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May 23, 2007


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Youtube Commments:
You have a chance to stop reading this comment. Do not read the next paragraph. Considder yourself warned. Don’t blame me.

“Fap” if I’m not mistaken is a comic sound effect used in Japanese comics and popularized by Sexylosers dot com. It’s basically the sound effect of a male pleasuring himself.

Er, I think your final label there is reserved for Hillary Clinton, but Ayn Rand makes the list. I agree with the CORE of her philosophy, because it is essentially libertarianism (despite her objections to the term), but her implementation of it was, as you said, elitist in many ways. Plus, she viewed anarchists with the same disdain she showed for libertarians.

Hey, thanks for reminding me to put AS on my profile. And, I am kind of a bastard, so consider your heuristic validated.

On the basics, I think she pretty much nailed it. But by the early 70s she got to be like some kind of rock star and surrounded herself with sycophants. She started making these pronouncements, like encouraging people from her little “collective” to start smoking like it was some kind of rational moral requirement. She pretty much went completely batty.

The fountain head is an interesting book by her, although she loses me when the main character rapes the other main character, maybe because I was in highschool when I read it. Anyway Anthem is a good book, only 200 pages but less bashing the same philosophy over and over again.

LNG, her problem with Libertarians is that she said they were all anarchists. She didn’t mind the term, as long as you used a lower-case ‘L’. To this day, her former toadies who run what’s left of her “institute” literally and formally excommunicate people from their forums merely for associating with Libertarians, let alone actual anarchists. I’d have been excommunicated on the spot if I’d ever bothered to get involved with that bullshit.

TAA, I like to get book lists from people I find interesting. So in your case I’ll make an exception and ask you anyway. Haha j/k. Seriously a video with a top ten (no particular order) would be cool. Just interested in what other atheists are into reading.

There are some important ideas that Ayn Rand did borrow from Nietschze, despite her bashing him all the time.

I can say “I don’t care” regarding her opinion on homosexuality because I don’t assume anything Ayn Rand said is automatically true. But I do think she had a lot of good, important ideas and deserves a little more respect as a philosopher.

If you need convincing, read “Atlas Shrugged” (again, if you already have.)

When John Gait goes on for 30 fucking pages about Ayn Rand’s philosophy, the cunt expands at the speed of light.

I did finish Atlas Shrugged. It should have never been.

Today, TAA is educational. I found some irony in that your vid brings up links to a Mike Wallace interview of Ayn Rand. Ayn Rand seems to ignore the tribal nature of humans. Instead of Zombies, I need to fear people who believe in Ayn Rand. The Homosexuality issue is a red herring. Even people who try to cherish rationality often are simply rationalizing beliefs they hold for subconscious reasons.

My brother (I mentioned him as an answer to question 10) is an idiot. He could certainly teach Ayn Rand a few things about selishness. He’s a semi-fanatic, a drug user, and he’s in jail now for robbing a McDonalds with a toy gun. That’s what Selfishness gets you. Then again, that’s not really “Objectivism” since objectivism requires intelligence.

Although I really do enjoy Ayn Rand’s writings and most of her philosophy, she was pretty much an idiot when it came to her views on homosexuality. Strange, considering how open she was on other issues. I found her idea that homosexuality was “immoral” and gays were “psychologically” messed up pretty offensive.

But wasn’t Fahrenheit 9/11? – brilliantly to the point I thought. It was just a shame that America didn’t listen to it. I can not remember if this predated George W’s first or second term? I think it was his second – so it was probably too late anyway.

Problem is, she wasn’t exaggerating about her praise of industrialists. Her nonfiction confirms her high appraisal of the industrialists, and not for what they “contributed to society”, as you say. It was because of what they contributed to themselves.

My problem with Ayn Rand is that when she was right, she basically stated the obvious. The rest of it is one false dichotomy and bad anaology after another.


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