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May 24, 2007

YouTube battleground: Scientology vs BBC

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Youtube Commments:
This is exactly why I say you should NOT become like your nemesis! All reason is lost through emotion. Proving, that a spoonful of sugar DOES help the medicine go down! We need to practice mutual respect and not worry about letting others infiltrate our minds, we posses the power to retain our control over it. Use it!

Scientology routinely plays the “Religious Bigotry” card, to stifle criticism. That is one more reason, why the deference given to religious belief, must end. The Church of Scientology is a malevolent organization. You can see for yourself at xenu dot net

Scientologists are trained how to lie without reacting (it’s in Lafayette Ron Hubbard’s training notes) and they’re also trained to know what buttons to push to get people to look irrational and seem to be in the wrong. Any organisation that calls itself a religion for tax purposes in the US, and that sells its religious ideas for cold hard cash isn’t a genuine religion, it’s a cult. Religions WANT to convert you to their religious ideas – Scientology wants your money.

C.O.N (Church Of scieNtology), its a CON, i.e. To Con people out of their lives, to rape their minds and their bank accounts. Leving them feeling unashamedly stupid. This is not a church, nor a cult, nor a religion. It is a BUSINESS, a collection of EVIL CON ARTIST. If you try to leave this job, they will KILL you. IT IS A CON.

BBC website is showing vid clip ‘Reporters Fury Caught on Tape’ which shows the event in its full context from the bbc cameras – revealing that he was yelled at first, and that the Scientology vid. hides this through dubious editing practices which could better be called a very bad attempt at propoganda, which, curoiously, if you listen through the yelling, is precisely what Sweeney is accusing them of…

Whether it be Scientology, Iraq or the Queens ideas on budgies (and sadly i might add) the media today is manipulated, bias and a controlled playground filled with puppets…BBC, NBC, FOX… who gives a toss what the BBC thinks about my religion or anyone elses!

Ha! You cannot compare FOX and the BBC without showing your ignorance. Also, it is not ‘the BBC’s opinion’, how can a collective be referred to as having a single thought? John Sweeney is an ‘investigative reporter’, not a protestor. Look it up.

Interesting to note how he “punctuated” his tirade with very controlled, restrained interjections. From appearances, he’s just reciprocating by shouting over the person trying to shout over him. It will be interesting to see the full version of that exchange when it comes to light…

I’ve uploaded another news clip this morning from breakfast news. They aren’t giving away any more video but there as more good analysis of the cult’s behaviour during filming. They accused the BBC of staging a demo in London (I know they didn’t) and making death threats. The cult is way out of order.
Anyway, check it out. It’s the #2 news item in my videos.

Scientologists are certainly unscrupulous in their efforts to get people into contact with their organisation. They used the collective trauma in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks to lure psychologically vulnerable individuals into their sphere of influence (St. Petersburg Times: “Mental Health Hotline a Blind Lead.”) In Germany they are offering “after-school tutoring” to children of unsuspecting parents in order to recruit them into scientology (Derspiegel: “Suspicious Tutoring.”)

PS my last comment was a response to ‘MeisterMusic’ – I forgot to say so!
I am right behind John on the basis that he is trying to have a conversation and facing false accusations – He’s a man like any other who raised his voice to be heard. I’m looking forward to the programme tonight!

I notice that ALL off the 16 scientology “Success” clips have their COMMENTS and REPLIES switched off. For me that undermines any credibility they may trying to garner as it is a classic propaganda technique. THEY talk. YOU listen but with no forum for response or debate; and nothing kills ignorance faster than an intelligent debate…

Scientology is a shocking example of the level of artificiality of life in late modernity. It’s all about image with Scientology, just a game with words. Words on shiny brochures and words spouting out of talking heads. The more you learn about the reality behind the spin, the more astonishing is the discrepancy between fact and fiction.

Both guys are just as bad as each other, so neither of them have the moral high ground to criticize the other. But for those who are in this religion who have decided to use You Tube as a battle ground, what ever criticism you recieve is your faults no one elses- there are other ways in resolving a disupute, go through the courts, let the Law decide…. As for the reporter, he should have any right as any other person in my country to investigate anyone or anything..

Haha, this cult can hardly be taken seriously. They will surely give up in a few years, or commit mass suicide, like all the other silly cults of the world. What kind of religion demands that people pay huge amounts of money to know ‘the truth’, anyway?

Haha. That’s an interesting way of putting it, though there’s a flaw. In scientology one must pay over $100,000 to know about some extraterrestrial who brought humans to Earth. In Christianity, everyone is entitled to know the main points of the religion, without any payment (except the voluntary payment of course, which is tiny).

Religion or cult appears to be the point, but the definition of a cult is “a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded as strange by others”. As all religious beliefs are regarded as strange by others it is simply a question of numbers. If the Scientologists can get enough followers they are a religion and religions that lose followers e.g Zeus, Thor become cults.

