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June 3, 2007

Rap Music Is Pigshit

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Youtube Commments:
I agree to a certain extent. There’s a lot of quality rap music, you just have to go underground to get it. These fucking retards on the radio though do need to be terminated. It is a damn shame people listen to shit like, “Girl, shake your laffy taffy!”

I mean what the fuck is a laffy taffy and who the hell cares to begin with?

Check out Nas, Eyedea, Atmosphere, Immortal Technique, Common.. rappers, or should I say, poets, who don’t get the attention that they deserve.

and you are a fat fuck too… “trogenus” is correct… the older rap is good. Rap has been changed into a redundant circle of bull in the MAINSTREAM world (the crap rap you see the TV)… Mrpregz you are a fuckin fat asshole who doesn’t know that he talks about… and you say that other genre’s are BETTER?! Rock has some bad messages and u are fuckwit for just talking about rap being scum… you are a fat dick.. I hope your arteries get clogged with fat and I hope you die!

There are a lot of rappers who don’t rap about vulgar things… rap is just like rock… it was not accepted at first, shunned on, and people then accepted it. There are a lot of good rappers that rap about genuine things… rappers like Mos Def, Talib Kweli, and Immortal Technique are good rappers and they rap about politics

Mr Pregnant…I hate rap music as well. Although I do not agree that everyone that listens to rap is SCUM or any of the other things you mentioned, but I do agree that rap music is talentless SHIT. How hard is it to speak and rhyme words together? We learn these things early in life, as children. I like music that involves people either using their voice to SING or someone picking up an instrument and making music come out of it…thats talent.

Now this is the same brotha that he don’t like african american people so I am not surprised that this is coming out his mouth. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t date black women. Rappers are entertainers….When will people realize that. I have always, now, and will forever support rap music. If rap music is sooo bad then why are there soo many other “Cultures” jumping on the band wagon and using rappers on their albums.

This might be another one of his character skits but nonetheless, I somewhat agree. I find rap to be disgusting, stupid, and just over all repetitive bad music… Not all rap is bad, I can deal with some of the earlier stuff but I’d rather not listen to it at all. If you disagree with this video, instead of leaving hateful comments like “you should die” why don’t you just watch something else

‘kay, that’s it! two things, rastabrother, before I#m gonna unsubscribe:
first: YOU ar complaining about bad broken english?!
second: you know that thats really ironic? cause that’s just another form of fucking racism. and you’re a nigger, my friend. you’re a nigger. think about it.

First of all he’s not specific on what type of Rap? For instants Public Enemy’s Takes a nation of millions is a Master Piece, but Rap of today like Lil Jon is a friggen joke. It’s the record exc’s that greenlight mysoginistic, violent, sexist rap who are to blame for putting this crap on the air!

don’t say it like that. Most of the rap music is party track because it get a lot of airplay. But there is other rappers that do come out with serious stuff besides the party tracks.
As for people that love Rap music only in general is there choice.

First off, before You kick the rap Byoch out, get the Booty!
Second, the way to reduce the Rap population, teach them to shoot! If You teach them to hit what they’re aiming at they’ll take care of themselves and quit killing everyone but each other.
Third, there is no third. No, really, there is no third, honest…

First of all “Nigger” is a “stupid stingy person” Websters. Now I don’t know if you’re stingy, but the Condom which you should have used was invented by Nubians/Kimmets/Egyptions.(Black Culture) It’s too bad somebody knocked you up Because your kids are being raised by a “Pseudo Nigger”

MR pregnant is influenced by rap. He tries to talk like a jamaican rapper but in actual fact his voice doesn’t sound like that. Just like michael jackson changes his voice to sound like a white guy but he actually has a deep voice. Yea we get ur point that ur saying rap is foul but some stuff u say is foul as well which makes u a hypocrite and dont make ur case. Pigshit???

Hmmmmmmmmmmm nah I disagree Preggy. Any type of music can spread a positive message. Don’t let you opinion of a few rotten eggs spoil and give a bad name on our ‘Positive Rappers’. Just in case you didn’t know, there are ‘Positive Rappers’ out there.

You shouldn’t wear your glasses when making a video. It ruins the “poor” image of you. You are putting your identity at risk with the glasses reflection. This takes away from the feel of your other videos.

Look back, maybe you can edit it out.

Your talking about commercial recent rap music, which i agree is trash. Its all about sex, drugs, money etc. There is music out there by rap artists that are intelligent that give out a good message, and old skool rap was all about fun, nothing like it is nowadays. i suggest u listen to all types of rap music before u start calling people low life and not just base your opinion on gangsta rap.

seems that no matter how many times he will say it, no one listens. He doesnt want to be taken serious. He doesnt think this way, or think these things.
Its just another character. And while most ppl watching get all upset, and angered, and their blood pressure rises a little more, he is on to making his next video.

