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June 2, 2007

YouTube…Trivial Pursuit?

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Youtube Commments:
this was excellent! well done everyone involved, I love seeing these collaboration videos ^_^
NutCheese’s typical renetto bashing was quite funny haha
Zipster take a few sleeping pills and get back to bed, bring on these dreams, they’re rather entertaining!!!

LMAO. You are sooo funny, even your dreams are funny. I agree with masxav16 the dora cup was just the funniest thing ever go drink out of! Can’t believe i will be on vacation for 3 days and miss all the wonderful Zipster movies, make lots for me to watch when I get back!

Okay, that was SCARY good! How did you guys coordinate so FABULOUSLY!! You’re so fabulous that I mentioned you in my latest vid.

OKAY, EVERYONE, ALL TOGETHER…MORE ZIPSTER…MORE ZIPSTER…MORE ZIPSTER…MORE ZIPSTER! Uh…you, there…that girl in the back…you’re not chanting. Don’t make me confiscate your YouTube card!

Zippy, i hope you’re really not sad…sad was when i first started watching you, you’ve come a long way, met lots of good people, going to Europe to meet more, you’ve got a good life, lots of people like me that love to watch you…smile and let’s enjoy it, ok?


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