A cult is any group which uses lies and deception in order to recruit members and to control them inside the group. The number of members is irrelevant for the definition of cult. Scientology is a cult because it recruits and controls people by controlling information relevant for understanding the nature of the organisation.

Think about it skyintheirhair!!! The reason the Oxford Dictionary defines a cult from a religion by numbers of followers is because both have made claims to recruit members that would be regarded as “lies and deception” by non-believers e.g. if you’re not baptised and don’t live by our religious beliefs then you will go to hell and burn for eternity.

Do mainstream religious groups withdraw central information on their belief systems from new members and only allow access to such information against considerable amounts of money and other personal resources? A cult is defined by its sociological features, not by number of members.

cult has several definitions, but the most pertinent entries would be
1, a religion or sect considered to be false, unorthodox, or extremist, with members often living outside of conventional society under the direction of a charismatic leader. – Hubbard perhaps

2. any system for treating human sickness that originated by a person usually claiming to have sole insight into the nature of disease, and that employs methods regarded as unorthodox or unscientific. – Hubbards views on psychiatry.
Thats only one view point however, some people may think that religion is essentially the ame thing.

Im related to Mr. J Sweeney, and can tell you now that he is as decent a person as you will find, personally I find the clip of him shouting reasonable as to me it seems that even when he shouts they dont listen, you can hear the other fella still rabbiting away. In all I urge anyone that has formed oppinions on this person based on a matter or seconds to reconsider voicing your views and at least watch the whole programme before posting derogatary remarks.

sorry I probably didnt word it properly, what I meant was he is a decent person, and its best to watch the whole thing first before people start slating him. I found an interesting bit on the bbc website that you might want to check out, it gives a bit more of a rounded video.

bobajob, your relative has more people commenting in favor of him than otherwise. Apparently, Scientologists had been following him for a week and obviously, the person he interviewed had a recording implanted in his mouth. Only people who are really unsure of themselves cannot listen and answer. I respect John Sweeney. He was more truthful than most american reporters would have been. Good show !

Just to point out my comments on the Scientologist clips – in no way derogatory – have not appeared. Whilst the BBC ones have – make your own mind up about the organisations’ levels of transparency on that – unfortunately it seems that the Scientologists are reluctant to air any views that question their openness.

they charge alot of money to give the ‘facts’ about aliens landing and bringing humans to planet earth (you need to be a ‘level 3’ scientologist to find out-LOL!). the religion was created by a science fiction author-all u need to know-watch the new bbc documentary with john sweeny, hes the best

I agree pdoeman with the part about comments you made. They are only allowing comments which fall in line with the mantra they are putting out. They all fall around the same theme. They probably didn’t allow my comment because it did not fall within the “official” viewpoint. As you say it seems many scientologists are singing in the same choir on the comments.

Scientology, an idea which would ask for blind faith in a story about Ming the Merciless asking followers to hand over ridiculous amounts of cash in the hope that the ridiculous saga may go on. Whilst the BBC promotes the ridiculous idea that if you have blind faith they will produce quality television and radio programs which appeal to a wide audience being informative, current, and popular. The Price the BBC asks? the ridiculous licence fee. OMG the BBC and scientology are the same people!

If you want to know wha scientologists really believe, just do a search for “south park scientology” on youtube. Isaac Hayes, who voiced Chef and is a scientologist himself, actually quit the show over their mocking, despite the fact what they said was absoloutely truthful. Funny how he never objected to them mocking other belifs.

Do not google Xenu, do not find out about his magnificent powers, or his fleet of DC-8 type planes which have left Thetan souls around Earthly volcanoes which are then exploded with atom bombs by Xenu, only to have their souls roam the Earth and impurify humans. The crazy thing? Scientologists believe all of it.

There is no question in my mind that Scientology is a cult. Some would say other religions are too, although I wouldn’t categorize Scientology as a religion. I used to call myself a Scientologist until I woke up one day and realized the nuttiness going on around me. A friend and I got out around the same time and there’s one word we use to describe Scientolgy, in all seriousness – diabolical.

I really really hope this blows up in the Scientologists faces. Enough evidence is out there for god’s sake on youtube alone to show their methods are dubious at best. As an organisation it’s quite well known it has blood on it’s hands and any sane person can see there is a lot of mental conditioning.

They force their adherents to cut all ties with their families (known as “disassociation”). They make their followers pay $10,000 to hear about “the incident”- when an alien called Xenu came to Earth in the past. They aren’t classed as a charitable organisation (as most religions are). They are a cult. I’m not backing Sweeney though. He failed to remain objective.

hey, who cares, i won’t join em cause i don’t believe they are right, but that doesn’t make em wrong, who can prove the existence of god ? john shouldn’t have lost it though, very unprofessional, they will use that as another weapon in their fight.

