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May 18, 2007

One Piece 309 Raw (3/3)

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Youtube Commments:
Awesome. Just simply awesome. This looked much better than it did in the manga. Especially when Luffy did the Gomu Gomu no Jet Gattling Gun. And it definitely looked better in the anime than the manga when Luffy yelled, “LET’S LEAVE TOGETHER, ROBIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN!!!!!!!!!”

4:37 did he say tekkai gattling gun? cuz that wud be AWEsome!! way to step up “SOGEKING”! the next major bad guy luffy fights is going luffy is gonna be probably about 5 times as strong as he is now , that fight will be INSANEEE!! I wish this was subbed too!! i also wish they would get more crew members (other than franky) 3 all at once. maybe one could be a hot powerful ninja or a mermaid (so Sanji can drool all over her). maybe even someone that rivals luffy in terms of power?!

do the bad guys actually die on one piece or do they just get arrested? what happened to crocodile? and i’ve been wondering if crocodile was a shichibukai (excuse the spelling, forgot how to spell it) seven warlords of the sea with the other 300 million + bounties shouldn’t he have been worth more. therefore the man who kicked his ASSZZZ (luffy) been worth even more than he was

why is this show so popular..? the character designs look shit.. and i didnt know it was possible for a new anime to look outdated within a few years.. naruto, bleach, fruits basket, hellsing, black cat.. basically any recent anime shits over this

ASSUMING you’re seriously wondering instead of just being a troll, this show is based on THE NO.1 shonen manga in Japan at the moment(Volume sales almost double Naruto fyi), which attract readers by its rich content instead of just pretty boys/girls (lolblackcat)

…u have the same thinking as me when i watch the 1st esp of one piece n i comment that the character all look weird n the bag guy r badly drawn compare to naruto n bleach but if u continue watching all esp n the storyline is really great n touching..currently now best selling manga n one piece sold 130,000,000 ,naruto sold 67,000,000 only n bleach 39,000,000

O_O Luffy’s…… Increidble… trully an epic Anime episode of One Piece, it just blew me away to see Luffy push himself to his limit, even after taking those attacks from Lucci, he still didn’t give up. ^_^ That just goes to show how far Luffy will go for his Nakama, his strength & power is limitless when he fights for them. The Jet Gatting Gun attack was an awesome!O.o, & when Luffy yelled “Were’re Leaving together Robin!!!!!!!!” T.T That brought me to tears… Luffy’s a true Hero. ^^


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