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June 2, 2007


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Youtube Commments:
Have to agree! I can’t have sympathy for people who run up debt they can’t pay back. But I do love ya nalts. You have talent and ALL the resorces. After all, how many of us have the IN with T.V. stations? It boggles my mind as to why they wouldn’t include you in the first place. I still think you should have signed up for that new T.V. reality show ‘on the lot’.

I agree with your agreement (LOL). I am DEFINITELY one of Nalts’ biggest fans. Nalts SHOULD be discovered and make a ton of money. I find it amazing that Hollywood isn’t beating down his door. Until then, however, Jo and Kevin need to clip coupons and downsize.

I’m being serious when I say Nalts is the only person on YT who I believe should be getting a cent! I’m against the whole partners program, but if anyone should be getting money, it is this man here – video a day, PLUS he has a job, PLUS he has four kids!!!
Nalts if they don’t listen, start your own video site and your people will follow you to the promised land

Thanks, captain. I’m at a dissadvantage because you really can’t leave YouTube and keep a following. It didn’t work for LonelyGirl and many others. Plus- I can’t find a site that has such an active community… which is worth more than money in many ways.

OMG…finally, someone acknowledge this. Ive heard about this in Attack Of The Show about a month or two ago. Youtube users profiting and stuff like that through ads. Glad you brought this up.

But wouldnt it be unfair though? since youtubers like you, have a ton of subscribers and you guys will get a LOT more money than those who barely have any. That is if it will actually work.

We’re on board in memory of RJ! The LiceOfNalts will not go quietly into the night, no we shall stand firm on perfectly hydrated scalp and fight till the Last Louse falls. We are Legion with 1,999 ready and willing to serve our Host! YouTube we are not above mailing ourselves to you, would you like that?

how’s this… remember videobloggingweek2007? What if I attach all my videos to NAPPY with the title NAPPY 1 2 3 4 etc, thus attaching 50+ responses and videos helping to make this the most responded to video in youtube history? Imagine if the whole nation of nalts did this for a few weeks? Once youtube got the message then we could put all our responses back where they belong. What do you think?

if you’re going to send a message to youtube and get their attention it’s got to be big – but I will wait for a thumbs up from Nalts before I freely do anything like this, cause it’s going to keep Katie really busy over the weekend if he decides to approve them all πŸ˜‰

You’re a whore, I’m a whore. I’m in. We whores need to stick together. πŸ˜₯ Did you know that 37% of YouTubers cry themselves to sleep every night? Did you know that 11% of YouTubers die of starvation each year because they forget to eat? Shockingly, 69% of YouTubers lack basic education. For the price of a cup of coffee, you can help end this tragedy.
Won’t you help? πŸ˜₯

Nalts – My first Video Comment (ever)…just for you. Your sense of humor is so preciously dry, it’s difficult to know (for certain) if you are being serious. If so, you might want to rethink the “Nappy” in light of the recent “Nappy Headed…” Imus comment. Just a thought.

I’m not so sure it’s a gag… I think he’s serious, but doesn’t want to end up angering YouTube. So you take your seriousness, make it like 10% gag, and then if they would have gotten angry, you claim gag and that they don’t have a sense of humor.

There are times where I considered something like that (or going dark for a while) but I think that would create more damage. Plus I’m not letting my frustration trump my love of creating and interacting with YTers. Viewers shouldn’t pay for a YT decision…

Just go dark on 777 videos for a while. They are going to make so much off this event. Post other videos instead. Why would it hurt viewers? Problem is the “Partners” probably have to show up and then their videos will be up so it wouldn’t work anyway.

Thought about that too. But it’s almost impossible to bring an audience with you. Even Stern lost most of his audience going to satellite radio. LonelyGirl only migrating a small portion of her audience. And YT has an active community that responds, comments, etc. I’d miss that.

You could link back to Revver (if YT doesn’t sensor it) and then the avid fans could do whatever we had to (click the advertisement?) to get you a little money. It wouldn’t be incredibly successful, but it’d be a bit more than nothing.
Only problem I see is that Revver might have a policy that they be the only ones that you upload a video to…

interesting – well good luck. i think you ‘deserve’ it more than most people getting it… but i am perplexed by this whole concept in the first place to be quite honest. frankly many influential and important youtubers will always be ignored in this program because of their material and that is disappointing. i am sure you appreciate it, but it is a step backwards.

