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May 21, 2007

Eurovision 2007 Final- Ukraine/Ucrania

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Youtube Commments:
Like in a festival We can see everything, like this, But the worst thing it that many people love it, Ok is funny but my God, you found better songs in the Eurovision.

La verdad tiene ritmo y esta chistosa su presentacion, algo increiblemente asqueroso cuando descubre que en realidad es un hombre pero bueno, como esto le gano a Russia, Eslovenia o Georgia, por favor, menos mal que no quedo en 1′ lugar

OMG, you all people just don’t understand that.
That guy’s target was to tease the ESC and to scoff artists who are “fighting” for winning the ESC.
I’m glad because many people in Europe noticed that and gave him 2nd place.
I hope that will talk to Eurovision’s minds and this contents will become better…

That is a great show, where Europe can love – who has no good humour like studizien, can never understand this “Verka Show”.

That is what people like to see on a saturday evening 🙂 laugh and start happy in a new week..great 🙂 The real winner!

A mi me gusta pues xD Al menos te hace reir un rato, no como Rumania que casi me pongo a llorar… por favor o los de UK xD

España esta donde se merece, hasta que no llevemos a las supremas de mostoles o a tamara… no llegaremos ni a los 10 primeros XD

Ukraine deseved to be #1!
At least everybody talking about him, and that what most people will remember from ESC 2007. All countries, except Albania gave him some points. And for the winner – I saw a few comment that it makes people cry – get a grip. And she did get 0 points from 5 countries. Everybody forgot about Serbia now and will only remember in May 2008.

Verka Serduchka the best!!!
vereis,, de Serbia no se va a saber NADA!!
pero Ukraina seguira arrasando!
a esta cancion no la supera ni dios!
por lo que ha ganado, ya podia kedar Ukraina 1ª!
Arriba Ukraina, que sois los mejores!!
la revelación!!

Xdona Mieszjelle !!
tienes algo en contra!
xk sino me lo dices!
an consigido k kon algo tan simple k decir 4 palabras, acer una gran cancion muy pegajosa y con eso se ven los resultados!
con algo tan sencillo an conseguido el segundo puesto!

Well judging by the song Serbia did deserve to win because if it was based on politics Croatia, Bosnia, or Slovenia wouldnt have gave Serbia 12. Politically they hate each other. Marija Serifovic has a great song and a great voice, this Ukranian song is a joke and its so stupid, Ruslana’s song was the best in 04.


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