like to do to Mr Davis. Not because he’s a scientologist, but because he says little that makes any sense at all. John has my full support, he’s a man like any other, a human and a sensitive fellow who was facing a false accusation.

Completely understandable. I am sure that not all Scientologists are as annoying as Mr. Davis, but, it smacks of the kind of single-minded extremism that we are fighting against in the Middle East. Only the weak of mind hang on this strongly to someone else’s principles, they have none of their own.

Thanks scientologists without the news article I would have missed the show. Can’t wait to see it.

Love to see fat men shouting.

Why didn’t Phillip K Dick set a religion he was a much better writer and it could have been called the Church of Dickenetics.

You know the way the scientologists have put up a bunch of clips trying to portray themselves as a force for good? I notice that ALL of the 16 scientology “Success” clips have their COMMENTS and REPLIES switched off. For me that undermines any credibility they may trying to garner as it is a classic propaganda technique. THEY talk. YOU listen but with no forum for response or debate; and nothing kills ignorance faster than an intelligent debate…

this is hilarious, I think Sweeny needs to go and see a psychiatrist, maybe get some cool electroshock to wash his overheated brain, that should calm him down a little

maybe the BBC should just stick to what they know best – sucking Blair’s Cock

well done to the Church of Scientology for exposing these bigoted Church of England neocon freaks

Scientology have exposed nothing other than their inbread cultist extremeism. Sweeny was way out of line, totally off the scale and utterly wrong, but in no way does this make the Church of Scientology right.

Aside from that, what does it have to do with the Church of England?

Oh I agree – with your point that there should be no church state but at the same time 1000 Cults? I would’ve thought that a larger predictable organisation would be better than 1000 unpredictable extremist movements? Maybe not.

What proof do you have that Sweeney is a CoE Partisan? Is it because he is English?

Lets leave the bizarre behaviour and defamatory accustations to the Reporters and Scientologist huh? I figure the rest of us can behave like adults 😉

That’s EXACTLY the point – it is better, particularly if ur a corrupt regime wanting a somnambulent population manipulated into paying for war of aggression – no dissent/opposition, just bah-bah mindless ‘christian’ lambs, marching in lockstep to the slaughter – “Bloody Perfect, may I tank you up with more TaxPayer’s Money, ArseBishop?” Hitler built his support likewise – buying off the Church with quid pro quo of taxmoney + eliminating minor competition (Jews, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses)

Sweeney’s a former active-duty Brit soldier, i.e. still in Reserves

He’s been a virulent public agitprop mouthpiece for sanctions/war on Iraq for at least 10 years (Observer/BBC)

it’s more than probable Sweeney’s a paid ‘agent of infuence’ implanted within the MSM by Brit ‘intelligence’ services MI5/MI6 (similar to J.Miller @ NYT for CIA/Mossad or J.Rushing @ Al-Jazeera for Pentagon)

The objective is to maintain establishment control of their corrupt and crumbling political system

CoE is best ally of Blair in keeping populace stupid and placid

Anything encouraging free thought threatens this mafia’s monopoly on people’s minds, so is treated as enemy of the Church State

CoS (and other minorities) tend to think more independently, + just by existing they offer dissent + encourage critique of religion + power structures

Thus, this vilification campaign is part of Brit Church-State sponsored pre-emptive strike against CoS + dissent generally

OMG Yankee you are the extremist type I loath, You seem to think that the Cult of the Dead Sheep I mean Scientology is a force for good, is this not the same type of new age religion as the one in Waco where they were brainwashed enslaved and then murdered by people who said youll never take me alive copper, dude I’m gonna make my own one up and fleece them dumdums

Clarification: All religion is a disease born of fear, the opiate of the masses, while the critique of religion is the beginning of reason. I promote no religion nor hold any religious beliefs, but support freedom from and of religion.

When the business-plan of a religion includes symbiotic combination with the State, it is at its most dangerous.

For that simple reason CoE, Roman Catholicism + all major religions are extremely dangerous, where by comparison CoS pales into insignificance

Dude I dont know what the f@#k you are on BBC Blair and CoE all in cahoots to wipe out the competition to make sure they can mould the minds of the masses to their way of thinking, I dont like religion myself but you dont have to pay to become a master in all the other religions so CoS is a fanatical cult just like the Waco one.