Embracing hip-hop, taking control of it, diversifying the mainstream aspect of it, showing that hip-hop culture is more than ‘bling’ and ‘gangsta’. Think, use your brain. Stop using your pulpit to do what every other black leader and half ass politician has done.

Right now, all you have proven is that you are a carbon copy, a no-thinker, but hey, I bet your your rant grabbed you a few extra subscribers, congrats… you are a good politician.

The problem with politicians (yes that’s what you are) in general, is that you miss the point; you focus on headlines without really thinking about how to fix the problem, or providing any well thought out solutions.

You say

“Hip-hop is trash, throw it away”
“Hip-hop is ruining the children, kill the rappers”

to the kids all you are saying is

“Listen to more hip-hop”
“There must be something special about this music if this guy hates it so much”

seems that no matter how many times he will say it, no one listens. He doesnt want to be taken serious. He doesnt think this way, or think these things.
Its just another character. And while most ppl watching get all upset, and angered, and their blood pressure rises a little more, he is on to making his next video.

Your talking about commercial recent rap music, which i agree is trash. Its all about sex, drugs, money etc. There is music out there by rap artists that are intelligent that give out a good message, and old skool rap was all about fun, nothing like it is nowadays. i suggest u listen to all types of rap music before u start calling people low life and not just base your opinion on gangsta rap.

Most all music comes from talented Black artists. Jazz, Blues, Rock, Reggae and country. Good & bad in everthing. Rap is Prison music with Violence,Vugarity,Degradation to Women. We don’t need words like nigger, nigga or any form of the word said. It is a word that was used to degrade blacks & promote slavery. Richard Pryor started it & realized that he was wrong & never used it again. Rap music symbolizes hatred & inequality. This is just the opinion of a musician white boy.

I totally agree with you on the rap culture- but while rap isn’t my forte, I have to agree with other posters that not all rap is the mainstream garbage that’s big today- it’s like saying that death metal and the Beatles are the same thing because they are both ‘rock’.

The rap they play on the radio isn’t rap, its pop music.Guys like 50Cent and so on are POPARTISTS just like Britney Spears.They dont play real rap because its underground.Therefore ignorant people like you think that real rap music is the stuff you hear on radios.Who says People who listen to rap music are lowlifes?Such statements just prove you have no idea what you’re talking about.Every genre of music has its good qualities;its impossible to judge a persons character by the music theylisten2

I have serious doubts about your claim..please list some rap bands that you find to be worthwhile. To me it’s all half baked poetry played to a drum machine…or permutations on that theme. It has no spark of creatively’s laziman’s music with the sole intention of it’s author to make money and acquire the “bling”.

You know nothing. You are genralizing rap music inregards of what you hear in mainstream rap. Thats not fair, there any many rappers and rap music which have posistive messages and politcal and alot of good knowledge. You fail to see that and just judge, which makes you the ignorant real lowlife. Don’t hate rap, hate the rap artist for what he says. Nobody owns don’t stereotype it.

Thanks for that informative intelligent video. Funny about your comment that Rap listeners with their broken English when you can’t speak proper English to begin with. Also, rap there is more rap music than what you hear on the radio. I know that’s a hard concept to grasp, but keep stereotyping everybody by what some people do. Being black I’d think you realize why stereotypes are bad, you are too stupid to figure that out though.

That is complete bullshit . You judge rap on what you hear on the radio . All of the shit that is mainstream is bad . Have you ever heard of nas , or talib kweli , or krs one ? They have had a postive impact on a lot of peoples lives . If you listen to rap you’re a low life ? You are an idiot .

i agree that the popular rap is prejudice, sexist, biast and is just sending terrible messeges to people. BUT, however, i think that in EVERY genre of music there is good. and there is good rap that sends a positive messege and they actually have something to say. i’m sorry if thats the only kind of rap you are exposed to, but until you’ve understood and listened to EVERY alleged “Rapper” do you think you really have the authority to judge them all?

yeah punk ass, if rap music is garbage why gettho kids make it big. one if rap music is garbage tupac will not be remembered as who is now, da Legendary rapper. two rap music is not garbage cuz rap is a music where we can express our feelin towards da world
if u hate rap music do not go a do your Propaganda shits is this site, three yes rap music come from da low life but rap music has a lesson to be learnt.

It is apparent from Mr.Pregnant’s accent that he is originally from another country which used to be a former British colony. The majority of people from there and even from the US Virgin Islands are very different from black people who have been in USA for a long time. Mr.Pregnant probably has a pompous cockney name, sips tea and thinks that he is white except for the time he is actually seeing himself on a mirror or screen.

Ok, I’ve got my gun, some weed, a crack-pipe, a bit of bling, a handful of notes, an African-American with a big bootay, a pimped-out car with awesome rims, I never went to no school and my friend shot me in the leg 5 times. I think I’m ready for Dr. Dre.

