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June 5, 2007

Dictionary of Jack: Connotation (SAT help)

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Youtube Commments:
Wooo! Jack I love your dictionary, I bet I can make a high score with all of your dictionary entree. I loved the part of UP. By the way you misspelled trannsit. I wonder if “tran” has any relation to “tran”sexual, lol. You made the little “Dictionary of Jack” yourself? If so, youre very creative. Keep the terms coming! 5 Stars.

Geez, you’re the best! ^.^
You put “awesome” in your last dictionary page! That’s got to be wrong, I mean, the grades wouldn’t instill a fear, would they? Unless they’re just barely passing and you’re in fear of getting yelled at yet happy for passing….or something like that…. >.
Good luck on the GREs. They’re definitely tough. I took a few practice tests with varying scores (it’s definitely a weird test, because I actually did better on the math section a couple of times). I was doing pretty well, but definitely not getting perfect sections like I did on the SAT practice tests.

Ouch, Jack.

“Schoolteacher: A bitter, disillusioned person who used to think *they* liked children.”

Please address your next excellent video to the unassigned singular.

The teacher spoke to the students: They told them they were very good.


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