If Scientology is for rich ignorant fools, why I am I a member?

Obviously you are lying.

Yes I agree that video was great of the reporter really showing his bigotry and intoerance and inability to understand and have discourse.

I hope he is sacked.


OMG why are you are a member, because you’re a mug, I hope at the end of all this the swat teams come to you’re sect, lay seige and you can shout youll never take me alive as you burn everyone in the building, sorry I was thinking about Waco idiot.

HAHHAHAHAHAHAHA Scientology is gay, poor John, sometimes serenity leaves us all. truth is truth ladies & gents, forget faith, the only faith should be in the truth. scientology guy is angry any anger that is not addressed by a religeon for me undermines religeon seriously. once again hahahaha poor John & scientolgy is gay.

People have a right to call Scientology a cult and to ridicule the religion and its dead founder. Ridiculing the practitioners themselves is another matter, but calling someone’s religion a cult is a right.

You cannot “offend” a religion or belief system.

This is a double outrage. Sweeney is out of control and unprofessional. But worse is the so-called “interview” about it with the programme’s producer, who is meekly asked to “tell me about the pressure Sweeney was under”!

From an atheist’s point of view, Scientology is no worse than any other religion. They’re ALL cults. That’s not the issue here. It is the bias and unprofessionalism of the BBC that is the issue, and it is on display for all to see here… twice.

In every religion you can get someone to tell you the core belief for free.

Why do people have to pay thousands of dollers or pounds to get these ‘secrets’??

They are just the biggest money making scam on the planet.

They’re the Nazi’s and bigots not the bbc.

If someone from this cult wants to disprove this. Release the secrets for free. But I know that won’t happen there to scared of being found out to be fraudsters.

Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism at least have supporting historical documents and weren’t created by a science fiction writer within the past 40 years… Your statement is like asking why Roman history is different than Star Wars. Before you make a smartass comment you should think about what you’re saying.

Supporting historical documents?!? Like what, the Bible? That proves nothing. What documents provide credible proof that Jesus was the son of God and was resurrected and born of a virgin? Is that any more credible than the ravings of L. Ron Hubbard? A “cult” is the name given by established religions to those that are not established to stigmatise them. In ancient Rome, Christianity was a “cult”.

Scientology IS a cult. They DO use techniques very similar to brainwashing. They ARE dangerous and have intimidted and injured many people. They are a money-making business, just a particularly efficient one. There is plenty of proof around for all of these things if you care to look.

Right. It’s a cult. I said so. (If you care to look.) That’s not at issue, as far as I’m concerned. My point is: so is Christianity. It too uses brainwashing, intimidation and it certainly injures people. It is also a vast money-making operation. Why do Christians single out Scientology as a “cult” when Christianity is a cult too? Why do they think Christianity is any more reasonable? Scientologists are credulous idiots. So are Christians.

If the only supporting document that you’re aware of that references those religions is the bible, then you’re quite ill-informed and you should simply go back to watching your “Gay Teen Boy Model Drew” video (that is listed in your favorites) instead of reading news.

the only reason ‘established’ religions like christianity are seen as more credible than scientology is because it was established out of any living memory, whereas scientology wasn’t. but one has to bear in mind the fact that 2000 or whatever years ago christianity was started in pretty much the same way-some dude saying he’s got all the answers and people choosing whether or not to believe him.

As a journalist, the reporter ‘lost it’ totally and shouldn’t have. He could have finessed this cult spokesperson into looking like the quack that he truly is (oops, am I showing bias here?). Out yelling an interview subject clearly shows that the story is no longer “Science-fiction Religion” but quickly becomes “Reporter Loses Cool” and both lose credibility. Reporter looks like he’s got issues too! LOL

It looks to me that the dark, vampire-looking scientologist-dude were using some sort of mind-trick on the reporter, and thus driving him to the edge of insanity. He’s really talking in a hypnotic way with a demanding voice.

Wouldn’t suprise me if scientologists have access to some dark magic or something.. They seem dark anyway.

Cool, I think I’ll make a religion up and John can come and shout at me. Oh wait a minute I don’t try and talk over people and accuse them of things without listening to their reply, I’ll never get him to shout at me 😦 Now for the religion: A pink Armadillo from outer space humped Jupiter. It’s baby was earth and we are all skin cells. To learn how to be a good skin cell – follow me ($500 please 😉 Any takers?

