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May 17, 2007

4 Things Lev can do

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Youtube Commments:
um number one was kinda gay, i can go that fast with tennis balls, two was pretty sweet, three was….fascinating, and four was decent, nothing too great but…ok, no where near what would be considered awesome. But…it’s…slightly entertaining. JerryC and Funtwo blow you out of the water, even with one hand

Wow, impressive, and good to see your face, and other bits. You shouldn’t have let me know that you can play an instrument because now I am going to ask you to become involved in my latest project. And by the way, playing the guitar is not a useless skill by anyones standards I assure you. Your fan, Tracy.

AgentXPQ – Nice guitar – was that Led Zep? It sounded like them but I’m not familiar with the song. I just discovered your videos this weekend. You are a genius of the banal aspects of life. (I gotta go back to lifting weights so I can get a hot car and… )

Can you flip a pen around? Can you roll a quarter across you fingers? I can’t do those, but they are totally useless and cool things. Guitar isn’t uselss, but IMHO metal is. Smoke rings are useless and cool. Rolling cigs with one hand is really cool. Most smoking tricks are useless and cool. Is the shoulder fart a modified armpit fart? I don’t get the metal ball thing. I like your comics; your narrator strikes a nice balance between POV and Objectivity.

I loved your smoke rings. I could never do that.
And SWEET guitar. Oh man. That is totally like my dream black stallion.
Nice job by the way. You’re a very talented guy ^_^
andd uhh you’re pretty hot too.. Lol. Sorry. I had to say it.

…there IS a disconnect between your voice and visage. You are quite attractive, however, I can go the rest of my life without hearing or seeing the word ‘hot’ to describe sexual charisma. Some tragically trendy young person please find a new adjective for that… thanks.


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