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June 4, 2007


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Youtube Commments:

my only adolesence…
where did it go it was so…
freshman, sophomore, junior, senior…
thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen…
then suddenly i’m seventeen
then suddenly i’m seventeen
then suddenly i’m seventeen
then suddenly….

(i totally sang that as i typed it)

You’re right, the View is horrible without Rosie. I could barely watch it past BabaWawa blathering on about how they had “many loving emails.” Seriously, a phone call is hard to make when it’s “very loving?” what the hell? Elisabeth saying they spoke was a farce. See Ro’s video and find that to be an untruth. Elisabeth makes me want to gag.

OMG, Michael! I missed you todya. I was going through Buck withdrawal. Oh yeah, mmmm may I call you Michael. It sounds so polished 🙂 I thought that my summer tv shows would suck, but I ALMOST forgot about So You Think You Can Dance. Can’t wait to see what you gotta say on p75

I think you would definitely like Glass Castle. It’s so wierd and even though I rarely like memoirs, it was intriguing. I can’t stand Augusten Burroughs (Running with Scissors and Possible Side Effects) but Jeanette Walls was much more readable.
Memory Keeper’s Daughter was so over-hyped and a let down. I read it because I was hoping it would get better but it never did. Don’t bother with it.
Just my little book review for you, Buck!
great video as always!

I say Wanda and Sherri Shepherd should alternate on one spot and have Janeane Garofalo replace Rosie 🙂

Random Factoid, Giuliani’s firm represents Saudi Arabia royalties, Fox News, Hugo Chavez’s oil company, and Citra, which is building the NAFTA Superhighway. Spreading Truth.
Accountability. Transparency. Good Governance. Ron Paul 2008

I just love you. You crack me up each and everyday. We have so many things in common, especially our taste in movies. We qoute so many of the same lines. And OMG! We even have the same birthday, June 8th, but I’m older than you. I knew you were fabulous in more ways than one! What do you think of the movie Heathers? Lots of great lines. Well… great pate’ but I gotta motor. Luv ya, Mean it Beyotch! AKA Greg

Darn it, how do I find your blog? You have several pages and I’m easily confused and am also distracted by shiny objects 😉 But I don’t want to miss a thing! Ok, there’s Peron75, whatthebuck, whatthebuckshow and your myspace page. I’m I missing anything?

yay Buck! haha. you’re great.
question: I don’t know if this is a stupid question, but when you got married, did you or your husband take the other’s name? or maybe you combined the, haha, wouldn’t that be awesome? hahaha. yeah. just wonderinnnnnngggg… :]

If you eat the sun everyday, what do you do at night? lick the moon??

I hate Elisabeth so much! I miss Rosie, and now the View sucks once again!! In 10 years the show has been on, this was the only year I watched the view each day. Now I’m upset!
Tits and ass!! la la la la!! You are awesome!! Love you!!

I just found you within the last week and I love you!! What was my life before “What the Buck?” Does it matter because now life is MUCH better!

You make me laugh out loud! You are great! Keep up the GREAT work! Now that I am subscribed I am going to be on pins and needles waiting for every edition.

Oh my god, I adore you! I only just discovered your videos like 2 hours ago and you’re already my favorite person on youtube. I wish I knew you! You’re so happy and bubbly. You just make me feel really good!
Elisabeth Hasselbeck is such a twat.
I want Rosie!!!

omg. I heart you so much. Since you agree that the view sucks now…and elizabeth blows butt, you should promote that site…”fireelizabethhasselbeck dot com”
she sucks.

“And ONE! Singular Sensation!”
You r a singular sensation, darlin’!

HAHAH love ya buck.
But it was sooo strange, i had a dream and you were in it.
you lived in my crappy little town, and you had just got back from spain, and you were filming your show in this field next to my house. it was so odd.
and one of the stranger parts was when you told me you used to date melinda doolittle.
I woke up and i was just like ‘omgggg what? that was weird’

gosh buck, never a dull moment, I love it. I am always at least w/ a smile b/c you don’t babble about boring things. I totally agree about the view, it just isn’t the same. I even use to watch it before rosie, but now why. I mean rosie made it more interesting that now it isn’t the same as before rosie either…if that made any sense. See u on Peron 75! p.s. what does peron75 stand for and if you said it before, sorry.

OH Buck I am so glad that YouTube kicked you off the site and you created this one and then got Peron75 back. Now its twice the fun and giggles! We get to see more of your character and you brighten up my mornings before I have to go and teach ungrateful teenagers. XXXXX

I seriously think that we share a brain sometimes (scary isn’t it?) I am totally with you on the whole View thing. It has been removed from my Tivo schedule – just too sad and awkward. And Hasselbitch makes me wanna hurl. K…off to watch A Chorus Line now! heheee Much Love to ya Buck! XOXO

Dear Buck, thank you with all my heart for making me LOL every single time. Buck is a wonderful name; 18 years ago I gave it to my son and am pleased to see you wearing it as proudly as he does. Please keep us laffing; the world needs more love, laughter, and sun eating.

Aww, I don’t mind people calling me “effing insane”, coz I am kinda. XD Love your singing! You even made me like that Girlfriend song, so sing more. But is Since You Been Gone like the gay anthem or something? O__O
The Chorus sounds interesting. And now you made me wanna go apply for multiple accounts so I can subscribe to you more. XD

You always make my day. Thank you for being a ray of sunshine in all our lives. The world would be a much better place with people like you in it. Eat some sunshine for me, whe have none here seeing as how everything is on fire down here!! Seriously lol Love ya Buck.

I love it when you sing. Don’t listen to those haters. I have a questions for you: what do you want to be doing 5 years from now? How do you see these videos helping you achieve your goals? Hope I don’t sound too much like a guidance counselor.

I just discovered What the Buck recently and now it’s my favorite thing to do on Youtube. I like to wait till around Saturday night to visit the channel and then stop by and watch all the videos at once. So much fun! I’m subscribed to whatthebuckshow and peron75, I’m a big fan! I just wish we had more people like you in the world, it would be a thousand times more fun.
Much love!

You know the new cast for the A Chorus Line currently on Broadway sucks soooooo MUCH! Their soundtrack is awful in comparison to the original broadway cast. I hope they don’t win a Tony… XC

In lighter news, we’re doing it at my School! Because we got the rights before it went back on Broadway! You know the movie sucks compared to the actual musical?


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