When someone is made to apologise on the spot with some pompous, condescending arse interrupting every second trying to disrupt his statement, is it fair to slag the guy off for trying to apologise with such obvious contempt and tension still there?

Yes, he shouldn’t have lost it like that but come on, when you’re faced with the guy on the left how would you react?

Have to say I’m on his side. Hope he doesnt lose his job.

I hope Sweeney doesn’t get fired for screaming. Exposing a cults and crooked organisations is a service to all humanity, he should not get punished for it. BBC is a trusted news source and we expect more hardcore journalism and reports from Sweeney and the BBC.

ANYONE whose motivation is to tell me what to think/be/believe is messed up.I think the journalist was at worst trying to find a good story & at best trying to expose a sinister cult which has been basking in the limelight recently due to celebrity members.If people r willing to buy celebrity endorsed crap then it isn’t exactly stretching things to say that there are a bunch of dim wits out there at risk because they think Tom,Isaac & John r successful BECAUSE of scientology,not DESPITE it.

the scientologist guy is a cartoon, a caracature of the most irratating type of person conceivable. Everything about him seems to be optomised to annoy, his voice pitch, the fact that he always interrupts, walks away thus denying the reporter the oppurtunity to counter his verbal torrents. He also seems to base his fashion sense on the secret service

He was very Tom Cruise wasn’t he.

Still Sweeney is something of a nutjob himself – personally I am unsurprised in his behavior, it’s not the first time he’s done somthing this weird when scientology was involved. Personally I don’t think that the BBC should’ve allowed him to do the reporter work – I don’t believe that he is able to produce a truely impartial viewpoint of the CoS.

Having said that, I don’t think I would either – I think they are a slow poison on the weak minded.

I am Skitzophrenc and in my psychosis’s I speak to god daily, he has given me a map to his paradise awaiting us all.
In this paradise john and the sickotoligists get on as best of friends, there is no racism there is no intolerance all there is is my big fat bank account full of the the thousands of dollars you send me to hear about gods paradise.

he also looks like a tom cruise clone. Shock, that’s omninous, this “religion” is nothing more than cover for diabolically horrific genetic experiments. they are cloning their members, to repopulate the earth with reconstructed programmed acolytes. This cult is my sinister than i feared

hehe – I heard that the Cruise baby was implanted sperm from L Ron Hubbard and that it is supposed to be LRH born again – totally out there Hollywood Goss but man it’s no beyond the realms of possibility.

Scary Cruise clone! What was even more scary was the similarities in behavior and the extreme emotional reaction – not a very good indicator of mental stability is it.

Heh, Soviet huh? Or do you mean communist? How do you get Politicians and and wealthy businesspeople dictating over me from suggesting that reporters are filth?

At what point did you become so naeve as to think that reporters always give it to you on the straight and narrow or that reporters all around the world are just the lapdogs to political ambition?

I think you missed the point.

Scientology is simply a money making business – plain and simple, dreamt up by a second rate sci-fi writer who said that the only way to make real big money was to start a ‘religion’. Ok, good for him for being so inventive but that so many naive people should actually BELIEVE this nonsense speaks volumes about their sad empty lives.

That was unfair, Tommy, was being rude and wouldnt allow john to have an opinion!
Let alone anyone else!


I heard about it on the radio on the way home and had to watch! :]
Cant wait for the programme tonight!


i mean put it into perspective, until a few years ago tom cruise was a popular, respected, stable devout catholic man. Since joining scientology his career has spiraled into the abyss, paramont have cancelled contracts, he has become a tabloid fodder laughing stock.

It makes you wonder why he a so enamoured with the so called “church” when it has destroyed him. It makes you seriously wonder if cruise has actually been unwittingly and routinely brainwashed by subliminal scientology propoganda against his will, drugged up with compliancy serums and directed to extol scientology to the unwassed hethen masses.

Yeah – a bit of perminant time off – that was out of line by anyones measure – but like others have said, I can see the reasons for the anger and reaction. It was his job to remain impartial and the Scientology guys were doing more than enough to discredit themselves – he really didn’t need to hand them the amunition.

I think the Scientology guy’s lucky Sweeney didn’t headbutt him. LOL. There’s no way he’ll lose his job over this – it’s nothing. British politicians punch people in face and don’t lose their jobs – this is just some cult nut. Nothing will happen.

