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May 27, 2007

Happy Mother’s Day

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Youtube Commments:
the crying actually suits the video because it shows what Sam goes through every day! and what all mothers go through every day! mothers are so amazing! they have to deal with so much and the truly deserve a special mother’s day! happy mother’s day to you samantha! 🙂

AWW!! thas so cute! looks like you had a ..em nice day 🙂 did she ever go to the playground!?

it was so sweet when bella licked the paint off her hand! and when sophia helped her with her cookie and drink!! aww it was just like me And my little sister growing up! Mooore sam! 😀 xxxx

I must admit that I giggled a bit when I saw them crying and such, followed by “isn’t that sweet.”
Your girls are such sweethearts and I adore how good they are with eachother. I’m surprised that Sophia didnt notice Bella licking her hand ha ha
Glad to see that they are healthy and I wish you all the best

I would gladly step back in time if only for a day to have my children that young. Along the path of life I became the child and my children the adults. The best of all, it feels like pay back time because now I get to be a child again with my Beautiful Granddaughter Alannah Jane.

bella crying and then slapping the camera was so cute. its really nice that you also put the not so pretty moments on youtube. Bella and Sophia have always come across as perfect little angels but now we get to see the normal todler side of them. It doesnt matter tho, they are still the most adorable girls i know


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