What’s really great is that the Scientologists’ attempt to discredit Sweeney and the BBC has totally backfired on them. A programme that would have had maybe a couple of million viewers will now be watched by ten times as many in The UK and millions more in the rest of the world.
Personally I think Sweeney acted with great restraint. In the same situation I would have punched the smug, arrogant bastard on the nose.

I got roped into a scientology office – about 18 years ago- in Poole, Dorset – it was a frightening and disturbing experiences of my life. Thankfully I took a mate with me and we were able to escape (literally). I was so angry afterwards, we were both shocked and angry! I can totally understand how John Sweeney lost his cool. He shouldnt have apologised – they prey on single people who live alone like students etc I cant wait to watch the BBC expose scientology for the cult that it is!

My feeling is that the scientologists obviously take SERIOUS action against those who leave or discredit their religion.

Would a Holywood star like Travolta have a skeleton in the closet he’s told the scientologists about? If he knows how they react how can he now leave, or anyone else in a public profile (like the cop opening their london hq)?

I think it is likely that Tom Cruise et al have dark secrets they may have told them at a low time that ties them in with their scam.

i am a british citizen, that belives in freedom of speach. and had no real view of this cult!!!!!. i watch the bbc panorama programe in full. your video clip is not a ture reflection. of the reporter or the programe. and the cult leaders behavior was far worst than the bbc reporter. maybe you americans should watch the programe in full. before you past jugement. i centainly have a clearer view of scientology now and it is not a good one. this is a cult. A fucked up one aswell.

Anyone who has seen the documentary and/or read up on them will see that they’re obviously another brain washing, money grabbing cult, nothing at all to do with religion. With luck all this publicity will backfire and everyone will see them for what they are and it will be the beginning of the end.

You’re half right…scientology is a money grabbing cult, but then that’s also how religion works. Why not worship L.Ron Hubbard? At least he existed, which makes these weak minded scientologists 1 up on 99% of religions. Once upon a time ALL religions were just “cults”…thousands of yrs & brainwashed suckers later they’ve acquired a veneer of respectability that disguises their true character.

Because they believe in this alien race that dumped trillions of aliens into volcanoes in Hawaii 75,000,000 years ago? 75,000,000 years ago Hawaii probably didn’t exist, the volcanoes show its a pretty new formation, maybe 5 million, not 75 million

I’ve noticed that all the pro scientology videos on yt have the comments disabled or have “pending approval” for the comments. There really is no discussion, scientology is a despicable business enterprise invented by a sci fi novelist, whose followers are either businessmen or suggestible vulnerables. In many ways it is the perfect “religion” & the world would do well to recognise its criminality as being present in ALL other religions. Mind control equals power & profit…religion in 6 words.

“If you listen to others and don’t follow your opinions, how can be free to make your own judgement?”…..The essence of freedom is thinking & acting for yourself, religion & all dogmatic systems ask you not to do this by offering THEIR thoughts & actions in place of your own. Enslavement in other words.

I comment sweeney’s humility in matching that scientology idiot tactic for tactic. The guy likes to shout people down so seeney had to start shouting too until the guy finished. He might have looked a little ridiculous, but this was made up for by his comment “i lost my voice, not my mind.”

I strongly recommend googling the essay “the heart of a heartless world” by theodore dalrymple. It does a good job of putting the whole thing in perspective.

I think the person that uploaded that tirade is a Scientologist and all the ppl commenting are as well. I tried posting a comment and it gave me the message “will be posted once it’s approved”. I’m 99.9% certain my comment won’t be approved b/c i didn’t say anything bad about the reported. Censorship bastards… that’s one of many reason why so many ppl don’t like them.

me and some friends used to picket outside their world hq in clearwater years ago oi heh they had little kids and old women outside doing constuction (ford hotel was still being built) they’d chuck rocks and spit on us from time to time quite an experience

i agree with bcj999 about the censorship going on from the “religion”, some of the videos posted have conveniently left out Tommy “dont mention cult” Davis who actually interrupted Sweeney and was the first to raise his voice which he had repeatedly done all throughout the shooting of the documentary

Yeh and they also fail to mention the stalking. Ahah, that guy by the garage, epic. It’s just so – pathetic is the only word I can think of. If they want to be portrayed as somewhere near to a religion show people who they really are, stop hunting down people and publically shamming them and allow people to speak their minds lol

after watching that man i have made my judgements scientology IS evil.
if he was to walk into a church and ask
a priest about the religion would he get
the same response? ermm NO! Scientology is bad and i cant believe the amount of posters slagging off john sweeney because hes right with what he said. HE SHOULD GO BACK AND EXPOSE THEM.


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