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June 1, 2007

Hilary Duff – Stranger – Official Video (HQ)

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Youtube Commments:
This video in my opinion is the best yet!
I love how she (you) can inturpert her (your) parents feelings and actions, and yet still make them her own, and quite personal!…Thats just a wild guess, from what I’ve heard the songs about! So if Im wrong, Im sorry!

(Continuation) But also thats the beauty in music, you can take songs, verses, etc. and place them into your own life, as in how you (I) can relate to them!
I hope that made some sence, anyways, beautiful song, and amazing video!..It made me smile. and feel a lot of mixed emotions!..Keep kicking A** (Butt, hehe!)….–Marni (Spazz)..

Damn!!!!!!!!!!! Hilary is doin her thANG WITH THIS ALBUM. The music is tight and i can tell she’s really maturing. Not that i’m bashing her or anything cuz i’m a big fan of hilary duff, but seeing this video has made me think she’s not a virgin anymore. lol. Go Hil. lol

Today is the one month anniversary of my film.
Today is the one month anniversary of my film being flagged.
Today I hit the benchmark of 10,000 views.
Today all comments I have ever posted on Yt have been deleted with no explanation???
Thank you YouTube viewers for supporting my unfailry flagged film.

I love this music video alot more than with love. I don’t really know what’s going on in with love mv. I totally loved the meaning of this music video, her old songs don’t have much meaning but great music though. She’s getting better now, so feminine!!

This is a great video, I think it has no much sense according to the song, but Hilary looks healthier and hottier, go Hilary! And I don’t know but, wasn’t this supposed to be the continuation of With Love? Oh, and one more thing, I think this is too fast, I mean, she should give more time to With Love, it just released out! See you!


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