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June 6, 2007

HomeS.T.A.R. Leon

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Youtube Commments:
Let’s split up! I’m sure you, the civillian will be fine alone. Ada Wong? Who is this lady? She seems to know a lot, can handle a gun well, and is always running away from me; how could SHE be a secret agent?! Ada, wait! (x10) And the fact that no one ever listens to him is kinda funny XD He’s just… gullable. That doof. XD

…Okay, I admit he was kind of stupid in RE2. But that’s where RE4 comes in! He kicked the crap out of Saddler, and they added a new character named Ashley to be the successor of his stupidity(see your ther vid about that. *Ashley holding pickles* “LEON, HELP!”).
Oh well. I’ll be fine as long as you don’t say anything bad about Nemesis (NOT including the RE movies. Cuz that was bad.) But let’s be fair. Say a few GOOD things that Leon has done 🙂 If you do that, I’ll forgive you 😉

xDDDD OMFG… HomeStar Runner and his people are the best. And you mixed that obsession of mine with the RE one I got going, and you added some of my favorite band….

You made one of your fans, a VERY HAPPY fan.. xDD

*bows* Love your works too. I could never do that in my videos.. x.x =]

Who’s cuter? Leon or Hunk? x3
I’d like to feed both with seed that they take from my hand like they were birdies. x3
Leon is cute, and Hunk is pretty serious, he surely would make the children be MEN and he surely never would beat them up, Leon is more explosive and surely would have a bully-dad relationship with them, but he’s so handsome and cute x3
Both are blonde, arent they? Hmmm… I cant decide who’s the best! x3 Oh! I think is HUNK! He surely pays bills at time! :3


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