It’s bad for your throat, but was there another way to give poor Mr Davis a chance to hear something over his own claptrap?
Of Tom Cruise I like the description by a journalist stating he is an actor “incapable of expressing thought on screen”. Perhaps he does even better offscreen? Ties in well with Orson Welles statement that film has the virtue of capturing every thought that crosses your mind. (That didn’t sound like a bunch of scientology the first time I read it!!)

Three cheers for Mr Sweeney. The Scientology guy reminds me of the Republicans – spewing nonsense with no interest in listening to reason and logic because they’re making billions off of it! They know it’s a ridiculous lie but it serves their bank accounts. The BBC should give Sweeney his own show if he doesn’t have one already.

Then let them tell women not to take drugs to help with the pain refeif during Child birth, or to remain passive and not to scream whilst pushing a baby out or to judge women like Brook Shields for taking anti depressants after having terrible post natal depression.

Cult or not, sinister or not, This reporter is a complete HACK! Trust me, I’m no fan of Scientology, but the BBC is having nothing more than a witch hunt. Sceintologists have the same right you or I have, like it or not. If any of these Scientologists ARE guilty of breaking the laws, then arrest them, don’t muck up the already damaged US/UK media.

Hack? Losing your temper doesn’t make you a hack. I infinitely prefer investigative reporting where you believe what the reporter is feeling, rather than the bloated waxwork droning out facts that we’ve grown to expect.

Hurrah for J Sweeney!

‘Tommy’ is a manipulative jerk. He decided to take offence at something sweeney quoted, rather than deal with the question raised.

The ‘church’ of scientology thinks they’ve won some sort of pr victory by making him crack with ninety minutes of sick and upsetting footage, but this is just going to reveal how low they will sink.

Ninety minute of film of children being hurt as a religious tool? I’d have ripped Tommys fucking head off

Hahaha, scientologists are brainwashed morons.. I am putting together my own investigation and have interviewed dozens of ex-“church” members and disconnects. Cant wait to approach the “church” with my findings, I will be sure to video the reactions. I am also talking to disillusioned current members and boy, have they got some stories to tell.. Scientology is an evil cult who need to remain in check.

Tommy Davis is a typical Scientologist bully. Scientology is not a religion nor is it a “faith”, it’s a frightening cult that courts celebrities and bilks millions out of the ordinary person. If you cross them, they will make it their job to ruin you. John Sweeney was reserved in comparison to how I’d have handled it.

Much as I dislike the ‘church of scientology’ it should be pointed out that the BBC shares some of the same features and Sweeney is a pompous fool. For the BBC the Royal Family occupy a role similar to that of L Ron Hubbard in scientology (beyond criticism and defended with irrational vigour).

I don’t know who’s more bonkers..Tom Cruise’s weedy twin brother or the bloke from the Beeb. He should have referred to the CoS as a ‘cult’ again and seen what happened as the CoS guy wasn’t going to be responsible for his actions.

Chances are he’d have shat himself….

Scientology IS a sinister cult that brainwashes people.. they should be investigated and banned from the UK. They ARE dangerous. John Sweeney was right to lose it with them. Maybe not as a journalist but any decent human being would have reacted like this with a bunch of brainwashed robots. Scientology IS dangerous!

Most people would lose it after close proximty to Scientology for a week. These religeous idiots hide behind lawyers and intimidation and pay for the privilege! As Churchill once said “the problem with fundamentalists is they can’t change the subject and won’t change their minds”.
The spokesman is good, when the Scientologists have spent his money and he can’t stand the hypocracy, he could work for the Taliban, he’d look great with a AK47,a little eyeliner and red toenails .

scientology is a commercial business, the brain child of some derranged reject sci fi writer, a money making scheme which has hollowood and the rich and afluent in their sights. I mean surely everyone in the world regard less of wealth need salvation right? then why does this so called “religion” target the wealthy,let me think, for money.

Do not google Xenu, do not find out about his magnificent powers, or his fleet of DC-8 type planes which have left Thetan souls around Earthly volcanoes which are then exploded with atom bombs by Xenu, only to have their souls roam the Earth and impurify humans. The crazy thing? Scientologists believe all of it.