Who is this guy…How dare he call anyone nasty or filthy…this guy calls himself mr pregnant..And how is Dre day playing in the backgound…lol…This guy knows he has no women coming to his house….This guy is scum…go put a shirt on…Now thats nasty…lol

Yo! You kewl Dawg. Bling bling homey… 🙂
I hate rap music too. Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs, Woody Guthrie,
Ralph Vaughan-Williams, that’s class. Vandergraaf Generator and
Grateful Dead. That’s quality… Pig shits and scum, I’m with you!!!

This is kind of an unfair generalization – sure gangster rap and those stupid rappers who spend their whole career bragging about their material possessions are lame, but there are also talented, socially conscience rappers who put a lot of thought into their lyrics and have important things to say – e.g. Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Aesop Rock, Atmosphere, etc.

just to be fair…
i have 50% agree with u… there are some rap songs n rappers are garbage but NOT ALL of them. i’m neutral.
but i think u r too extreme about the rap music… no matter wat kind of music there are some good n bad songs too…
before u have another speech about rap music
check this out “KRS-One speaks at Stacks vinyl”
u will see one of the hip hop legend — KRS-One
i’m not black ,not white… i’m between these two—Yellow = Asian…i’m chinese hahaha …peace

I’m also wondering why people who only know 50cent and P.Diddy think they’re authorities on rap music???? I won’t lie, I only know a few country songs, but will I dissect the meaning and import of country music noooo. I used to hate rap, but I realized I hated it coz I didn’t understand it.

There are two ways in my mind to listen to music. Listening to lyrics, and listening to sound. You can have people singing about nothing that makes any sense, and you can have unfathomably deep lyrics that are off key and sound awful.
I Like music that makes sense and that sounds good. A lot of rap music fits that, so in my opinion Rap does not suck and is not for low life.
I don`t consider myself low life, nor do i consider friends of mine who listen to rap low life.

Americas First Rapper “Stepin Fetchit” “Lincoln Perry”…
he made more than 40 movies from 1927 to 1948 and became the first black millionaire actor. Did ya know that!~?

Anyway, Nipsey Russel kind of broutht Rap out in the 60s’…Did ya know that!?

I hate Rap too. Hip Hop? What the fuck?!?
But I know shit!

rap CULTURE is whats pigshit, ruining the world, turned art into commercialism, most of todays youth revolve their lives and ideals upon motherfuckers who first of all dont even BELIEVE what they saying…and who dont give a fuck what kinda msg they are putting out.

living in a british colony and being british doesn’t mean you think you’re white – it’s a different culture, being black isn’t the same as being African American. African people don’t like rap either, even Akon didn’t, then he finally understood what it was about and look at him now 🙂

I said that only about Mr.Pregnant, not a group. It is interesting that his ratings soar every time he puts out a video saying nasty stuff about other black people and their way of life. He had one in which he said he does not prefer dark skinned black women. Why put out a video announcing that. There are millions of dark skinned black women who are gorgeous, and many men, and even many whites will lick off every inch of them.

Continuing with my above post, Mr.Pregnant put out one video in which he announced that he is excrement. I wondered why he has to say all his lowly thoughts on youtube. I guess he is the rat, the roach, the cess pool of Youtube, and he has a place here, just like those other things have a place in the real world.

you hate black girls, you hate rap music.. what else do you hate? MLK Jr? Malcom X?.. you’re a lowlife.. look at you, look how ugly you are you fat motherfucker, look at yourself scum, you are what the black people don’t need, you are a big nosed idiot who wants to be white, suck my dick bitch..

dude pdidy could buy you hes so fuckin rich quit hatin
HES GETTN HIS… ASSHOLE IF YOU AINT MAKIN DAT DOUgh THEN YOU NEED TO GET UP AN GO ! oh yeah go lkisten to some kanye west or slick rick “have we been listening to the same rap an r’b records for 20 years? no dumass!

rap is shit

hip hop is good

rap is that shitty ‘krunk up in da club’ ‘bling bling’ ’20 inch rims’ mainstream garbage so many people listen to

listen to the hip hop that actually has meaning. politics, current events, daily-life struggles, different stereotypes.

I TOTALLY AGREE mr. pregnant!!!!

This Rap shit has gone TOO far. everyone think theyre frikkin rappers. even white nerds! :]

This is so uninspiring music. based on loops and samples of REAL SONGS that use REAL INSTRUMENTS.

its all bout the tough image rather than the music.
so sad.

It takes a jackass to rap just like it takes a fat jackass to produce anything that Mr.Pregnant has done so far. I mean, isn’t it a little redundant to critisize a controversial music that has been condensed by to society to be mindless killing, fucking, and doing drugs, when you’re considered the biggest jackass on YouTube?

