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May 21, 2007

What One Atheist Believes

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Youtube Commments:
1. Belgrade, a city on hills YAY!
2. No, man, it was some Serb killing the Archduke. These Serbs, man, always stirring up shit.
3. Oppression and poverty are NOT the main reasons of trouble in mideast, otherwise most of the world’s suicide bombers would come from sub-saharan africa.

Yup, the Saudis are not exactly poor either. And throwing money at the problem will never solve anything in the middle east. I believe that making a monotheistic religion so militant and that punishes apostates is one of the reasons it has been harder to reconciliate religions in the middle east. When you are brought up to believe that everything evil, unholy and dirty is Jewish, it is hard to establish dialogue with a jew. My opinion though.

“I think something is seriously wrong with our country if we think prison rape is funny.”
Yes! Exactly! I agreed with a good few things you said (can we really believe in everything someone else believes?), but that was surprising, and very nice to hear. Rape is bad, period. It’s not good when it happens to anybody. And anyone who thinks otherwise, has a serious defect.

However, I don’t believe that people who never admit they’ve done anything wrong (in terms of abusing their children) deserve to be forgiven. I believe people who say that don’t know what it’s like (or don’t understand what it is) to have terrible people as parents.

In reading many of the writings of atheist Madalyn Murray-O’Hair, I found a very intriguing take on the word believe. She said that to believe in something can be defined, and is too easily regarded as, holding a position/view on something as a matter of faith or trust without proof. (continued)

(cont.) She said that she therefore had completely stopped using “believe/belief” when expressing her personal views, and instead would use: “I know”, “I think I know”, or “I don’t know”. As an atheist, I’ve always done the same since reading that and have thus avoided the typical charges of only having “faith”.


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