Im glad yelling is what determines whose correct or not. But it seems in popular ignorant culture we seem to allways resort to INTERUPTION, RUDENESS and trying to speak louder than the opposition.
People that cant truly back up what they say logically or intelligently seem to lean twords those tactics. And for the record, i think Scientology is a cult.

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hes tuchy lol. Is scientiology where they belive crystals can heal?.
plus just because the us charter(or wot ever) says ur alowed to belive wot u want it doesnt mean u cant say anything against said belife, even if that is genraly clased as racisism.
o an he was rite hes a british subject, most us laws still apply 2 him but we do still have the freedom of speech( o god i love loop holes, and dohnughts;D)

I don’t think people have got a problem with Scientology itself. Its the people of Scientoloty who need to get there act together. If other religions can be questioned and are ready to give answers, then why don’t Scientology do the same? Or are they hiding something that they dont wanna reveal?

Tommy Davis is a ^£R%”*£. In both instances of John Sweeney trying to talk to him, Tommy Davis has shut him down. Silenced him, got his own way. When faced with a constant creep like this Scientologist %*&* who won’t let you speak, Im not surprised John Sweeney lost his cool.


It’s a stupid load of crap which someone made up…scientology is just some weird freaked out guy who made up somethiing like that and people followed it because he knew how to persuade people. If I was John Sweeney I would have punched that american retarded bloke who he had a go at.

Why do these people indulge on bashing on what someone likes to believe in? Seriously, go tell a trekie, “star trek sucks”, you will get the same reaction. This generation of reporters are so into exploitation, xxx “uncovered”, xxx “revealed”, or whatever, they don’t realise they are the ones that are actually promoting what they believe dispicable.

Anybody who’s anybody knows that pretty much all great TV and film since the 1960s is borrowed, heavily influenced, or outrightly ripped off from Star Trek The Original Series :p

Tom Sweeney is a fool for getting so irrate. Very unprofessional. As for Scientology being a load of brainwashing… well… I believe that of all religions. But I don’t condemn them.

My point is, why can’t people just leave others alone? i mean, as long as they aren’t bothering anyone else, let them have their science experiment! They aren’t pointing guns at people, forcing them scientologify! Last time i Checked, they haven’t waged war at anybody, so, just leave them alone! Whats with all the judging here on the comments??

L Ron was taking the P*ss when he started the “Ha ha” Religion but he underestimated the number of gullible idiots there are around. He really should have looked at how many there are in the other major superstitions, – sorry, religions.
If you want to join a religion – become a Jedi, at least you can play with a plastic lightsaber.

Youtube: Great to delve into stuff that flew by on
daily braodcast. Still, all these bits, pieces and fragments can be confusing. I know the rant was played
up..I’ll have to review more to get a handle.

In ways, though unprofessional,nice to see a few folks
being their human pissed off selves.

He reacted naturally, thats the end of it, he was being interupted and ignored by the people he was supose to be listening who were trying to change the words he was saying, he had to shout so as to avoid their words being twisted into his.

Those Scientologists are fucked up too btw, we should keep an eye on them, after all, no-one saw the nazis coming…

the americans are amazingly stupid – i might start a religeon based on shit then take rich peoples money and give them a set of rules and guidelines that i make up , then take more money , then clain that the nazi camps where run by phycologists ( i think not ) i think this demostrates the yanks uncanny ability to take something and blow it up a million times out of proportion and then charge rich people money for bull shit , amazing . glad i dont live in the states

If you notice, both guys he tries to interview in that clip try to talk over him and ignore him, I think they have already been brainwashed, certainly displaying that ‘closed ears’ inability to listen symptom all religious nutcases have, whether they are drunk on Jesus or Allah, or evidently Scientology its dangerous, even if Scientology is a cartoon religion.

ROFL If that Cult spokesman was so spiritual then why was he saying to John Sweeney, “you are making me angry” you wont like me when Im angry, I bet he thought his special powers would kick in, but when that failed he ran for the hills, I thought religion and beliefs where supposed to calm the spirit.

Finally, some group with enough guts to stand up to the main stream media types with their canned stories they make up and pass off for news. The days of real investigative journalism is dead. It’s no wonder why TV and newspapers are losing viewers and readers. It won’t be long before they collapse and people get all their news from the new web.