I think the matter of rap being good or pigshit is opinion. i don’t like all rap and i don’t like all music only good music but not all rap fits the stereotype that you portray in this video! Mos Def, Common Talib, Lupe, just to name a few rappers with substance! Music is what it is, an in its hey day rock and roll was perceived the same as rap is today! but everyone is entitled to there opinion.

I agree 100 percent with you. Rap produces most of the trash of society. I’m not saying black people are trash, I’m saying that rap music keeps violence, ignorance, gangs, and drugs in low income neighborhoods. They glorify the drugs, violents, guns, and say live like this and this is how you make it to the top. They are actually using music to give poor people something to believe in order to take the little money they make to make themselves richer.

I can’t stand listening to rap myself, but I do consider it music. Some of the lyrics really are good poetry (although a lot of them are pretty lame). Rap is a form of music, and I think it’s a little unfair of you to say that all rap music and people who rap/listen are crap.

Mathica is preparing sandwiches for a picnic. TheMathmagician has done a survey of preferences andMathica uses a Venn diagram to ensure the rightnumbers of the different kinds of sandwiches.Mary, Mary Quite Contrary appears on the scene,with more ensuing problems and solutions. Mathcontent includes: number: sorting; division; equalshares/data management: interpreting graphs.

Rap is not only talentless, but it sets a tone for non-achievement. Counter culture ideology for success which actually, guarantees individual failure in today’s world. Or stolen success. Or prison life.
Blingy,blingy,blingy,or your stink rims. hahahahahhaa

You’re still alive? I have several guns and will loan you one if you are interested in offing yourself. Or hey, we can do some drive-bys first and take out a bunch of rappers. Then let’s take them home and string them up like puppets and make them play death metal, fitting since they are dead. Continued –

50 Cent is an asshole but is hardly a good rapper, and since when does Akon rap? But how can you say Snoop Dogg isn’t good, he’s the most consistent west coast rapper alive…

Oh and btw, rappers aren’t always gangsters! Get your facts right before you make a judgement, you ignorant fool!

Its funny because a few years ago I started asking what the fuck am I listening to this shit for? Its just one of those things that you are likely to pick up if you are from the USA like me. Any way I lived out in LBC and I can tell you its crazy to see the whole THUG life up close. I see these kids crying about their friends that got killed playing G thug for real yall. I see how it influences people to do stupid shit. This video exposes the tipical behavior of real rappers in the US.

I think there is some positive rap music but i do understand his point I think that gangster rap and artist like 50 cent make it harder for African Americans like me to succeed in corporate america and to be taken seriously in life in general by all other races.

Oh Dear,

Come rate my shitty song,

Apparently, if you don’t visit my videos, a giant black crab towing a trailer will come crawling from the eye of your penis, and if you have a vadge, every ten minutes for two days a beach ball will pop out!

I do feel very bad about this, but I don’t make the rules xx


Mr. Pregnant, you are a modern day jigaboo. Every few days you post this video minstrel show with your bulging eyes and twisted mouth, hoping to gain some superficial written accolades from YouTubes’ predominantly white constituency. As Dave Chapelle said, they are laughing AT you, not WITH you. You are YouTube’s version of SteppinFetchit.
Learn to have some dignity for yourself.

Another tip – Who cares if you don’t play instruments ? Just sample something popular and loop the hell out of it ; Like “The Elmo Song”. And don’t forget the wide angle lens for the junk shots. You’ll be thanking God at an award show in no time !



  1. I couldn’t get through all the ignorance it was much too long. All I did notice was the “it doesn’t take much to rap”..Doesn’t take much to squeal in a high pitched voices or scream over distorted misconjoined guitar riffs yet people call that quality rock and alternative. My question would be to you, can you rap? Most people who say rap is shit couldn’t rap to save their lives. MIMS and his “This is Why I’m Hot”..thats pop music purchased by White suburban consumers as is 80% of all commercial rap sales…Black Star’s “K.O.S. Determination”..thats rap. Its poetry, spoken word over a well produced beat. No one is born with the ability to rhyme. Rap is the ability to convey a message while rhyming metaphors and similies in what some consider another language whil stil being catchy and enjoyable. Not just anybody can accomplish this.

    Rap is shit, Hip Hop is good? Anyone who claims that both rap and hip hop are music genres knows nothing of the culture or its elements. Hip Hop is a culture consistin of four main elements, rap being one of them. The difference btwn Diddy and Black Thought, besides the ghost writer, is not rap vs hip hop..its pop bullshit vs skilled lyricism. No such thing as hiphop music. until I hear the sounds of spray cans and break steps on a track that term will never be validated.


    Comment by neorealist — June 14, 2007 @ 4:17 am

  2. Journey to the center of

    By Mike Trask RJ Richter steps out of the ring, physically spent, slick with a wet blend of his sweat

    Trackback by basement wall wet — January 16, 2008 @ 12:40 am

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