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May 19, 2007

carls jr documentary

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Youtube Commments:
STOP! You are making me hungry!! LOL!! I HATE tomatoes…and lettuce doesn’t belong on those burgers–that is for sure! I am SO jealous–I have yet to try the GUAC. Burger–but next time I am there–I will HAVE it! PIZZA NIGHT tonight for dinner and SHREK on NBC–popcorn later πŸ™‚

I LOVE the “farting” car seat sounds…(adds Humour)
I JUST ate Burger King Chicken Tenders, Mmmmm…so, it kinda made me sick to watch you eat all Of that food.
I am LOVING your videos right now…they are like HOT!
Or just HILARIOUS. OOoOH! You could get a COMEDIAN account…that’d be fun! or not, ya know…
“you Make me vomit”

California has tons of burger joints. Almost all as good if not better than Hardees/Carl Jr. This video has everything you need to like you, hate you and feel embarassed for you. Whatever, I hope the burger it came out as easy as it went it. I’ve had it and guacamole on anything is awesome. And just because I wanna be the a-hole …I hate the littering. Peace out!

“LETTUCE……FUCK OFF!TOMATOE…FUCK OFF!!ONION AND OTHER TOMOATOE….who needs you..” “if u dont have a carls jr near u,then end it all now” xD -smug kinda acsent- “gonna have dem smoosh fans sceamn at me to use a napcin….i anit got time for that bull shit,i’m fuckn hungry!” GREAT VIDEO!!!!100/100!!!^_^

They don’t have Carl’s Jr here, but I’m from Southern California–I LOVE Carl’s Jr’s chocolate cake. I thought your license was suspended. We do have Hardee’s here, which is owned by Carl’s (or vice versa), but there’s no cake. Probably no guac, either. I’ll be in S. Cal. on June 7th. I’m getting a guacamole burger. Thanks for the recommendation. LOVE the voiceover. πŸ™‚

These food exposes (my comp. doesnt have a french accent so the word is “Expo-says” not exposes) are equipped with your usual hilarity, but in all honestly, I’m concerned for your health. ‘Spatch, I beg of you, implement a healthy regiment, before your videos are replaced by an untimely funeral.

Nice video. We don’t have a Carl Jr….but we do haev a Hardees. Which I believe is the same thing. They have little yellow star logo, like Carls. And they also have the 6 dollar burger. They may not be the exact same restaurant, but I think they have the same owner.

No Carl’s jr. But we have a Hardee’s, owned by the same company.

No way I am paying 6 bucks for a burger.

Oh wow…that thing is a heart attack waiting to happed:
1,120 calories
730 fat calories
155 mg cholesterol
2,160 mg sodium
81 grams of fat
29 grams of sat. fat
54 grams of carbs

Gee whiz! I’ll pass! Looked good though.

PSM’s Hamburger Recipe

2 tbs RED WINE VINEGAR * 1 tsp SOY SAUCE * 1 tsp BBQ SAUCE * 1 tsp HP SAUCE * 1 tbs MAPLE SYRUP * 1 tsp MUSTARD * 1 tbs KETCHUP * some SALT * some PEPPER * some SAVORY * some BASIL * 1 lrg EGG * 1 med ONION (chopped) * 3 clv GARLIC (chopped) * 1 tbs OLIVE OIL * 1/2 cup BREAD CRUMB POWDER * 1/4 cup BROWN SUGAR * 1 lb LEAN GROUND BEEF

Combine wet stuff and spices. Saute finely chopped onion and garlic in 1 tbs olive oil. Put onion and garlic in wet stuff.

In a large bowl, mix bread crumbs and brown sugar. Add the ground beef and mix. Add the wet stuff and mix. Mix well but don’t make the texture smooth.

man your fucking entertaining hahaha
” i dont have time for that bullshit”
u only live once man
may as well eat some mad burgers n shit
whats 10 years when your old?
mad like sitting around doing jigsaws etc
u could die tommmorow dispatcher from like a random youtube stalker so eat up dude!

I disagree with your outlook on life….we’re all gonna die someday so who cares about being healthy? Most people try not to speed up the process. You are right, you can live however you want, but once you decide to have kids that a whole different story. You should at least TRY to stick around for him.

When i’m Weally Hungry, i imagine myself
watchin’ This Video! (;

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Have a nice day!


he’ll be dead in 10 years or less from eating like that. you should be keeping the vegetables on that burger and not throwing them out. i can hear the carseat straining under your weight. please stop and see your doctor soon. the weight you are carrying looks like it’s mostly in your stomach and that means a sure heart attack or heart disease. our healthcare system is in trouble because of people who are obese. i am sure when you die someone is gonna miss you. terribly

Hahaha i like the littering part, thats what i do if i eat Mcdonalds or whatever in my car – usually littering the carpark, but we dont want the leftover crap left inside.

I kept hearing the voice of god throughout, but i can relate to that feeling of munching down a burger and fries when you’re hungry. Makes me hungry just watching, definately.


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  1. Dude your Fat!top eating it. get a subway. I mean dam, you actually get rid of stuff thats good for you. fat bastard. I know my limits.

    Comment by fat help — May 22, 2007 @ 1:41 am

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