Has anybody noticed that the clips added by “The Church Of $cientDOLLARgy” are only showing comments for they’re video’s that are biased against the BBC? I posted a comment and got a reply saying that said “COMMENT PENDING APPROVAL”!!!!!! In other words, “Your comment will only be shown if it agrees with our views”.

I have two annoyances. Scientology (hinting that this is a “science” is an insult to anyone in the scientific community. And creation theory (OK this video isn’t about that but still…) LOOK AT THE FACTS PEOPLE! Don’t take priests, or elders words for it. Prove it!

Haha, people believe one’s “beliefs” in relgion are immune from rational criticism. If this guy was being challenged on his belief in some scientific theory, he would’ve have lashed out and said, “If you question my theory once more, i won’t be responsible for my actions!” FUCK THESE RELIGIOUS TURDS.

I got roped into a scientology office – about 18 years ago- in Poole, Dorset – it was a frightening and disturbing experiences of my life. Thankfully I took a mate with me and we were able to escape (literally). I was so angry afterwards, we were both shocked and angry! I can totally understand how John Sweeney lost his cool. He shouldnt have apologised – they prey on single people who live alone like students etc I cant wait to watch the BBC expose scientology for the cult that it is!

BBC shouldn’t have bothered apologising. We didn’t see any apologies from the Scientologists for their constant stalking or raking up of people’s past mistakes. It’s a disgusting cult and only bobble headed idiots with far too much money on their hands would bother with it. Go Sweeney!

Scientologists disgust me, but they’re also incredibly funny. Like the way they’re trying to tar good people’s names? Won’t work well outside the States guys. The way they’re breaking up families? With the exception of the UK – many nations have generally nuclear, tightly-bonded families.

Good thing I’m a secular humanist, then.

Wow! What children… Why don’t they just talk about what they were trying to get at. I mean if someone wants to find out if I’m a closet monkey basher and I know I’m not, then what do I care if they ask me and I reply NO. I’M NOT. And if the interviewer then says WELL, PEOPLE SAY YOU ARE! I’d have to say, PEOPLE SAID THE WORLD WAS FLAT, DUDE. Having said that, the BBC dude did totally loose it! Ha!

My god, I was aware of scientology, but this really does close the book in the UK. Well done Tommy, you have single handedly managed to prove what a complete pharse Scientology really is.
It was a fantastic documentary, If you havent seen it, go watch it on the BBC website.

i am a british citizen, that belives in freedom of speach. and had no real view of this cult!!!!!. i watch the bbc panorama programe in full. your video clip is not a ture reflection. of the reporter or the programe. and the cult leaders behavior was far worst than the bbc reporter. maybe you americans should watch the programe in full. before you past jugement. i centainly have a clearer view of scientology now and it is not a good one. this is a cult. A fucked up one aswell.

action could prove if some organization is a cult or not.
if you were accused, you shouldnt blackmail anyone who critise you.

i think america surely have a freedom of religion, but i believe there are freedom of speech too. so i think bbc have the right to make a programe about scientology and view their point of view.
audiences are not stupid. they know if bbc done a good job or not.

The Other bloke is a bit if a knob if hes saying no one can say stuff about his religon. People take the piss out of Islam, Christianity and Judaism all the time. Secondly John Sweeney is completely justified in saying that…the AMericans argue about freedom of speech all the time!

I am not at all sure that “Scientology”, which began as a cover for a pseudo-scientific, pseudo-psychology (called the “Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health”), in order for a second rate scifi writer, named L. Ron Hubbard, to avoid prosecution for practicing medicine without a license; should enjoy the benefit of being termed a, “…messed up, aggressive cult of a religion…”. It would be better termed a well organized, aggressive pyramid scam pretending to be a religion.

Why is it in your mind that speaking the truth in america gets you killed? Sweeney was not hurt during this filming even though he was in the US.Granted scientology is out there, but there is also a very large scientology branch is britain, not just america. Also, their are daily protests of everything imaginable in the US and those people are not killed. Maybe you should visit a place before you make judgements.

ALL RELIGION is dangerous. Full of loons, liars, cheats and greedy assholes. It’s best to avoid it and if you are a believer then get together with friends and feel it. Pat Robertson, TED HAGGARD, Benny Hinn, Jim Baker..Add more to the list. They are FRAUDS!

Honestly, look at how they’ve tried to make the most of their victim video – literally all concentrating on the outburst. He’s human and if someone is in your face that much, brainwashing lonely people with such gibberish then its a natural reaction to get angry. I’m pleased to see someone gave the idiot what for.

