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May 28, 2007

Mom of NutCheese

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Youtube Commments:
Love this!! My mom and I were talking yesterday about how great it was that she enjoyed “kid stuff” like Disneyland and snow angels every bit as much as my brother and I. Like your mom, she was probably having more fun than we were. And thank goodness! How else could a mom put up with the lines and the fussing and the preparations for and the crying-because-we’re-tired-after all those FUN TIMES!! hehe great vid!

Tis true. You are a visionary and a balm unto the souls of the melancholy and the obese. Like the onion, you are a spirit of many layers. At once bold and innovative. One who rides the very precipice, and then a soft spoken voice of peace to your subscribers. Great Zeus, but you are a giant!

You should feel used! It WAS/IS all about Disneyland! Children would NOT be needed if it weren’t for the LOVE of Disneyland!! I’m sorry you had to find out this way (seeing the grandmother thing going on). LOL Loved the vid Kelley! Touching and comic all at once. Good to see you got the pic on the toilet. I was getting a bit worried not seeing you in your natural habitat! 🙂


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