My dear Louisianaian brother. It’s Nutcheese’s fault. She scared of the south and you are from New Orleans. She told them to not let any southerners in as they scare her.

Why do you want to do that??? Lol…actually love you and your family. It’s good to see someone doing it with the kids and family included. Can I trade a kid? Mine are duds. They don’t do so well on camera. πŸ˜‰

I would put the URL up but YT doesnt allow this to show in comments… naturally… mabe if I spelled it out backwards.

I’ll assemble my team…

WarRoomof Nalts

On, you just wanted me to send pizza.

Forget that… There MUST be a better way than waiting for YouTube to share their money… The perfect poetic justice would be to brainstorm a way to make some extra coin by USING YouTube as a vehicle, rather than DEPENDING on them… I liked your “product placement in nalts videos” idea… Wouldn’t that work?

I keep telling you… go for TV, man (last time I said that someone bitched at me about how that would ruin your creativity or some such artistic bunk – don’t they know art doesn’t buy Dom, baby, unless you are Warhol.) I see it now: Spencer for Hire, a video comedian, Nalts, rents himself and his nephew’s hilarious, chubby friend to people who want to pull practical jokes but have no talent.

I’m not joking when I say the TV stuff – to me you are as natural to that as Tim Allen, for instance. I mean the Nalts are the Taylors (Home Improvement) only funnier/of this decade. Everyone on this site secretly wants to be discovered… but, for me, you are one of two people on here who are CLEARLY TV talent. I don’t know how you get into that at all – you have to stay visible ande be approached I guess.

Pesto, Calzone, Pizza, Lasagne, Tortellini? (kidding about the candygram, I have less dough and more money worries here – but I’ll write to him and flatter him about having a name that makes me hungry. That’ll add some insidious flirtation to the whole presentation, too… like showing some leg but in email form.)

Hey, Nalts !!! Love your vids, guy. Lots of fun to be had for all, thanks.

Call me a ‘Nappy headed ho’.

Where’s the love? I thought nappy headed hos had love for all. Is that the definition of a ho? And a nappy headed ho would be a ho with love for NAPPY wouldn’t it?

I’ve got it! Every time I see Nalts or WifeofNalts take a sip of a Starbucks coffee or tuck an Apple product into the back seat of their van, I will immolate an entirely new and different part of my body! Sounds good, right? (Now, all I’ve got to do is get a hold of a video camera so the people at YouTube can be made aware of my resolute, slightly creepy solidarity with Nalts … )

I never understood this… If I were YT I wouldn’t partner with you either (keep reading!) Why…
– You post videos all the time.
– They’re good vids and get a bunch of views.
– YT shows a bunch of ads.
– You cost them nothing.

You want to solve this problem now? Make ONE more YT video with the url to where we can all go to find you next week and then start clicking private, private, private…

I don’t think that a second shortcut on my desktop would rise to the level of “wrecking a car.” Maybe one of those services would even be willing to pay you a “signing bonus.” (Hope this doesn’t get my account booted from YT…) The real answer is to toem2 3 *&bLJG sueb332 alX43;a 94Hfa!

i hate this partners programme, they are choosing only the people who look like they dont need the money, everyone who was chosen either has thousands of subscribers or great equipment but not one little guy was chosen, youtube was just meant to be fun but they turned it in to a thing about money, they have ruined it for a lot of people.

I have the YouTube office address. If anyone wants to send them something, email or contact me through YT. I don’t think I should post it publicly. You can find it too if you go to Google Earth and search the Google Earth Community Keyhole for YouTube. Here’s a hint: San Bruno, CA 94066

Is there a list somewhere of all the people who are on this partners program? What kind of view per video rate are these people getting? The thing about MetaCafe is that even after 20K views you only make $100. Even if you make five videos a week and they all hit 20K, that’s only $500/week and that would be below poverty line if that were your only source of income!

