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May 28, 2007

Eurovision Ukraine 2007 – Verka Serduchka – Dansing

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Youtube Commments:
This song and show is so funny. It’s an interesting song, a great show with nice clothes :).

It is impossible that Ukraine is on the second place and not on the first!
Eurovision is where people want laugh, see a good show…and not somebody who is just singing.

I’m from Germany and voted for Ukraine.
That Germany gave Serbia 12pts. is also impossible! Nobody like the music of Serbia in Germany! Maybe we have a manipulation…

well..its not actually germany that gave 12 pts to turkey. its only the turkish people living in germany that voted for them! no matter how crappy the turkish en try would be, turkey will still get 12 points from “germany”. im living in germany and i congratulate serbia and ukraine for placing that high. you deserve your placements!

That only was made for humour. To like Verka you should understand what she says. It’s not that this man just wears woman’s clothes and make-up, no! There’s a huge story behind this character. We’ve been watching Verka performing here for more than 10 years and never get sick of this image since it constantly changes for better.

Btw, the man behind Verka is an amazingly talented actor, composer and artist.

Oops, i was actually adressing this to vertexbg…

Thanks to everyone who’s supporting Verka. If you are interested, search for “Andrey Danilko After You…” here on YouTube – the song for the video you’ll see was written by Andrey Danilko who is a man behind Verka.

In my opinion, ESC is about laugh, show and party. That’s why this was my favourite entry. Serbian song was beautiful, and Marija’s voice is amazing, but I think Ukraine is the real winner of 2007. This song will be a huge hit this summer! Love ya Verka Serduchka!! =)


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