For the FUNNIEST clip ever on YouTube–


For the FUNNIEST clip ever on YouTube–


For the FUNNIEST clip ever on YouTube–


When did Scientology stop being a cult?When did Scientology stop being a cult?When did Scientology stop being a cult?When did Scientology stop being a cult?When did Scientology stop being a cult?When did Scientology stop being a cult?When did Scientology stop being a cult?When did Scientology stop being a cult?When did Scientology stop being a cult?When did Scientology stop being a cult?

those scientologists are disguised pretending to be atheist and their using other religions such as christianity to try and brainwash you guys to pretend that their just as good as christianity. but that’s not true!!! don’t listen to those scientologists who disguise themselves as atheists!!! christianity is different and it is true and real.

I can’t believe Sweeney is taken at all seriously as a journalist. He is no better than Maurey Povich or Jerry Springer. I don’t understand why people don’t leave Scientology alone. It is no worse than any other religion and probably less offensive. Who cares what a bunch of psychos want to do with their time and money? They probably use it wiser than our politicians.

With ref to my previous post:
According to Hubbard the full name of Xenu, a Scientology alien “God”, is XENU ETRAWL – this anagrams to WE R LUNATEX. So – the LUNATEX want to destroy psychiatry, eh?

The reference to Xenu Etrawl has recently been removed from the Wikipedia article on Xenu – but its still available in the Google cache version.

I wanna see John Sweeney go back there in a highly financed new interview where he has investigators tracking them and their investigators, and they can have investigators investigating his investigators, and right at the end they can plan some shit in Tommys house and watch him go to prison and everything, I want it all and I want it now hehehehehehehe

religion is a rip off of witchcraft,first the
neo roman fake pagans & judaic tribes,persians & on & on…now it’s scientologists,neo christians,liars who obey the word of men instead of allah,lame fat bloke buddists,ghoulish bush’s circle using knowledge outlawed by minoan(parallels with the minotaurs maze & computer chips)& summerian cultures,dangerous!

What worries me the most about Scientology, is that they appear to be recruiting supposedly sane people who sadly, are in a position to lead normal individuals down the road to hell! Judging how people in this country and America idolise actors, football players and the like…there will be pushing and shoving to get to the front of the line! Come on people..use your own minds…these people are pathetic..and if they are descended from Aliens..I wish they would go back to their own planet!

Hahaha male aggression all too common among British male journalism….? I hope you’re not American- Hannity, O Reilly, Olbermann, the list is endless. Paxman etc might go overboard at times but at least they TRY and retain some kind of objectivity, a trait which is sadly lacking among our transatlantic brethren.

Having watched the Panorama episode I can sort of understand Sweeney’s reaction. They were literally hounding him day and night. That guy Tommy had a habit of turning up all the time without warning…creepy sod. It’s still a real shame about Sweeney exploding, would have been a great documentary otherwise.

totally- especially when they insinuated that holocaust victims were subjects of euthanasia chosen by psychiatrists. You can push someone only so far.
It made me laugh though when they went to the toilet, and the bloke knocked on the door and said, ‘you fellas doing alright in there?!’- I would be like, ‘for fucks sake!’ they proper hounded them.

I don’t think the Scientology guy looked sane at all After 90 miunutes of high intensity, suggestive psychology Sweeny then had to face the same barrage of nonstop talking down from the Scientology guy (who incidently always wore mirrored sunglasses – a well know ploy to gain a subconscious advantage).
This was the same guy who harrased the reporter day after day, filmed his every move, then just used the same repeatative, buzz word filled speeches to literally grind him into sumbmission.

I’m sorry but male aggression is all too common among British Journalists? What a load of rubbish! The BBC rarely deviates from its successful reputation as a neutral and unbiased television company. Just thought I’d point out how incorrect your assumption is.

I agree- seeing how news is reported in america, I can say bbc is far more neutral in how they report the news. The news reporters in america are constantly using emotive language, and they never leave the viewer in doubt of what they think about a situation

I wanna see Neg from balls of steel go to US and find this idiot tommy then we’ll see some harrasment. If I was in the toilet and someone came to the door saying is this what the BBC are Homos to degrade them I’de say f@#k or Tommy you homo Im having a s@#t.


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