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May 20, 2007

Talking about PUSSIES!

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Youtube Commments:
My Cat Has To Be In The Bathroom With Me Too. And Her Water Has To Be On The Bathroom Counter. My Cat We Had Years Ago Had Been Missing For A Couple Maybe Three Months. One Evening My Husband And I Went To Take A Walk, And There Was Mewsic Dead In The Front Of Our Apartment. My Husband Who Did NOT Like Cats Burried Her Across The Street In The Empty Lot, Put Rocks So Other Animals Couldn’t Get At Her; And Got Pissed When Some Punks Turned Thje Cross That He Had Made Upside Down.

We Don’t Know How Or When. She was Stiff; But Not Decomposed. I Think She Had Been Out And Lost Her Way; Then Maybe Got Hit By A Car Or; There Was A Strange Dog Out There. But She Wouldn’t Have Been Stiff If It Had Been The Dog. And Keep In Mind That My Husband Was A Service Manager At The Complex, And Walked The Grounds Daily. It Was Just Very Strange.

Maybe She Was Poisoned. My Schnoodle, Pebbles, Died In August Of 2004. My Sons Dog Knew She Was Dying; And Followed Her Around Licking Her Ears. Then After We Burried Her In The Bag Yard, Ole Buzz Wouldn’t Go Back There. We Would Have To Take Him Out Front. It Took Him About A Week Before He Would Go Out Back. I Would Love To See Some Pictures Of Your Baby.

That is sad, I’m sorry. I have only had 1 kitty and he died after 13years, Teddy probably had some sort of blockage. Same thing happened to my friends cat but they wound up taking her to the vet just in time. By the way you’ve got nice shoulders πŸ˜€

While distasteful, I think this “petifile” comment was a dismal attempt at a joke. “Ped”ifile, meaning lover of children, “Anglo”file, meaning lover of English men. I think tiamthelf was trying desperately, while failing miserably to be funny. They were trying to say you were a “Pet”ifile, one who loves animals.

While it may have been intended as a cute pun, tiamtheelf, should have double-checked with him/herself before posting something in such bad taste.

My cat died a few years ago but I had her for 23 years. It had gotten so old it couldn’t climb in the bed any more. But the night before she passed she was able to make in the bed. At about 3 am I felt the tap tap on my shoulder for me to lift up the covers so she could sleep down at my feet. Damn I miss that stupid cat…MIKE

I have 2 cats now and have always had at the very least one cat around! Plus, I am a Leo, who supposedly hold dominion over all felines.

My cat, Melissa died at the age of 18 in 1998. Her birthday’s coming up: May 16th.

That is a horrible death Ted had; exploded?? What?? That’s really AWFUL!! I’m creeped out, Zip!

Love to Bill and Ginger!

So sad Zips -I can commiserate, as there’s a standard contract in my family that we have to love cats, because we all, without exception, have (from birth), and SADLY, we’ve lost a lot of little guys before their time. I’m glad you’ve still got you’re buddy Bill. My guy, Coleman, says hi

Huh exploded with no explanation? Surely *something* must have happened. Cats do NOT explode. And the visual imagery was mucho disturbo there Zipster….next time at least give us fair warning!! Gonna be cat splat shrapnel nightmare for me tonite 😦

I used to have twin Siamese boys named Oscar and Felix, and they used to lie on the floor and box each other (they were both declawed), they’d just lie there and sock each other in the face, it was hilarious! Man, I have so many awesome cat stories I could share with you, Zippy! Thanks for sharing that story, I’m glad you still talk about Teddy, and I have no doubt that he was gorgeous and special. πŸ™‚ *hugs* ~Marissa

I’m a HIGHLY attached to my cat. She is such a priss. She will only drink water from a cup! If you put it in a bowl, she turns up her nose and walks off. Her name is Oreo, but she now goes by “Kitty Baby”. We got her when she was 5 weeks old and she turned 5 years old on April 15th. I told my husband when she dies I’m going to need a lot of therpy! What can I say? She’s my best friend! πŸ™‚

Wow Bud sounds like you’re in a sort of blue place today or yesterday or whenever you made these videos. I DO so hope you get to feeling better. What a sad story about your/Tim’s cat. Such a sad way to see them go. All one can hope for was that the suffering was brief or non-existent. Such as rough time you seem to have had. Keep your chin up. LYZ

This is why we love Zipster so much…because we can relate…he is a gentle caring soul. My cat Franklin Jr. (Junior) died in my arms last Sept. He used to stare up at me with such love and adoration when I was on the throne…come on who else would do that??? Unconditional Love! Thanks for sharing!

I know how you’d feel Zipster I had two beautiful cats till one got run over in the street. Mind you, don’t think he was a full shilling he always seemed to wait until a car approached and then ran in front of it! The one I have now seems more streetwise hopefully. :s

I love you Zip. Everything you say is interesting to me. You are so real, so natural and I’m proud consider you a real friend. Heartfelt as always. (Working my way back on your vids now that I’m finally at peace with the events going on with my brother) πŸ™‚ – John

unfortuantely, Dog’s face’s change when they pass as well, I can’t stand it, I have always had two dogs (pardon the pun), since I was 2 yrs old,for several different reasons, I have dad to bury 12 dogs in my life time, it is so sad, it breaks my heart.


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