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May 23, 2007

Interview With Hillary

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Youtube Commments:
When I first began this little “Political Adventure” video…I Honestly thought it was going to suck. But then I heard the Letters “BJ” come out of your mouth and I have NO idea what the rest of the video was about, I HONESTLY was LAUGHING. Like, OUTSIDE of my head LAUGHTER…so, Could I abbreviate that as LOSOMH? I think so. (and YES, it’s such a GOOD abbreviation that i added the word “of” into it)

Luke! Dude! This is… <Rotflmao>
almost funny <gasp, choke>

I expected better from you though, and shame on you! I should’ve, at the least, had to call 911. It was close, but I survived without them.
Oh well…..
I guess I have no choice but to continue on my own…
If I can stop laughing long enough to breathe…..


Worse yet, I had to come back here to check out your reply, and I was consequently FORCED to watch it again. Eeeek!!
A couple more times and 911 might enter the picture. 🙂

If Hillary ever sees this, she’s gonna have a heart attack. YeeHaw!


oH God, though I’m anti-hillary,anti-obama pro-gravel/ron-paul, I sure hell know this video will make the evil cons reach their orgasm, finally. BTW, I THINK MONICA WAS A MOLE PLANTED BY THE REPUBLICANS TO TRAP BILL. HE’S SO CUTE I CAN’T BELIEVE HE STOOPED THAT LOW. AND WHAT’S STRANGE IS, MONICA KEPT THE SEMEN STAINED DRESS OH GOD. WHO DOES THAT? EW.


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