YOU ARE the reason we still watch YouTube!! This doesn’t make sense. You’re a MAJOR source of INSPIRATION and a DEFINITE TALENT (and goes without saying… dedicated) – Maybe we should start, sign and send a petition to YouTube ((on your behalf)) viewers & none viewers – maybe that’ll elicit a response or stir the pot.
Your being overlooked makes one question the whole process. !!?!!.

wow .. first video of you NOT on comedy section.. u must be really hurt 😦 im so sorry for u nalts πŸ˜₯

and….. is there even anything in that coffee mug ? coz u always “almost” sip from it but u never did πŸ˜›

and again.. im sorry for u..i hope this helps u get in .. goodluck bro πŸ™‚

That’s all we need right now…another “special interest group”… only to serve the ” self-interest” of your enormous ego. What happen nalty salty?…someone’s ego got bruised? hmm? somebody has to get paid while the rest of us only settle for scraps? hmm?…lil baby need a diaper change… SUCK IT UP NALTZ!

wow .. first video of you NOT on comedy section.. u must be really hurt 😦 im so sorry for u nalts πŸ˜₯

and….. is there even anything in that coffee mug ? coz u always “almost” sip from it but u never did πŸ˜›

and again.. im sorry for u..i hope this helps u get in .. goodluck bro πŸ™‚

If I wanted lobster
I’d pluck it from the sea
And if I wanted French toast
I’d ask Di to make some for me

And when I want to laugh a lot
It’s off to Nalts I go
What does it take to convince YouTube
His vids are worth the dough?

Sarry, yes, it’s really spam, i just can’t keep from rhyming
I feel like Nipsy Russell
but without the comic timing
You are such an expert spammer
a heart as good as gold
but if you spam too much I fear
You’re headed for the slammer

I like to think of Nalts as a brother, the brother I never had (sorry Tom, the brother who listens to my every worry and has nothing but nice things to say… the brother who puts me and my whole family in danger by filming at the wheel… the brother who would sell my mother to pay off his highspeed internet debt…

Yup. I’m unsubscribing from him too. I can bookmark his channel in my browser or search for him when I sign on. I don’t need to be subscribed. I think the partners program promotes a class system and jealousy among the community. It is divisive and apparently secretive. Anyone know how much partners make? How they were chosen? Why NALTS was not chosen? I feel that it is manipulation and I decline to be part of it.

I’m not just saying this as a result of this video, but when I first looked through the list of Partners the day it was posted, my first thougnt was, “Why isn’t Nalts on this list?” My second thought was, “How did THAT person get on the list when Nalts didn’t?” My third thought was, “And THAT person, how did HE get picked and Nalts didn’t?” And my fourth thought was, “How on EARTH did she get selected and Nalts didn’t” So on and so forth.

Oh, totally, Michelle! One person in particular, no two, make me so mad I see red when I think of them getting one thin dime. I have to ask myself who on earth did the choosing. both of the ones I loath have fewer subs/views, sometimes, far fewer, than Nalts.

Also, I think YouTube doesn’t make you a partner because you go to all sorts of different websites, so it doesn’t really make sense to make you one if you’re helping the competition just as much, maybe even more than you’re helping YouTube. Try and strike a deal with them: You stop posting videos on other sites and remove what you’ve put there, and they make you a partner.

Don’t get me wrong by the way, I would rather you were a partner. However, I honestly can’t advocate for something that doesn’t make sense to me. Furthmore, online petitions such as these don’t do much, because everyone has fan boys that are willing to shot out anything you tell them to.

Don’t worry nalts, I know how to get their attention. All I have to do is PUSH A TODDLER DOWN…
a slide at the park and he’ll go ‘yay!’ and then I’ll GRAB A KNIFE AND SLICE… the crust off the toddler’s sandwich. And for some strange reason, he’ll be the child of some important youtube person who’ll get you a partnership when I mention your name subliminally with fireworks, a bonfire, and a group of people shouting your name while riding trained dolphins.
Yep, that’s my plan.

OMG! What was I thinking? Gotta quit tapping BrotherofNalts reserve of communion wine. Did I just name a video – a whole YT movement – NAPPY?! Great. Should be hearing from Rev. Al any minute now. On the otherhand, I’m a shoe-in for the “Nalts in the Morning” show in place of Imus.


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