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May 19, 2007

Dawn Keane: Important Message

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Youtube Commments:
Brett I pray for you and may peace and love be bestowed upon your family and I like your music and your opinon on things other then religon I also don’t care for what group people fall under I like em for who they are! don’t talk about religon if you don’t want to talk about yourself you got fans who like you for who you are. I completly respect your opinon and would never condem a fellow human.

the kean family is awsome. Brett I’m a christian and I love the challenges you give me to test my faith stay on the air and do what you feel like who cares about subscibers that blackmale you into only making fun of religon and religon that tells you to go to hell. you got a lot of friends that like you outside of the labels, rock on!!

hey where is pegan wolf now and all thouse great atheist. I was just looking at the comments and there like why pray for brett he’s an atheist blah blah blah so although you had some bad sheep christians who don’t have their faith built on a rock and some comments and shit upset them and tell you all sorts of crap you have thouse who stand firm and it doesn’t matter we see the good human in you and if we wanna pray for you who are the atheist to say we shouldn’t!

Thanks very much for telling us he’s coming back. I felt very sad when I heard he was leaving. I empathize completely with the message that he’s been trying to get out (about humanity being the problem, etc.). He’s encouraged me to start creating my own videos, which I will be posting just as soon as I finish with them. 🙂

Hey, Dawn! Thanx for letting us know! I was a little worried, this time! 😉

You’re looking good, momma! Glad to see you, too! Hope all is well w/you & the mini-Keanes! hehehe!

Tell Brett- we’ll be here, waitin’ for him!
*super-big hugs*


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