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June 5, 2007

Need For Speed Pro Street – First Look

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Youtube Commments:
Okay , EA , It looks impressive but , please , do NOT add any exotics in this game! I can’t stand anymore such cars like Gallardo or Carerra GT drifting in this game.
Only tuners – the true street racing cars.
I wish that the new NFS would have ONLY tuners. Bring back the Acura Integra from NFSU (PLEASE!)and licensed body-kits (ex. C-West , BOMEX , Do-Luck).
And if thoes crashes will be in ProStreet – big respect for you , EA.

yo guys I was trying to disable a add on that was improperly configured and was in return shutting down my windows unexpectivly so as I was tring to disable it somehow I got rid of my flash player software all together. So know I’m trying to downlod it again and IT IS NOT DOWNLAODING PROPERLY IT’S DRIVING ME INSANE LOL

EA!! if you read this comment plz listen. Make this game amazing, make it realistic and keep all the stupid dumb women out of it, NFS should be cars, cars and cars not sum random ass wanabe chick playing the lead role, The last 3 games have sucked, dont fuck this one up please…

Well IF EA does read this. Please use the OLD Need for Speed formula becuase NFUnderground1,2 and MOstwanted,Carbon SUCKED!Do something in the range of NFS:Hotpursuite2. But if you could make it Arcadie and Simulation at the same time with ACTUAL Damage taht stays on your car and makes driving more difficult that would be cool…I could go on in on but..

The guys that are flamein this shit are dumb ass mother fukers u might as well go shout at busses cos they wont listen just like EA wont! u dont like the game dont buy it! Not shout at it dumb Fuks

Anyhoo i think it looks quite nice always like NFS seires playin real sim racing games like Forza annoys me at time sumtimes fun to go round a corner flat out with ur back end swinging round like a pendulum without gettin bit for it!

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MW2 was the best. Carbon was ok except the downhill catch-up bullshit. This looks more like an EA sports track racing game which is what real NFS fans DONT want. Why? Because everyone is making track racing games. I only know of 2 truly good street racing games and NFS was one of them. So hopefully this closed track shit doesnt last very long or keep a strong fanbase. But then again its EA and 99% of the planet are sports homos.

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